Marketplace PHP Script – A Step By Step Guide for Budding Entrepreneurs

Marketplace PHP Script

As we are living in a completely digital world, the internet is a huge thing today. Each and everything we do in our day to life is getting so digitalized so, we have to keep ourselves updated. To compete with this modern world, every entrepreneur is so cautious in doing smart work.

Hence, a marketplace PHP script is playing a hyper role in this Era to create a website or applications. Developing a complete website from scratch is not at all an easy task to do and, especially in a short time, it is highly impossible. Don’t worry with this booming clone script it is possible right now. How? That’s what you are about to find out!

Is It Legal To Use A Clone Solution?

Up until we breach the policies, security, and privacy, everything can be deemed legal. Additionally, cloning websites is completely legal so long as you don’t violate their intellectual property, trademarks, copyrights, or patents.

Be aware that we are not copying everything when we use the clone script, not even the source code. Nevertheless, we are only duplicating the concept and making some functional changes based on our needs.

Got A Plan In Mind? We Can Deliver

If you have the plan to develop your website, then definitely you have to spend lots of money and time. Initially, you will start your first phase of website development with planning and competitor analysis. Then you plan for design and development, finally, it requires lots of money and time for the complete deployment. A marketplace PHP script can remove all hassles and make it easier for you to launch a new venture.

“Originate Soft Pvt Ltd is the right place to buy website script.”

We have got a collection of website scripts/software and brand-name clone scripts. Here, we offer you a top-notch, expandable website clone script that enables you to launch your website rapidly. Without replicating the source code, our experts can create a suitable new website and mobile application by just changing the features.

Our designers will update the aesthetics and content on the new website using cutting-edge UI & UX design. Additionally, the new website shares the same visual style as the one that presently exists.

Our marketplace PHP script extends to –

  • Freelancer script in PHP
  • Upwork PHP script
  • Classified Ads Script
  • Open Source Dating Script

To kick-start, your business with Originate Soft Pvt Ltd, get in touch with us. We are available 24/7 for a swift consultation and a free estimate.

Benefits of Choosing a Ready Solution

Once you choose to buy a PHP script from us, you are not just buying a script, you’re investing in an experience. Below mentioned are some of the benefits (prominent ones):

01. Cost-effective

As the website script is created using an existing website’s repository rather than from scratch, the cost is reduced as well as the amount of work completed. However, it should be emphasized that while the MVP’s base pricing is reasonable, personalization steals the show. Plan the necessary functionalities first before committing, and then request a quote for the whole setup.

Since business owners believe that the base bundle is really reasonable and because certain tech nerds may or may not charge a lot for modification. So, before acting, be certain of the pricing package.

02. Time-saving

As there is no need to hire developers and toil waste loads of time & man hours, it is best to buy website script that delivers a similar promise. Since there is no coding required, start-up owners can launch their businesses instantly. The scalable nature of our scripts makes them an excellent option for entrepreneurs looking for an easy way out. Plus, the robust architecture guarantees that you no longer need a script anytime soon!

03. Real-time performance

Since the script and flow of the program were inspired by real, enormous corporations, you can finally even comprehend their marketing platforms and analyze their business models. Therefore, the learning curve is relatively straightforward.

Where Do We Score the Best?

We at Originate Soft Pvt Ltd has 6+ years of industry experience and an experienced technical team who are expert in providing readymade solutions. The following is just a hint for you to understand what our marketplace PHP script offers:

  • Solid Framework: Ask the vendor for the script’s structure or architecture and, if you have a backup tech team, request access to the vendor’s git code repository so you can evaluate the script’s quality.
  • Supports 100% customization: The website’s aesthetic appeal and user experience (UX) draw users, hence the script should strongly facilitate customization.
  • White Label solution: Your website must be launched with no indication that the developed company ever existed, and the vendor must cooperate.
  • SEO-friendly: The business requires more than just launching; additional marketing and other measures must be performed, making it imperative that the script is SEO friendly.
  • Technology: Clarify the technologies utilized to design the script because not all scripts are created equal and when one is, you can influence it to operate globally.
  • Mobile-friendly design: The majority of Internet traffic today occurs on mobile devices, so the app should have a mobile-friendly website as well
  • Zero bounce rate: The user would stop using the web apps if the buffering took too long. Therefore, the script’s pace should be supported.
  • PCI compliance: An important component of secure in-app purchases is PCI compliance. So make sure the welfare and safety.

Readymade scripts are the future!

Why is this clone so popular now when it is possible to buy website script for the business? To succeed as a businessperson, you must accrue benefits. So allow me to list a few of the group boon bonuses.

