Reason to Choose the Best Classified Script

Best Classified Script is the ultimate destination for receiving suitable solutions to your classified website requirements. Whether it is an individual or a company that desires to start an online classified ads business can get a striking beginning with our association. Our team has come up with software that enables the instant creation of a website. We have proposed a classified website script, which is built from the latest technologies the Codeigniterframework (XHMVC).

Our effort is to help entrepreneurs build their classified ads similar to dubizzle at a budgeted cost. On joining us for support, you can be sure of receiving hassle-free service along with the script that is 100% secured, packed with features, flexible and responsive themes. It is a prompt solution to your classified ads business!

A quick survey at the features

Brief information about the classified script

1 Publish your ad

It is a classified website, so publishing your article is the most vital quality that it must have. The classified software is developed in a specific way to ensure that users can easily post their commercials by following the guidelines. Generally, there are 4 levels or subdivisions for the users, but the primary form is entirely dynamic. The admin sets the form based on the category and highlights the chef components at the time of creation.

2 Hunt for the advertisement

Classified websites are meant for selling and buying good, hence we have a distinctive search option. The advanced searching option is dynamic so that the admin can assign according to the requirement. Whether it is the admin or the users they can easily explore through the advertisements with the use of advanced search options.

3 Details about the ad

When the visitor or the users is browsing through the website, they are desperately looking for complete details about the product. This page is specifically built to show the highlighted items along with icons similar to its category. It has three kinds of templates for different categories thus choose as needed. This is the page where users can add their contact no, Whatsapp no, and grievances to the admin for incorrect data. Additionally, it allows one to share it on different kinds of social platforms.

4 Flawless messaging technique

Online business means, you can receive a query or text at any time of the day. To fulfill the requirement, we have integrated real time messaging techniques so that users can communicate smoothly with each other. It is an ideal method for chatting online, sending text messages, sharing images as well as documents, etc.

5 Banner/Sign ads

Classified websites render help to the clients that desire to publish a banner commercial on the site. They need to send a request to the admin stating their requirement. The advertisement will be seen on a page that belongs to the category of the product that is being advertised. The admin will charge some amount for providing this service to the users. Get in touch for the support!

Our Top Features

Take a moment to view the top features of our classified ads php script which is handy and easily customizable.
Save Search
Banner Advertisement
Ads Details Page
Ads List Page
Search Advertisement
Post Advertisement
Job Module
Landing Page
Login & Signup
Support System
Social Media Login
Forgot Password
Admin Role
Favourite Ads
Language Change
Contact Request
Powerful Search
Featured Ads
Real Time Messaging

Salient Features

Our classified ads script comes with host of salient features that will allow you to run a successful marketplace website alike Dubizzle with no trouble.
DB Normalization

DB normalization will help the entrepreneur to control the speed of the page loading time.

SQL Inject & hacking

100% secured coding to stay away from SQL injection and hacking.

Bugs & security

The classified ads script is developed by 100% secured coding structure and is totally bugless.

Email Spam

The users can give input used captcha in order to protect the spam content.

Account Settings

Users will be able to edit and manage personal information.

Verify Profile

Will be able to check the authenticity of the profile through email verification.

Safe & Secure Messaging

Excellent safe and secure messaging system to help buyers/seller to communicate with each other.

User Friendly

The php classified script will allow entrepreneurs to build an SEO-friendly classified website which is easy to access and manage.

Account Verification

Want to stop spam account? No need to worry because the classified theme provides a User registration form with email verification.

SEO Friendly

Get a complete SEO-friendly website that will help the search engines to crawl easily.


Its multi-currency feature enables trading in multi-currencies, which facilitates buying and selling internationally.

Multilingual Ready

Users can easily switch languages from the front end and get a view of the content in their desired language.

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