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Originate Soft is a renowned software development company offering solutions to start-ups, small size companies, medium-sized companies, and large size companies. For us, money isn't the priority. Our sole focus is on creating a freelancer marketplace platform and help entrepreneurs enter the niche market successfully. Use the clone script for easy accessibility into the market. With the most prominent product, you set up a freelancing website with essential features that is free from clutters.

Conquer the industry with freelancer marketplace script!

Anyone can launch their company on the web, but we do not want your effort to go in vain. Hence, we furnish your website with the clone script that can create the best freelance marketplace. When we say the best, it means the best because the purpose is to create something extraordinary. Our corporation guarantees each client in building a website with inherent features to grab the attention. Every time we have a client coming for the query, their only request is to assist them in building a website that can help survive the competition excel in the market.

Impress the employer and the employee

Building a freelancing marketplace is an indigenous idea. Enough research is conducted at intervals to find out the realistic scenario of the industry. We need to determine if the platform is sufficient for job seekers and employers. Hence, we know that websites like freelancer bring benefit to everyone associated with the freelancing site.

Our clone script serves both the purpose at a time. Therefore, you do not have to give a second thought about its use in the making of your freelancing marketplace.

Employers have different requirements for different projects. In such a case, they cannot hire new people to complete the job or the project every time. If you are also among these employers, a freelancing platform is an appropriate place. Being an employer, you have the opportunity of listing as many job requirements as possible at a time.

The website script comes with a feature of managing multiple projects at a time with complete ease. Moreover, you may appoint freelancers for different projects based on their skills and your project needs. Thus, the website script offers economical and technical support to the users that are unparallel to others.

We, as the producer of this system, create a working opportunity for both the members of the freelancing website.

Websites made from the PHP freelancer marketplace script needs low maintenance; there are no frequent updates, easy resolution of the problems, comfortable operation, and error-free programming.

Why seek help from us for creating a freelancer marketplace platform?

So, Originate Soft is at your service and will provide an outstanding solution to your website needs.

Are you looking for a guaranteed solution to your startup? Then, give us a call right now. Avail of our round the clock support for building freelancer marketplace platform!

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DB normalization

In "Flance" DB normalization and indexing method is maintained properly in order to speed up the page loading time.

Rating & review

After completion of the projects, the freelancers will have the provision to rate and give feedback to the employer and vice versa.

SQL Inject & hacking

Standard & 100% secure coding structure has been used to prevent SQL injection and hacking.

Bugs & security

The freelancer marketplace script delivered to clients will be bug free and 100% secure.

Build team

Flance offers freelancers with some specific access and permission to create or build a team.

Spam email

In "Flance" where user can give input used captcha  which protect spam content.

Account settings

The account settings option will allow freelancers/employers to change their password and deactivate account.

Verify profile

Flance have different types of badge to suit different types of site verifications and attract employers.

Project alert

Freelancers will be able to adjust project notification alert from their profile. This feature will enable the freelancers to receive project notification via email depending on the skill set.


In case, if a freelancer is not satisfied with a particular employer or vice versa, they can discard the project and declare it as disputed. Flance has an attractive dispute management feature added to the list to manage disputes.

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