It is mainly due to the faster deployment. The research effort has been discontinued and knowledge of the website’s operation is sufficiently familiar. Therefore, the script will be tailored based on the needs of the customer, which takes less time. As a result, you will launch your main business as quickly as you like.

Marketplace Website Script: Which One Is The Best For You?

Marketplace Website Script

The year 2023 is the perfect opportunity to tap the potential of the freelance market. As this year is nearing the end, and the peak season is starting in a few months, now is the time to invest in a marketplace website script from Originate Soft Pvt Ltd.

But, wait?

Is this your first time looking for a ready solution? Well, you’re in the right place and we have the best solution to offer. To find out which marketplace script is the best for you, here is a breakdown of the 7 most crucial pointers to follow:

Firstly, find the most trending niche

You must conduct market research before launching a successful marketplace platform. “Freelancer” did not just materialize. There has been substantial market research done before this technique. Now, all that’s left to do is decide on a niche and buy a marketplace website script to support it.

It is a good idea to have a firm plan in place before beginning the implementation phase. If you do not have a well-defined strategy in place, all of your efforts will be in vain. Your company should be set up so that customers can be charged for the services they receive. A functional commission module must be used for this procedure.

Secondly, do not curtail the features

When you purchase a freelance script in PHP from Originate Soft Pvt Ltd, we leave no features unattended. Hence, you can expect excellent features at par with bigger platforms like Freelancer. Those include:

  • DB Normalization (MySQL, Apache servers)
  • 100% customizable nature
  • Developed entirely with open source software and equipped with marketable features
  • Its structure and design are distinctive
  • Support for add-ons and plug-ins from third parties
  • Support for the Escrow payment scheme
  • Workrooms online are one possibility
  • Designed to increase revenue and deliver a strong return on investment
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • SEO-friendly URLs, Meta titles, and descriptions
  • Extremely adaptable to the needs of any organization
  • Payment gateways – Stripe and PayPal
  • Track the progress of a project
  • Making a big proposal
  • User flagging is possible.
  • Accept or deny a request
  • Suspending an employer’s business license
  • Adding a contractor to a no-hire list
  • Resolution of disputes quickly

Wondering if you can see for it yourself? Yes, that’s possible too!

Originate Soft Pvt Ltd offers a LIVE Preview of all its products. After our initial discussion, we will schedule a DEMO (virtual) tour of the marketplace website script. If you have got any customization requirements, that can be arranged as well. Keep in mind that the price of the readymade solution depends vastly on the number of customizations required.

Thirdly, the UI must be smooth and highly navigable

This will have the most impact. A feature-rich website is not only desired but also vital to compete. Don’t ignore the significance of usability, though. It is by far the most under-discussed feature of a freelancing PHP script. Additionally, a strong user dashboard with excellent navigation and a fluid user experience should be provided. If you decide to attempt our No.1 freelancer script, we won’t let you down. Contact us via phone or email. We’ll be in touch with you as soon as we can.

Fourthly, do not blindly settle on a script that doesn’t come with a solid technical backing

The most crucial component is how things work. You will receive the following if you purchase freelance script in PHP from us:

  • We’ll give you the finest script for your gig platform.
  • The greatest freelancer script setup
  • Assistance in operating a profitable gig marketplace
  • Get unrestricted software support for the rest of your life
  • Utilize our 100% customized script to satisfy the requirements of your market
  • A favorable return on investment

This is crucial.

Skipping this step can cause serious level complications down the line. Furthermore, if you have little to no experience in coding skills, matters will be even worse!

Fifth, ease of payment is crucial

Regardless of how powerful it is, a script must have the safest payment options available, such as PayPal, Stripe, and others. This is done to make sure that every transfer is simple, secure, and completed quickly. We also offer Escrow assistance as a form of payment protection.

All of the techniques required to make our script very scalable and future-proof are included in our pre-built freelance website script. Our clone script is also versatile enough to be applied to various scenarios. It’s an open source script, so you can even use it for business purposes without being concerned about legal repercussions.

Sixth, excellent monetization options make your script lucrative for freelancers and recruiters

Each recruiter is required to give the website’s administrator a commission and a listing fee for their projects. It is the main source of income that the website administrator can employ however they see fit.

The same is true for independent contractors that receive a project from a recruiter. To keep track of all transactions, a ready-made freelance website script needs to be completely outfitted with a strong money management system. To build a freelance script in PHP, we only use the most recent PHP frameworks, including CodeIgniter. As a result, our script has become the most popular freelancer clone on the secondary market.

Seventh and finally, a company that has your back from day one!

Yes, a good script is essential. This is only improved, though, if you locate a supplier who respects you. They must be prepared to provide you with more than just a rough estimate and a free sample tour of the marketplace platform.

