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Dedicated Hiring

Find the brightest minds to seamlessly integrate with your in-house staff. With transparent communication and real-time interaction – our team can serve your business vertical fluently and deliver exactly what you require the most.

Here, at Originate Soft Pvt. Ltd, we specialize in providing our talent pool with a dedicated hiring process. Connect with the right professionals and teams. Feel free to pick between hourly and fixed price models. We also offer the flexibility of choosing your preferred work schedule and payment methods that best cater to you.

You will find us committed, amazingly flexible, and the ability to work under the strictest deadlines and match your exact expectations.


What We Can Offer

Have a look at what you can expect hiring dedicated resources from Originate Soft Pvt. Ltd –


Dedicated Hiring Services

Peek into what you can hire from Originate Soft Pvt. Ltd in-house team

Hire Custom PHP Programmer

We have skilled programmers working on Custom PHP and MySQL platforms. Your remote web developer can handle all types of custom programming in PHP and also work on open-source packages such as WordPress.

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Terms & Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions

Important Note on Ownership

Clients shall retain ownership of all data, software applications, tools, other intellectual property, etc.

Force Majeure

Neither party undertakes any responsibility if the resources are prevented from performing the obligations as a result of sickness, accident, death of its employees or consultants, or any other cause beyond the control of such party.

Confidential and Proprietary Information

  1. Each party shall maintain confidentiality and not disclose any information for any third party use, except as required by this Agreement,
  2. Non-public information obtained from the other party, however, neither party shall be prohibited from disclosing or using that information
  3. Having a confidentiality obligation under this section That at the time of disclosure is publicly available or becomes publicly available through no act or omission of the party
  4. Originate Soft Pvt. Ltd agrees that its employees and contractors working on client hiring have signed or will sign a non-disclosure agreement requiring at least the level of confidentiality specified above
  5. That is or has been disclosed to such party by a third party who is not under (and to whom such party does not owe) an obligation of confidentiality with respect thereafter
  6. That is or has been independently acquired or developed by such party, or to the minimum extent possible, as required by court order or as otherwise required by law, on condition that notice of such requirement by law or judgment for such disclosure is given to the other party before making any such use or disclosure
Experts Rates

Hired PHP Experts at the Best Rates


Min 3+ Years of Experience

Free Trial

One Week Free Trial


Non-Disclosure Agreement


Flexible Hiring Models

Competitive Rate

Competitive Rate

Source Code

Source Code Delivery

Job Type

Hire Experts According To Your Needs

Full Time

Duration: 22 days x 8 hours

Billing: Monthly

Part Time

Duration: 22 days x 4 hours

Billing: Monthly


Duration: As per your requirement

Billing: Weekly

Project Based

Duration: As per project scope

Billing: Milestone based payment

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