What Makes Us The Leader In Supplying The Best Classified Script?

Open Source Classifieds Script

Taking into consideration the craze behind online businesses, our free classified ads script is the ideal product for you. So, you have chosen to utilize an Olx clone script or a Dubizzle clone for that matter, you are in the right place!

But, do you know what goes behind the elements of a PHP readymade script? This is what you are about to find out. All things considered, let us shed some light on the OLX clone and how you can make the most of it. Most importantly, why Originate Soft has been synonymous with providing the best classified script that money can buy!

Let’s start with the basics

The main question is about the utilization of our readymade clone. Every entrepreneur realizes that this stage is valuable for offering second-hand items to bring in some cash. A few imagine that this platform is for selling old and utilized products that are in acceptable condition, however, the situation has changed. This brings us to the…

The current state of affairs

Presently, classified platforms are for the business visionaries who are looking for every possibility to expand their business. They are looking for a compelling medium to auction the products or the stock. But, things have changed drastically for the past decade. What was passed off as a simple buy & sell platform is now home to –

  • Real estate deals
  • Job listings
  • Local workers on hire
  • Home-based services ads, etc.

Therefore, it has become all the more important to invest in the best classified script from Originate Soft from now on.

i) The way we operate!

We are quite familiar with the administrations that a PHP clone script offers to clients for selling and purchasing the merchandise. As of now, with our clone script by your side, you won’t need a lot of time as you can post an advertisement on the site. Plus, you can make the most use of the four levels of sub-categorization.

Till now, all the clients who have purchased our Gumtree clone have satisfactory results from their customers. Websites that are indistinguishable in working and characters of OLX will require minimal exertion during the time spent in success. Moreover, the SEO-friendly script and mobile-responsive design only add to the convenience.

Now, with all the FREE DEMO tour and the rough estimate, you do try our free classified ads scripts you can even further economize the entire deal. We take the extra mile to provide our clients with –

  • Free script installation
  • First one year of free website customization
  • Round the clock technical advice
  • Periodical website updates, fixing patches, etc.
  • A lifetime of technical support

ii) Highly compatible with both PC and mobile web

As of now, millennial are hooked on their mobile phones more than ever before. Therefore, you should provide a classified script that is feasible for both mobile and PC users. Subsequently, it will draw in the purchasers and the sellers with the goal that they can list their item or service. There are a ton of elements that go into our script which makes it the best in business.

iii) Security is at our core

No matter how good a Dubizzle clone claims to be, a LOT depends on the security architecture of the script. This is also the place where Originate Soft shines the brightest. Our software development and testing team is committed to making your script 100% bug-less and error-proof.

iv) Up to 4 levels of sub-categorization

If you purchase our free classified ads script, you will notice that it has up to 4 levels of sub categorizations. Some of them are further partitioned into various tags like – types of furniture, kind of second-hand items, niche services, and many more. This puts the sellers in a better position to sell their items or lists their services.

v) Have to offer a well-structured framework

Do you realize that the OLX clone script accompanies a convincing and all-around assembled structure that will demonstrate that you settle on the best choice?

There are several standards that you may find out about for better admittance to the site created with the utilization of this item. The point of building such an OLX clone with a robust security framework is to make sure it’s as effective and safe as it claims.

Our free classified ads script makes your clone application a high worth in money-related terms as well as in working manners. Thus, reach out to us at the earliest and launch a profitable startup in no time!

Where Do Classified PHP Clone Websites Stand In 2021?

Classified PHP Clone

A classified PHP clone in 2021 is what you need to build a classified business. However, you might feel where does this clone script stands. No matter how much developing a website from the scratch method is still relevant, seeking readymade scripts has risen significantly over the past decade.

Therefore if you buy classified script from Originate Soft, you will not only be in the trend but also, future-proof your business. To get a more detailed idea –let’s discuss how can be classified PHP script still be relevant in 2021 and beyond!

The perks of being a readymade script

Let’s face it –

Building a website out of thin air not only requires intense research and development but also, huge capital. This can be a problem for new entrepreneurs like you!