  • Installing the script is free
  • For a year, free website modification and upgrading
  • Periodic technical support
  • 24/7 website maintenance

Only with this, together with a readiness to help you even in the most trying circumstances, could you possibly think of investing in a freelance script in 2023.


With the right tactics, knowledgeable guidance, and a marketplace website script by your side; creating a successful online marketplace is outright easy. It’s normal to occasionally feel confused if this is your first time choosing a clone script. Hence, we have come to your aid to help you grasp this idea and launch your marketplace in a short span without breaking into your savings!

Importance of SEO Agency in India – Why Should Hire Them?

SEO Agency in India

If you are operating an online business, you must have heard of the term SEO. You might know that SEO as a part of the digital marketing strategy is important. But, why do you need to hire an SEO agency in India? Most importantly, this blog will explain how SEO is good for your business and your business needs it fast.

How SEO works?

SEO (search engine optimization) has everything to do with quantity and quality. The better is your business website from both the front and back end, the better traffic you can get. More and more search engines will crawl your sites and thereby, increase the search rankings. Some of the ways it does this are:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Backlink building
  • Content optimization

What can SEO do for your brand?

1) Perform Keyword Gap Analysis

One of the reasons you need SEO for your organization is because of keywords. Some words or phrases will be used by potential customers when searching for a good or service. Your exposure will grow if your content uses the terms and phrases that clients use because you are explicitly using the right keywords to provide the solutions. The best SEO keywords are those that have been thoroughly investigated and examined.

Finding important keyword chances that you may be ignored with the aid of keyword gap research is crucial. Using this information, you may compile a list of the keywords that your rivals are using and adjust your strategy as necessary. You may quickly uncover fresh keyword opportunities using keyword gap analysis.

2) Build Authoritative Backlinks

To avoid having your material become lost in a sea of other sources, which might be troublesome, backlink development should be done intelligently. For instance, it is not advisable to pass off someone else’s content as your own because plagiarism is a serious offense. If your site needs backlink cleansing, Metric Marketing can handle it. Your SEO agency in India can definitely benefit from backlink development, but it must be done wisely and ethically.

3) Content Creation

Where your SEO actually succeeds is in the content. You may speak to your audience of current and potential clients directly through your content. Your keywords will support you in developing authority, trust, consistency, and engagement in this area. Strong content may strike a balance between the human element of your customer-focused business and the data-driven analytics required to maximize your online visibility. Content is anything that your audience views or hears, including:

  • Blogs
  • Webpage text
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Social media posts
  • PRs

By immediately interacting with both current and potential customers, your content promotes SEO and increases traffic. Your content explains who you are and what you have to offer to your audience.

Should I be using SEO services from now on?

The quick response is “yes”! A purposeful, data-driven strategy called SEO can improve the effectiveness of your company’s digital marketing and its presence online.

The advantages of hiring the best SEO companies in Kolkata can only benefit your company, so it is worthwhile to invest time in research. SEO requires extensive analytical planning. It is a difficult, dynamic practice. SEO also develops and changes when new technology does. SEO immediately affects user experience, increases traffic, promotes your business, and engages customers. An essential part of your company’s successful digital marketing is SEO.

Importance of SEO in digital marketing

The digital marketing specialists at Metric Marketing are aware of how intimidating SEO can be. SEO agency in India is crucial, but where do you even begin? How can you even know if what you’re doing is having a beneficial effect on your business once you’ve started? We’re here to help, which is fantastic news.

For this reason, we are the leading authorities in the area of digital marketing. We approach the function of SEO in digital marketing from a data-driven perspective, concentrating our time and energy on developing content and websites that we are confident will provide results. Data is always truthful, and we are skilled at using it to meet your specific goals.

Along with a data-driven approach, our SEO team uses a White Hat SEO approach to optimization. White Hat SEO is the alternative to unethical Black Hat SEO tactics. While Black Hat SEO shows quick results, search engines have new techniques for finding which companies are using sketchy techniques like keyword stuffing and cloaking.

Improves Organic CTR

Organic CTR is all about competitiveness. If our business fails to get enough clicks, you can never compete with the best SEO companies in Kolkata. SEO can improve organic CTR mainly through 7 ways:

  • Attractive Meta Titles and Descriptions
  • Using Descriptive URLs
  • Adding Structured Data
  • Implementing Long-Tail Keywords
  • Trying to Appear in Rich Snippets or Answer Box
  • Analyzing SERP and competitors
  • Making notable and fresh snippet

Contact Originate Soft Pvt. Ltd for best SEO services

The success of your digital marketing depends on having a competent SEO team on your side. Contact us right away if you have any queries regarding why an SEO agency in India is vital for businesses or about SEO in general.

