Our Maintenance and Testing Services

We deliver end-to-end and comprehensive maintenance testing and support services.

Website Maintenance

Our M&T team performs routine website audits to identify the probable flaws and implement the necessary fixes to improve the overall architecture structurally and functionally. It includes regularly updating the websites, checking 404 errors, and server redirects; testing page speeds, running backups, and many more.

Server Maintenance

We are more than capable of maintaining the central IT infrastructure of a business. Backed by reliable server setup, dependable monitoring, and maintenance support – we got it covered from all aspects.

Architecture Audit

Our tech support team is responsible to review your system architecture and provide performance enhancements, to fix scalability issues and security.

Speed Optimization Services

We can offer your business applications speed optimization services to make sure that they run glitch-free and at break-neck speeds.

Mobile App Support

We have a dedicated team of mobile app M&T specialists who periodically evaluate the mobile applications and provide the necessary upgrades & support. This includes regular performance monitoring, infrastructure health checks, applying patches, and likewise.

E-Commerce Support

As a leading eCommerce service provider, we also extend dedicated M&T services and support for the smooth operation of online multi-vendor platforms.

Emergency Support

You will find our software maintenance staff available round-the-clock to keep the system up to date and running, troubleshooting unforeseen challenges, fixing bugs, and other security-related issues.

Infrastructure & Enterprise Integration Support

In addition to strengthening the core IT infrastructure, we also make sure the existing architecture renders seamlessly and deliver the desired benefits. This is implemented via enterprise integration support alongside ensuring the business operations run effectively.


Website Maintenance and Testing Service

Our support team delivers the most crucial website maintenance programs for the smooth functioning of business websites.

Mobile App

Mobile App Maintenance Testing Service

We offer comprehensive mobile app maintenance services to accomplish all your mobility requirements.


App Maintenance and Optimization

  • Feature Extension
  • Migration Script And Backend Server Modification
  • Release Plan And Management
  • Usability Enhancement
  • Security Enhancement
  • Continuous Testing
  • Mobile App Porting
  • Deploying The Applications To Their Respective App Stores
  • Responding To Customer Queries

App Monitoring

  • Performance And Server Monitoring
  • App Crash Monitoring
  • Analytics Monitoring
  • App Feedback Monitoring
  • Security Reviews
  • Third-Party Integration Update Reviews
  • App Store Management And Monitoring
  • Source Code Repository And Versioning

A Peek into Our Maintenance Testing Guide

Have a look at how our maintenance and testing process – Ensured to make your business applications run seamlessly


Diagnosis and Analysis

Our team will analyze the entire system overall as well as check every component to diagnose the issues. It involves solving any existing problem, identifying new bugs, predicting future challenges, and listing the components that need upgrading.


Finding a resolution

Once the analysis is completed, we implement the maintenance and support plan. It includes fixing bugs, installing patches, version upgrading, and any other issues that need fixing. All of this is carried out with utmost precision.


Ensure stabilization

Once the new changes have been executed, our maintenance testing team monitors the entire architecture and stabilizes it so that it doesn’t interrupt your business process anytime soon.


Perform optimization

The last step ensures that the entire M&T process passes through rigorous and continuous improvement to make it as full proof as practically possible. We analyze the metrics and gauge the performance output. Based on that, we take the necessary measures to optimize the entire system architecture.

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