On the flip side –

If you buy the best classified script from us you can have the exact features and functionalities that every major classified platform has to offer. We have clone scripts for Dubizzle, OLX, and Gumtree.

So, if you need to check out our website script on a first-time basis simply call us or write it down to us. We will set you up with a free DEMO TOUR of the website script instantly!

Benefits that a PHP clone offers

There are so many benefits that you can avail yourself of once you choose a classified script tuned for your requirement. It will have –

  • Customizable nature

You can expect your script to be 100% customizable so that you can tweak the coding architecture as per your requirements.

  • Affordability

The very reason you are choosing a classified PHP clone script is the monetary factor. It is not only cheaper than the traditional website building process but also, saves significantly down the line.

For instance, if you plan on changing your line of business from classified platform to e-commerce or dedicated rentals – you don’t need to invest twice!

  • User-friendly panel

Having an easygoing dashboard is not only easy for you to make the necessary profile changes but also, the ad post and lists. This is even more relevant in the case of the admin dashboard. He is tasked with checking every nook and corner of your website.

So, having a script that has third-party support for plugins, add-ons, and business analytics tools is a must-have!

  • Easy product/service categorization

If you buy classified scripts from Originate Soft, we offer website clones that deliver up to 4 levels of categorization. along with that you can also save searches and share them on social media channels (thanks to social media integration).

Is there more?

Oh yes, there is! We also provide one of the most versatile and future-ready scripts in the market. You will find our script highly scalable and can be modified to suit different lines of business.

We also go to the extent where our customers can benefit from:

  • Free installation of classified PHP clone
  • Free one year of website upgrade and customization
  • Round-the-clock website maintenance
  • A lifetime of technical support, and counsel
  • Periodical updates and security patches

So, are you interested?

Feel free to reach out to us and we will provide you with a rough estimate. You can also check the screenshots of all the major sections of our Dubizzle clone script to get a more detailed idea.

Will it still be a “thing” in the future?

As far as we know and statistics say about the rising popularity of classified clones it is only certain to claim that –

“It is here to stay!”

But, you shouldn’t be always taking blindly of our claim. If you have any queries regarding the quality of the script, the nature of service, and the cost involved – we can be of your help. We assure you that our team operates transparently and will surely help you out in choosing the best classified PHP clone for your startup.

Rounding up things

Among all the classified clones available in the market very few can stand the test of time. This is mainly because of the weak coding architecture and below-average security protocols.

We on the other hand take our best classified script seriously. Our scripts are developed under a strict PHP Codeigniter framework along with other advanced technologies for a powerful and feature-rich product. But, we never compromise on the security framework as well.

You will find the script to be robust from within complete with safe payment gateways, over-the-top security measures, etc. Say goodbye to SQL inject, hacking and malicious attacks from now on!

Originate Soft is at your service.

Becoming a Millionaire Is Easy When You Trust In the Best Classified Clone

Free Classified Ads Script

In this trending world, the best classified clone from us can prove advantages for you in many ways than one!

We get that you are quite confused. It proves especially true if this is your first business hustle. But, no need to panic, as you’re in the safest hands! We, at Originate Soft, deal with the best classified scripts for making an exceptional online venture.

To get a first-hand experience of how your classified clone website is going to be call us anytime! We will set you up with a free DEMO tour of the free classified ads script. If you find it to be satisfactory, you can also so ask for a rough estimate.

How is that possible?

We believe that developing high-quality clone scripts is our biggest strength. Our dedicated team of PHP developers and software testers is constantly in charge of creating innovative classified solutions for businesses like yours. We also must help you with –

  • Free installation of the best classified clone
  • Offering free website customization for the first year
  • On priority technical advice and support
  • Best in class website maintenance
  • A lifetime of tech support

So, if you are interested in our OLX clone script we would be more than happy to oblige. We also offer readymade clone scripts for other popular classified platforms like –

  • Dubizzle clone
  • Gumtree clone
  • Craigslist clone

Are you interested? We are waiting for a formidable business association.