We’d be happy to have a conversation with you about the value of SEO and how it may help your company succeed. To let us know what you’re looking for, call us or use our online contact form. We are eager to communicate with you!

PHP Marketplace Script: Run Thriving Online Businesses In 2023

The main intention of using a PHP marketplace script is to run a purposeful and profitable online business. This is mainly due to the pool of opportunities that comes along with online marketplace businesses. But, with the correct strategies and team, startups can be successful in their online business ventures. So, let’s get started with the key sections that show some of the online business attention in 2023.

O1. Choose a Business Idea

As mentioned above, there are several equipment types, services, and locations that contribute to the launching of successful projects. But, picking the right open source clone scripts can be quite hectic. Finding a company like Originate Soft Pvt. Ltd is a boon. They not only provide the ready solution but also, understands the –

  • Products
  • Services, and
  • Niche requirements of clients

We have kept the pricing simple and within the budget of most startup owners. We fully understand that the highly competitive market can lead to several startups failing miserably. Creating a business platform from scratch is simply out of the equation. After analyzing the demand of the industry and what’s best for you, we can offer the right readymade solution for your business.


Our team will perform all the necessary customizations on the PHP marketplace script. After you have taken a firm decision, we will bring out the best solution you are looking for.

O2. Build a Robust Business Plan

Finding a robust business plan is extremely crucial to run an online marketplace business in 2023. Once you have got hold of a solid business plan, it is time to perform sufficient market research on the online business idea. Contact our support team to decide on the services and products that you are going to prioritize. This is where you define the target customers and fetch results out of them.

O3. Launch a Unique Online Startup Business

Once a firm decision has been made, and the kind of services you are offering, you need to build a complete marketplace for your business. On the other hand, building a marketplace from scratch will definitely be tiresome work. It not only demands an excessive amount of time but also, resources and capital.

Pro Tip:

The smartest way to deal with this is to approach a software development company like Originate Soft Pvt. Ltd. They have 6+ years of market experience and the technical expertise of providing a readymade online solution.

This will help in achieving the needed features like:

  • A fully customizable script
  • Secure coding architecture
  • The user interface is user-friendly
  • Easy monetization features
  • A customizable admin dashboard
  • Highly navigable user interface
  • Multi-languages and currencies support
  • Real-time notifications and messaging support
  • Advanced job search with dynamic filters
  • Easy job listing
  • Up to 4 levels of categorization
  • Find nearby matches
  • Post tips and social media authentication
  • An easy-to-share and store search option

Also, this saves a significant amount of money and time to build a marketplace platform using a freelancer clone script.

O4. Build a Mutual Trust

As an aspiring entrepreneur, you need to keep in mind that the reliability of your online business is directly related to the success of your business. Transparent ratings and feedback from your customers on your online platform are essential to building trust among your users to make use of your online platform. Above all these, it is a must to provide quality products and customer service as these will definitely boost the reliability of your online startup.

Why Marketplace Scripts Are Gaining Popularity?

It is one of the notable open source clone scripts that gained huge popularity within a short timeframe. Seeing the successful face of our freelancer scripts, classified script, and dating script – many entrepreneurs wish to plunge into the online business sector. But, getting acquainted with some beneficial online business models, and vital concepts to consider for building a profitable online startup business are essential to taste success in this highly competitive online business sector.

Effective Ways to Boost Revenue Using Marketplace Script

Along with attractive features for buyers, sellers, freelancers, or recruiters; you must generate enough profit to sustain the business. To stand out from your competitors in the market provide more value to your users rather than just thinking of a revenue generation module. The common revenue factors are:

  • Registration/Subscription Fee
  • Listing Fee
  • Bumped Up Posts

A: Registration/Subscription Fee

This brings revenue by assigning a fee for registering on the website as a buyer/seller, freelancer/employer, and likewise. The subscription fee collected by the site owner will provide the site users with appropriate benefits.

B: Listing Fee

The process of receiving a price from the sellers and realtors to list their property!

This could also be used as a featured listing by means the listing will be displayed on the homepage of the website by collecting a small fee. This increases the chances of qualified buyers.

Above are the common revenue factors of an online marketplace. Yet, most of the websites to attract users avail these factors as free and do not cost a penny. So, if you start an online business and offer these factors for cost, this is the place to be.

Reach Us Now

Once this sets in, people will stop approaching brick and mortar businesses as the initial investments and the ROI process is too cumbersome. Now, you might have understood some key concepts to consider while building your online business in 2023. As said above, it will be the best option to go for a reliable PHP marketplace script to develop your online freelance or classified platform easily and quickly.

