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Our Range Of CMS Development Platforms

Simplifying creation and management of content-based websites with our CMS development services – Insight into the platforms we use.



With WordPress, you can create a self-hosted blog with a customized domain name. It is not only the top choice for creating informative blog pages but also, user-friendly websites. This is attained by leveraging various plug-ins and themes available.



Using Drupal, you can get full control of your website, which eases website administration, user registration, RSS feeds, etc. Moreover, it helps to enhance the overall performance, functionality, and flexibility of your site. In fact, Drupal lets you integrate social media platforms and RSS tools to increase engagement and traffic on your website.



Popular CMS web development software, Joomla is the most preferred choice for creating interactive websites. Joomla helps in creating a user-friendly interface and offers attractive templates & layouts for design and development.


Codeigniter CMS

Codeigniter itself is not a CMS but it is a framework that is responsive, easy to use, comes with readymade tools, and is user-friendly. It facilitates the creation of simple but functional websites with all pages like the latest events, news, services, portfolio, etc.

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Custom PHP

Custom PHP for CMS allows users to construct highly-responsive interfaces for updating your website from virtually any browser. The best part is it requires only a basic knowledge of any scripting languages.

Custom CMS

Choose Your CMS Development Option

Depending on your requirement, you can choose between three service options.

Custom CMS

  • Analysis of web content management requirements
  • Choosing the required tech stack and its implementation methods
  • CMS Development in compliance with the latest industry standards and data privacy norms
  • Custom CMS architecture, UI design, and UX
  • Quality Assurance (automatic and manual control)
  • Laying out optimal CMS
  • Post-implementation support and updates


  • CMS configuration and customization
  • User training
  • Choosing the appropriate CMS platform based on client needs and features
  • Quality Assurance (both manual and automatic)
  • Defining the best implementation strategy
  • Applying necessary integrations

CMS Module Development

  • Laying out and defining the technical requirements of Content Management System modules based on clients’ CMS web development needs
  • Quality Assurance (manual and automatic testing)
  • Architecture, User Interface Design, and User Experience of a module
  • Development and integration of a CMS Module with the required systems
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Why Choose Us

With our robust CMS, you can get the following benefits:

  • 10-40% - Increase in website traffic as a result of faster web content publishing and updating
  • 10-15% - Increase in conversion rate due to integrating SEO tools, user behavior analytics tools, and many more
  • 20-60% - Growth in the productivity of content managers as the process is more simplified and from real-time collaboration on website content

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Frequently Asked Questions

Originate Soft Pvt. Ltd operates on all major CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Custom PHP. Over the years, these platforms have emerged as some of the most reliable, cost-effective, flexible, SEO-friendly CMS available today.

As a business owner, you have important decisions to make. So, a professional service like this will relieve you of all the technical aspects of constructing and running a website.

We have over 6 years of industry experience creating custom-made CMS websites for different business verticals. Moreover, our budget-friendly packages, transparent service, and timely delivery make us a competent agency for hire.

A content management system like WordPress is not only an excellent choice for informative websites but also, to build scalable and robust e-commerce platforms. For example, you can add specific plug-ins that you can use with the WordPress website to develop an e-commerce store.

Yes, technically you can. Using CMS doesn’t require any coding skills. However, if you want to lend your website a more professional look, we would suggest you hire a CMS Web Development Company.

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