Take a look at how these clones work!

Once you purchase a classified clone script from Originate Soft, it will take us less than a day to get your site ready. Once it is installed you can start monetizing your website right from day one.

Here is how it is done –

a. Buyers and sellers can signup and login with social media integration
b. Sellers can list their products and services for up to 4 levels of categorization
c. As our script is 100% customizable so you can easily modify it, and tune it the way it should be
d. Both the buyers and sellers are provided with a real-time messaging system to hold communication
e. The secured payment gateways make transactions hassle-free and breezy

This is one of the most sought-after free classified ads scripts that you will ever come across!

Keep in mind –

Although developing a classified website from scratch has a few advantages but, the drawbacks outweigh the pros. On the other hand, if you rely on the best classified script from us, you can have immense profitability with very little to spend.

How can you be a millionaire?

When you think of earning then, you have to think of a solid revenue model. Simply acquiring a script is not enough. The moment your classified website goes LIVE, you need to incorporate the following –

1. Google AdSense integration

Needless to say, running ads on web pages is the main goal. Google AdSense is the way to do it as it guarantees greater visibility and engagement leading to a recurrent earning.

2. Premium membership packages

It is not only an innovative way to guarantee a stable income flow but also, it is highly recommended for every website owner. You would be pleased to know that our best classified clone has incorporated this feature from the very first!

3. Featured listings

Considering it is a Dubizzle or Gumtree clone script, you can make the best use of sponsored advertisement listing to get an additional income. It is mainly used to drive organic traffic towards your website’s landing page.

4. Banner advertising

Banner advertisement is a crucial part of every classified marketplace. Banner ads are the ones that attract the most attention, attain visibility, engagement and holds significant potential. We will make sure that our best classified script is capable enough to handle all the revenue channels with equal gusto! So, the next time you are looking to build an OLX-like website – mark the name Originate Soft.

This is how we can guarantee your fate!

Dreaming of becoming a millionaire is important but, what’s more, crucial is having the best classified clone on your side. Therefore we have introduced best in class features to beat the competition!

Check them out –

  • Location-based search
  • SEO optimized script
  • Business analytics tools
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Save and share search results
  • Advanced search algorithms
  • Secured payment gateways
  • Keyword-based search

There are even more!

All in all, our classified script ticks all the boxes that a businessman needs to increase their chances of becoming a millionaire in a matter of months.

Give it a try!

Earn Profits In Less Than 24 Hours With Classified Clone Script!

PHP Classifieds Script

When you want to use a classified clone script to buy or sell products, there is a special requirement that will help meet the demand. However, after searching everywhere, you could not find what you were looking for, so you jumped from one site to another.

It goes like this –

Without any success, you decided to create a website to help others find what they were looking for on the classified advertising platform. Therefore, please purchase buy and sell scripts after evaluation to ensure user satisfaction.

PHP classified scripts are the modern method of advertising that you found in newspapers a few years ago. With the digitization of the world, entrepreneurs cannot leave this field because classified platforms are booming, helping people make more and more profits.

But, in order to earn profit in as short as 24 hours – it better be the best classified script from Originate Soft.

How can classified scripts be profit-making machines?

Today, without the help of the Internet, your life will not progress.

When you are ready to build an online platform for the public, the situation is similar. When users can easily navigate and find products or products that help meet their needs, they will be attracted to your website.

Therefore, creating such a marketplace is not easy!

There are many challenges that will prevent you from taking the next step. The designers and developers you hire to build a Dubizzle clone website will list the essentials and deliver them to you. By enquiring about a quote from the service provider, you can understand the cost. Compared with other websites, our classified websites are far more budget-friendly.

Why invest in classified script PHP?

With the introduction of classified clone scripts, there is no need to follow complex and expensive methods like building websites from scratch.

Our ready-to-use scripts can be installed in a matter of hours, so you can launch your classified ads website within 24 hours. By choosing ready-made software to build your classified advertising website –

  • You can save time-consuming research work
  • Find the most enjoyable and satisfying design
  • Start your website tasks from scratch, and
  • Avoid risking unexpected outcomes

However, it is only if you utilize our best classified script only!