You can find an ideal and customizable online marketplace solution at Originate Soft Pvt. Ltd. With our meticulously crafted clone scripts, building your own successful online business will be just a piece of cake. Therefore, get this customizable online solution and reach your entrepreneurial goals in your online business undertaking.

Fire up an Upwork Like Business with Marketplace PHP Script

PHP script marketplace

There’s a popular saying –

“Talent is distributed equally around the world, but opportunity isn’t.”

Upwork bridged that gap and it has laid the foundation of a multi-billion dollar business. You can too open a similar business to provide companies/individuals with talented resources. Offer similar opportunities and make a mark in the freelancing world. Get our marketplace PHP script – The no. 1 product to fire up a freelance business in 2022.

Once you invest in a readymade script, it will take almost a day for our support team to setup your business. In less than 24 hours, you can have a marketplace ready to be monetized. So, how does this work?

Upwork-Like Platform: How Do We Make It Work?

It all starts with companies/clients posting a job description on your portal. Following are the steps on how a freelancer can get on-board.

  • Freelancers bid on the project advertisement (this involves competing with other bidders who specialize in similar skills)
  • Once the bids are placed, the client goes through the bids and portfolios (selected candidates are taken for further screening and skill share program)
  • After the recruiter is sure of the client’s ability to perform the necessary task, the freelancer is handed the project offer

Once a candidate receives the client’s proposal, he/she can start working on a project (as an individual or team) under the discussed guidelines, timelines, etc. It can be hourly projects, based on milestones reached and likewise. The marketplace PHP script has provisions for all types of project listings. Eager to know more! Contact the support team ASAP.

How Can You Earn Money From Your Freelance Website?

One of the most common ways to earn money from the Upwork-like marketplace is to cash on membership plans. It is the easiest and most hassle-free way to earn a fixed income on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. There are other ways too!

a. Freelancers

There are two ways Upwork charges fees from freelancers – contracts with enterprise clients and non-enterprise clients

Contract with Enterprise Clients: Unlike non-enterprise clients, your freelance marketplace negotiates every contract based on each case with enterprise clients. In addition, the sliding fees don’t apply to contracts with enterprise clients. Instead, it will charge a certain service fee to enterprise clients.

Contract with Non-enterprise Clients: Unlike non-enterprise clients, it will negotiate every contract based on each case with enterprise clients. In addition, the sliding fees don’t apply to contracts with enterprise clients. Instead, it will charge a certain service fee to enterprise clients.

b. Clients

The platform charges a subscription fee of $49.99 each month to its Plus Category Clients. On the other hand, it provides customization liberty in pricing features to its Enterprise Clients. It is based on the level of the service that will be provided. The admin divides the fee structure for its Payroll services as follows, for example –

23% of Employee Pay = 13% pay-rolling costs + 10% platform fee

The marketplace charges a flat fee to its clients on all its payments. In addition, the client fees are calculated based on the billing method. Our PHP script marketplace has provisions for this as well.

Top features of our Upwork-like clone script

Upwork is known for its intuitive UI and UX features. The Upwork clone script offers a combination of striking features, functionalities, smooth navigation, and more. Hence, when you are investing in our freelancer script, you can expect features such as:

  • Profile creation in a few clicks: A hassle-free profile creation and updating process help freelancers get noticed by clients. Hence, the process must be simple and precise which helps freelancers to add skills and portfolios.
  • Set commissions easily: The admin can change the Escrow commissions, membership plans, freelancer & employer commissions, and many more.
  • Virtual workrooms: Freelancers and clients can collaborate on projects in private workrooms. A real-time chat option allows users to instantly connect and get notified on the go!
  • Social media integration: This plug-in comes with our marketplace PHP script that allows users to easily integrate social media handles with the Upwork clone solution. Hence, it is a great way to showcase their expertise and expand their digital footprint.

What is the cost of building an Upwork-like marketplace?

There is no fixed way to determine the exact value of using our clone application. A lot depends on the features added, customizations on offer, time of delivery, and more. Then, there’s the matter of domain selection, SSL certificate integration, hosting rates, W3C-compliant certificate, and more. It is always recommended to contact our support team over a phone call, Skype, or email to get the details. Originate Soft Pvt. Ltd also offers a rough estimate after initial talks with obligations attached.

Digital Marketing Companies In Kolkata | How To Choose

Digital Marketing Companies In Kolkata

Choosing the best agency from leading digital marketing companies in Kolkata for your brand will determine the effectiveness of your digital marketing. Making the wrong choice for a firm might damage your brand while also causing financial difficulties. It’s time to think about hiring only the best if you’re not currently working with one. Before selecting an agency for your brand, consider the following advice:

Step O1: Determine Your Objectives Before Choosing An SEO Services Company

Deciding to work with a digital marketing agency should not be rushed. First, decide what your brand’s aims and objectives are that you hope to achieve. Recognize your brand’s needs and marketing demands. An excellent business can determine the needs of the client before developing a successful plan.

