What is a Fiverr clone script?

A Fiverr clone script is a prebuilt digital tool that is designed to replicate the functionality and features of the popular online marketplace platform, Fiverr. Fiverr is known for connecting freelancers with clients who are looking for various services such as graphic design, writing, programming, marketing, and more.

Jaw-dropping features of our Fiverr Clone Script

A Fiverr clone PHP script opens up a world of possibilities, offering an affordable, customizable, and proven solution to your business. So why wait? Launch your marketplace platform today and start earning Today!

Seller Account Features:

Sign up

Easily create an account by providing basic details like name, username, email, password, and country. Choose to be a seller or a buyer.

Email Verification

Once the admin goes through the profile a verification link is sent to your email. You can activate your account by clicking on the link.

Switch Profile

Users can sign in as a buyer or a seller by using the switch profile option.

Profile Creation

Complete your profile with additional information like country, city, phone number, and skills. Upload your profile and cover photos, and write a brief description.


Get a quick overview of your account, including completed orders, earnings, messages, and notifications.

Manage Gigs

View, edit, or take action on your listed services. Options include previewing, featuring, pausing, editing, or deleting a service.

My Account

Monitor your account balance and review transaction summaries for completed and pending transactions. Keep track of your financial activities effortlessly.

Account Settings

Manage your profile, change passwords, and add an extra layer of security with 2-step verification. Also, set up your preferred payment method. Users can deactivate their accounts as well.

Create Gigs/Services

Easily list your services with details such as title, category, description, delivery time, pricing, and images/videos. Post your service with just a few clicks.

Custom Buyer Requests

Access and respond to relevant buyer requests matching your services. Communicate directly with buyers to discuss project details.

Message Board

Privately communicate with buyers or sellers, share attachments, and create offers within the platform.

Package Management

There are three types of packages: Basic, Standard, Advance. Field elements can be customized as per the services manually.

Vacation Module

Sellers can switch on this mode to notify genuine buyers about unavailability.

Show Deadline

Sellers can know the deadline for delivering their services as soon as they take on a project.

Buyer Account Features:

Admin Portal Features:


Monitor active orders, withdrawn requests, registered users, and pending approvals.

Request & Service Management

Admin approval is required for posted requests.

Category & Content Control

Manage categories, countries, delivery times, languages, and content.

Member List

View and manage user details, including activation/inactivation.


Track transactions, approve/reject withdrawal requests, and download reports.

Order Management

Access all orders for administration.

Reports & Abuses

Manage reports and abusive activities related to orders, messages, or services.

Message Room

View communication between buyers and sellers.

Content Management

Add/edit/delete skills and project categories.


Access reviews and ratings for buyers and sellers. The reviews can be filtered as positive, negetive and recent.

Benefits of Our Fiverr Clone Script?

Online Businesses That Our Fiverr Clone Script Supports

Our versatile Fiverr script offers multiple opportunities for entrepreneurs to get into the online marketplace industry. Here are some of the businesses that you can initiate by customizing the

With our Fiverr clone script, the possibilities are endless. Choose your business model, customize your platform, and start your entrepreneurial journey today!

Revenue Generation Modules of a Fiverr Clone Script

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