7 Secret Ingredients behind Our OLX Clone Script Success

Classified Ads PHP Script

What are the possible options that hit your mind when you think of building an OLX clone site? Well, if you are thinking about building a website from scratch let us tell you that it will not only charge you a handsome amount but also steal away time. Therefore it is better that you think of clone scripts to build a website with computer features at a reduced cost and minimal development time.

In case you are searching for a platform to sell your products or to post your jobs classified ads site can help you strike the desired deal. Gone are those days when classified sites used to only be for buyers and sellers. Today employers can meet with credible employees and address a project through a classified ad site.

In case you are still skeptical, given below are some of the secret ingredients behind the best classified script that might get you interested!

1st secret – Accurately optimized

With passing days people are becoming too tech-savvy. Considering that your customers might be accessing your website on their smartphones it is important that your site is well integrated, supports a mobile interface, and is properly optimized.

Make sure your website features and easy navigation from any device and lends the important information at a glance. The main motive behind this is to never lose a client for any shortcomings and to meet their requirements regardless of the gadget being used.

2nd secret – Powerful admin features

Empowering your admin is one of the most important seedlings that need to be nurtured for your brand’s growth. Besides, succeeding with an online business without a powerful admin feature is pretty challenging and next to impossible.

Without a quality feature, the admin is most probably to face obstruction in the operation of the website, which will not only sweep away their interest but restrict them from performing. Therefore if you do not want your customers to leave your back, it is essential to provide them with the authority of navigating through your website and accessing the pages seamlessly and give them the desired power to the admin.

3rd secret – A structured code

The OLX clone script for that matter is a combination of codes that helps in creating something unique and useful. The programming language is dependent on the desired product. With the demand for PHP at its peak, this scripting language is used in building your site to meet the requirements seamlessly and also to add on requisite features as deemed fit.

4th secret – Ad post and promotions

Posting advertisements on your site may require you to keep several factors in mind. While you are posting advertisements on your site, there will be specific areas that suit your comfort zone. But it can quite demand full and may need adjustment for editing frequently to leave an impact on your customers.

To suit this scenario, you will need a site that will execute an easy way of posting and meeting your requirements. However, editing or reposting features should be installed to allow the poster to edit or retain it as required.

Alongside you should also remember that if you keep on posting ads without proper promotions it will sink with each day. To cater to the scenario the classified ads PHP script has a promotion feature attached to it. This feature can help in increasing the visibility of your ad to increase the chances of faster selling.

5th secret – PayPal & Stripe integration

Your classified site should also hold a secure payment gateway, and what can be better than PayPal to soothe International payments as well! Our classified script will give you inbuilt PayPal and Stripe integration so that monetary transactions are safe and easy for you.

6th secret – Social media verification

Social media is one of the essential elements that catapult your success. With the advancement in technology, social media can also be used to log in to a website account. Our classified ads PHP script allows logging into the website account via social media, making the process convenient for your user.

7th secret – 100% customizable script

Are you worried about the design and looks of your site? Do you feel purchasing a readymade script will force you to do with what you have?

Well, our clone scripts allow you to customize your site as per your desire and personalize your site as you deem fit. We also offer you comparing designs and multiple themes that you can choose from. With our attractive themes, viable looks, and functions you can engage your viewers and stand confident in this competitive market.

Summarizing everything

In addition to the above, we would like to add an important point that our OLX clone script features. Our clone scripts support multi-lingual facilities to help people from a different country or mother tongue use your classified site without any language barrier. This feature supports worldwide access and helps your users make optimum use of your platform seamlessly.

So what are you waiting for?

Now build the best classified website by getting in touch with Originate Soft. With our scripts enjoy a successful and established brand that will not only pave your way to achieving your dream but also, generate handsome revenue.

OLX Clone Script With Numerous and Unique Features

OLX clone

Numerous entrepreneurs desire to make an impactful online entry. But how is it possible in a highly competitive industry? If you are planning to establish a classified ads website, then the OLX clone script is the most useful and affordable method. The website script is available at a budgeted cost, and it comes with multiple features that increase its usefulness. Look for the professional that can help you in attaining the clone script as well as help build the classified website.

Classified ads website is an online platform that helps millions unite for a similar purpose. People use this podium for selling or buying commodities. The selling and purchasing of goods are among the essentials, leisure, or complementary assets. Entrepreneurs set up this business because they want to reduce the trouble that you have to face. Many people have unused goods at home, which they want to get rid of, but they have the least scope.

If you are finding a problem in selling your commodities, then choose a website similar to OLX, list your product, and watch how simple it is to sell your unwanted commodities.

On the other hand, do not assume that a classified site is only for getting rid of unused commodities. Here professional sellers can list their products for selling.

So, it is a platform for selling for everyone. Therefore, you can say it is a business that is flourishing in this time coronavirus as you can carry on with your business without going out of the house or building a physical contact. If you desire to understand the usefulness, then it is better to speak to a professional that can help you in a setting by a website that is similar to OLX. So, with the use of clone script, there is a significant reduction in the burden on building a classified ads website.

Listed feature of OLX clone script:

  • Manageable login – You have to sell or buy a commodity online? What about using the classified site for getting the job done? First come first, to use the classified ads website, you have to log in to your account. If you are an existing user, then there is no need to sign up. But for the new users, create your account as a seller and provide essential data for a decent beginning. And, you even have provisions for using your account by logging through your social media platforms such as Facebook, using your email id, or with the use of telephone number.

  • Customization of your profile – As soon as you are a registered user of the classified ads website, there are many activities for you. Begin by building your profile that is not only attractive and compelling, but it can help you connect with the buyers. The clone script has features that allow you to add your profile picture, phone number, email id, and many more. The more you personalize your profile, the better it is for use.

  • Notifications – On a classified website, plenty of things are happening. You have to decide if you want to be a part of it or stay away from them. To enjoy each facility, subscribe to the notifications. You will receive an email or a text message stating you about the promotions or how you can take part as a seller or a buyer. Hence, you can personalize the notification portion according to your convenience, so read carefully for better use.

  • Job Search – You will find this feature on a selective classified ads website. But the classified clone script that we make have unique, extraordinary features that will increase the value of the classified site. Job search is one of the most crucial needs at this time. Hence, we have included the feature for the convenience of the user.
  • Real estate feature – Apart from the useable good, you can opt for immovable transactions too. For example, here you have the facility to choose properties for renting or selling. It can be for residential use, commercial use, or industry purpose. The preparation is to list your goods here on the platform so that users can view and get in touch for further actions.

On a classified ads website, there are many activities that you can take care of, such as online chat with the seller, discussion for buying, or selling of the commodities, etc. Since classified sites are of prime importance, your job is to use top quality website OLX open-source code.

The next step is to find a professional to buy the classified script. Best Classified Script is the only company that offers a guarantee for the product and quotes at a fair price. To purchase the OLX clone script, contact them for assistance. We are available to help you with round the clock service.