Step O2: Understand How Digital Marketing Works

Digital marketing is a strategy for achieving business objectives through promoting a company’s goods or services via digital channels. Over the past several years, the phrase has skyrocketed in popularity and is now one of the most commonly used terms everywhere, especially in small and major enterprises. The following are some of the most well-known digital marketing techniques:

  • Content Marketing

The goal of content marketing is to grow your business by engaging with customers and persuading them to buy from you. Videos, testimonies, e-books, podcasts, infographics, blog posts, social media posts, and a long list of other formats are examples of content marketing.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of the most crucial aspects of digital marketing companies in Kolkata is making your website SEO-friendly. Without making your website search engine friendly, you will fall behind in searches and miss the chance to gain exposure for your business and possible leads. While generating organic traffic to your website does need time, work, and patience, SEO is the best option if you don’t want to pay to be listed on Google’s front page. Implementing SEO is cost-free, and it progressively boosts the site’s traffic.

  • Website Marketing

Make a favorable impression on your visitors because your website serves as a representation of your company. Consider your website’s visuals, design, and general layout when designing it. As most customers use mobile devices, make sure it is mobile-friendly.

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Your golden opportunity to promote your goods and services while staying in touch with potential clients on a platform where they spend the majority of their time is through social media. In addition to offering customer assistance, you can utilize social media to run advertising campaigns, and competitions, produce original and captivating content and even go viral.

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing increases your chances of creating devoted clients who regularly make purchases from you. The majority of firms send out weekly newsletters, promotional offers, and updates about their goods and services via email marketing.

Contact Originate Soft Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading digital marketing companies in Kolkata. We provide result-oriented services because we aim to satisfy our customers.

Step O3: Learning The Benefits Of Digital Marketing

You can benefit from the following:

1: Global Reach

Traditional marketing is geographically constrained, and developing a worldwide marketing plan may be challenging, expensive, and time-consuming. However, because digital marketing takes place online, it has a tremendously wide audience that you may contact. With the help of this, even a very tiny local business owner may connect with customers throughout the world. With traditional marketing, this is either not possible or would be very expensive to achieve.

2: Local Reach

An SEO services company can offer numerous benefits, including increased local visibility, which is crucial if your company depends on neighborhood clients. Global reach is one of these benefits. Local SEO and locally focused advertising can be helpful for businesses looking to increase foot traffic. Comparing your ability to reach a neighborhood as a whole with digital marketing to your ability to reach a community as a whole with printed flyers is illuminating.

3: Cost-effective Process

While there are numerous facets of digital marketing that you must grasp, getting started is rather simple. The nature of the objectives and the scope of the campaigns make it more complicated. Finding the best plan for your company, nevertheless, is all that is required.

4: Larger Engagement

Increased engagement is one of the key benefits of hiring digital marketing companies in Kolkata. Digital marketing is intentionally made to be very engaging. Users can interact with your website by clicking on paid advertisements, sharing blog posts, liking photos, or saving videos.

The fact that all of these acts can be measured is the best part. This makes it possible for you to produce even more captivating posts to raise brand recognition or improve revenue. You can attract more devoted clients online the more you interact.

Apply 5 Secret Techniques To Improve Freelance Script In PHP

freelancer clone website script

Nowadays, operating a business online is essential, and with the aid of a freelance script in PHP, you may create websites similar to a freelancer quickly! You will be able to run it from any location at any time, giving you the convenience of having a scalable and future-proof marketplace. We can help you build a website that looks like it belongs to a freelancer in less than a day.

  • Compatible with several platforms
  • It has a functional administration panel
  • You can access the most advanced functions from the user dashboard

1 – Improve database normalization

Utilizing database normalization makes sure that pages load and respond more quickly. Users won’t have to worry about transferring to another platform as a result. We should also point out that our script is as follows:

  • Free of bugs and mistakes
  • Resistant to SQL injection and hacking
  • Email spam prevention

What prevents you from buying the freelancer clone website script from us then? We go to great measures to provide our clients with past work portfolios and maintain complete openness throughout the process to earn their trust.

2 – Make the script mobile-ready

We develop a range of alternative platforms in addition to ready-to-use solutions for specific uses. You may therefore easily use the freelance scripts you purchase from us on the online version of your computer or smartphone.

Make the script mobile-ready

Additionally, our Best Freelancer Script is search engine optimized, so your Google ranking won’t be an issue. Your business may now increase conversion rates and get more leads from organic visitors.

3 – Open source script with source code included

With so many options, it makes sense that you’d want to alter the overall aesthetic of your website. As a result, we have provided full add-on support and free customization for the first year. We can also accomplish it at a low marginal cost. Our open-source software forms the basis of our PHP clone scripts. Therefore, you are free to hire a third party to do the adjustments if you so choose.

Get in touch with Originate Soft Pvt. Ltd –

“A freelance script in PHP needs to provide a variety of payment options to handle numerous transactions from its users. Every known payment type should be made available to avoid any issues down the future for employers and freelancers.”

Simply contact us right now to get a free estimate. There are no commitments necessary. Send us an email at with your question, and we will respond.

4 – Provide the much-needed customizations

“To handle numerous transactions from its users, a freelancer clone needs to offer a range of payment choices. To prevent any problems down the road for employers and freelancers, every known payment type should be made available”. To receive a free quote, just get in touch with us right now.

  • Cost-Effective Business Solution Is Provided
  • Tailored Services Help You Successfully Manage Your Website
  • Outstanding Scalability And Future-Proofing Our Advantages

Use a freelancer clone website script from us if you want to achieve this. You may monetize your website in so many different ways that it will not only help you make a lot of money but also enable you to expand your business to the most remote corners of the world.

5 – Go beyond the script!

Once you’ve bought one of our PHP clone scripts, there is no turning back. We can also assist you with a variety of reasonably priced after-sales services. These consist of:

  • Free Installation Of Script
  • Website Demo Tour Available For Free
  • The First Year Of Website Customization Is Free
  • 24/7 Technical Assistance

Our clients’ testimonials and success stories have also been shared. We are confident that we can fulfill your ambitions. The ability to develop websites similar to freelancers will finally be a reality thanks to the unequaled features and 360-degree service.


Remember that not everyone will be interested in technical specifics. To begin with, they’re looking for a strong reason to buy your freelance script in PHP.

However, keep in mind that living expenses…The cost consideration influences an entrepreneur’s decision to purchase a freelancing script. There is always the option to build a website from scratch, but this is quickly becoming obsolete. With so much on the line and no assurance that your freelance marketplace will be successful, it seems best to take the simple route.

Online Marketplace Script for a Complete Digital Breakthrough

Originate Soft Pvt. Ltd is a leading online marketplace script provider offering readymade clone solutions for major business platforms. You can expect websites (built with our PHP scripts) with a responsive layout so that it looks good on both desktop and mobile. These scripts are created to be extremely fast to load, flexible to customize and boast minimal code structure.

The highly customizable nature of our scripts has put us a league apart from the others. Admin can easily create category-related custom fields; define which custom fields can be used in the search filters, define and label custom fields, organize or segregate custom fields in groups, and more.

Features of our clone PHP script

Although we deliver outstandingly coded scripts that are evident from the features provided below:

  • All native PHP, easy-to-modify code
  • Extremely fast page load times
  • Can handle thousands of listings with speed
  • Works fine on shared hosts even with thousands of listings
  • The easy installer, get up and running in 5 minutes
  • Configurable permalink structure for the single listing page (similar to WordPress)
  • Template system based on Bootstrap 4
  • Custom fields per category or global
  • Search by custom field

This is not all of it. Contact at Originate Soft Pvt. Ltd and our support team will schedule a demo tour for you. As for the functionalities, here are some that you can expect from a readymade clone script of this stature.

Functionalities of our clone script

  • Filter results by custom fields (e.g. Type for cars, job type)
  • Configurable credits-based plans/packages (free, paid, one-time payment, monthly, annual, featured listing)
  • Google Maps compatible (Geo-location support) HTML 5 API
  • Filter results by distance from the user’s geo-location (with configurable distance values)
  • Maintenance mode
  • Payment Gateways: PayPal, Stripe
  • Claim listings so you can populate your site with listings (good for business-related ads)
  • Contact owner form for each listing
  • Create static pages and blog posts
  • Multiple categories per listing
  • Built-in contact page (contact site owner) with the form to email
  • Rating system
  • Click to chat
  • User comments
  • XML Sitemap auto generator
  • Favorites (bookmarking)
  • Upload limit of photos
  • Multiple currencies support
  • Responsive design looks good on mobile and desktop
  • SEO optimized, friendly URLs, user-defined meta-descriptions
  • Translation text editable in the admin area (or by editing the SQL files)
  • Intuitive and simplified files and folders structure, no complicated nested folders makes it easy to edit

The short-code builder integrated into the online marketplace script helps set up easier and better. Are you interested already? Get in touch with us at +919051141321 / 033 4001 6469 or write to us at

Fuels the future growth

You will be surprised to find out that the online website scripts industry will touch over $ 3 billion by 2025. This amounts to the fact that the dependency on online scripts is increasing at a rapid pace. They are scalable, future proof and build under the best coding architecture.

Moreover, if you contact us, we can provide you with –

  • Free script installation
  • Free customization for the first year
  • Completely white label script
  • Fully transparent
  • Source code included
  • Timely maintenance and support
  • Regular updates and patches

Target the most potential customers

At the end of the day, it is the customers that your business needs. Without meeting the needs of the customers, a business is essentially meaningless. Considering that concept, more and more businesses are increasingly taking this shortcut. Moreover, the capital needed in this case is minimal. Hence, it is the perfect opportunity for first-time business owners to attract organic traffic to their websites.

If you are looking to open a Freelancer-like platform, a PHP freelance script can help you launch your business within hours. Furthermore, people with varying age groups can use online dating software to find potential matches. For classified website users, the option to find the nearest and best deals proves beneficial. Hence, tweaking the internet-based preferences using a search engine friendly online marketplace script has become a necessity.

Wrapping Up

In this blog, we have discussed in detail how a robust and scalable readymade application from Originate Soft Pvt. Ltd can help you land a successful business. Moreover, you can expect a complete digital breakthrough once you make us the digital partner.

Why Should I Hire A Digital Marketing Company? Top 5 Reasons

Best Digital Marketing Company In India

Digital marketing is transforming businesses worldwide. Even in today’s challenging times, this is by far the best way to attract new customers and reach your target audience. Although traditional marketing has its advantages, the potential of its online counterpart is far greater.

This is why your business should take an online approach and we can help you rule your target market niche. Now, why should you hire such an agency? In this blog, we will discuss 5 principal reasons why your company needs to hire Originate Soft Pvt. Ltd – The best digital marketing company in India.

1st Reason: Deeper Level of Knowledge and Understanding

Not all marketing companies have the time and enthusiasm of learning new skill sets and knowledge. We operate on a need-to-provide basis and offer superb services even under the tightest schedule. With a strong in-house marketing team, we lend our expertise to understanding the specific requirements of your industry.

We have worked with a diverse clientele. Hence, we have time to focus on improving and understanding what you need. Therefore, we offer exceptional service.

2nd Reason: Specialized Skills and Experience in the Industry

Another reason why you need to hire a digital marketing agency is instant access to a team of specialists. Marketing is a vast arena. So, a multi-disciplinary approach is needed to properly strategize and implement them to target your users.

While you work with us, you can tap into the market experience and expertise of our professionals. Companies can also utilize the skills of our PPC experts, content creators, SEO specialists, designer, SMO experts, and more!

3rd Reason: Gaining From New Perspective and Flexibility

Not all marketing agencies have the flexibility and perspective that we do. Most agencies suffer from a lack of innovation. This comes from a dearth of in-market experience and knowledge. For instance, if you really need to tap into the various channels online marketing has to offer, then that should be based on the target audience. This way, it will be more flexible to shift your strategy as and when needed.

If you hire the best digital marketing company in India, it can help you solve problems swifter than ever. This diversity and improved perspective provide new insight into your business and we can come up with a creative solution in the shortest possible time.

4th Reason: Helps you with diverse digital marketing needs

An online marketing agency can:

  • Conduct in-depth market research and create strategies to fit the competitive environment
  • Offer advertising services across all social media platforms (Google, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more)
  • Optimize your site’s rank
  • Plan and execute content marketing to engage and drive organic traffic toward your website
  • Handle and manage email marketing campaigns
  • Handle social media accounts and groups
  • Plan and strategize PR and media research for your brand
  • Install analytical and tracking tools to determine your goals

Last but certainly not least…

With a full-fledged marketing team at your back, you can have plenty of time to focus on the business side of things. You don’t require following up on campaigns, running them, cross-checking the results, etc. Every part of the process will be handled by our in-house team of specialists.

That being said; you will have plenty of time and effort to run your business without a hiccup. Take important decisions while we take the burden off your shoulders. After all, there are other sides of businesses as well that need your immediate focus like training, managing, and on-boarding.

This is your time to shine!

We understand that hiring a digital marketing agency can feel like a significant step. Hence, you need to make sure you hire the best team out there. This is where we can make a difference. We can provide a comprehensive and result-driven range of services and approaches. Our team always offers specialized services and ensures that the clients get way more value than what they paid for.

Reach Originate Soft Pvt. Ltd – We are among the top-tier online marketing companies to offer advanced solutions to assist businesses to reach local and global consumers. For more information on our range of services, contact us or visit our website.