Originate Soft has sufficient experience in creating classified ads scripts and providing them to consumers for over half a decade. No matter how fierce the competition is, we will ensure that all our consumers succeed in their own niche.

We also go a step further into providing –

a. Free installation of PHP classified script
b. Free website customizations for the first year
c. On priority technical support
d. Excellent technical advice and backing

The following are some excellent qualities of our Craigslist clone script. These are convincing enough to make the right business decision…

What puts our classified clones ahead of the others?

The main concern is to ensure the guaranteed output of both the users and the site owner. The buy and sell platform has multiple users, all of whom have entered their private information on the website before starting to use it.

But, when you utilize a clone script from us, you don’t have to worry about it. It comes with end-to-end encryption to ensure comprehensive security for owners and users. Plus, it comes with monetizing options for business owners to make quick money. If you understand classified advertising CMS, you should know that advertising is the only way to generate revenue that affects your profit margins.

Therefore, our classified clone script allows you to monetize your website with the addition of the following –

  • Google Adsense program
  • Banner ads
  • Featured promotions
  • Highlighted ads and moving ads on top
  • Various membership plans
  • Affiliate marketing

There is more!

We are well aware of the users’ time. Therefore, you will find a dynamic search feature on your platform that will help people achieve their goals by using advanced filters. Other features that demand your attention are:

  • Real-time messaging system
  • Contact request
  • Raise disputes
  • Notification management
  • Multi-location support
  • Multi-currency support
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Search for nearby deals

The final deal

When you start looking for the quality of classified clone scripts, you will be spoilt for choice. But, we at Originate Soft do not just provide the best website clones to attract new consumers, but we even retain our patrons. So, you can reach out to us if you’re interested in purchasing our Olx clone script, and we will also start the installation task right away.

You can call us or write to us and we will get back to you shortly!

Why Is There A Growing Need For Classified Clone Scripts?

Classified clone script

As the online classified sector is booming in this digital era the need for a classified clone script has become all the more important.

To leverage the innumerable possibilities and tap the potential of the classified marketplace you would inevitably need a Dubizzle clone. We at Originate Soft can provide you with the exact classified clone solution to satisfy your global users!

  • The global classified industry is set to increase by 6.7 % from 2021 to 2027
  • The classified advertisement services are still one of the most growing sectors with record growth
  • The impact of covid-19 has laid to utilize the classified marketplace as a sustainable platform on both regional and global platform

This is all the more reason why you should invest in a PHP classified script right away!

Notable features of a classified clone

Simply buying a script won’t do…

It must possess some of the interesting inclusions that will amaze the users on your classified website. Among the notable functionalities, some are:

  • A. Advanced filtering option

Out of millions of products and services on a classified website buyers should be able to –

  • Filter the products by price range
  • Filter based on category
  • Filter on the general attributes

Only this can elevate the shopping experience of the users on your online Dubizzle platform.

  • B. Dynamic listing

Although buyers constitute the major backbone of your business, the sellers are equally important as well. This is the very reason your Dubizzle clone solution should allow the companies or individuals to make a dynamic product listing:

  • Offering multiple levels of categorization
  • Add/delete/edit any product or service listing easily
  • Displays to describe a particular listing
  • Create a comprehensive listing based on the products or services required

Our classified clone script can offer just the platform you need.

  • C. Real-time messaging channel

Originate Soft has always been at the forefront of creating the most dynamic clone solution for our users. Hence, it is of no surprise that we bring this exciting feature for facilitating communication on your online buy-sell platform.

  • Buyers and sellers can communicate on a real-time basis
  • Users can have the option to block in case of fraudulent or malicious activities
  • Share location and images (if required)

Don’t worry!

The messenger is end-to-end encrypted so snooping into your private chat isn’t a possibility.

  • D. Useful product insights

No matter how well your business performs you still need to check the insights of your products or services from time to time.

With the help of a business analytics tool, one can easily check the product reach likes and comments, and engagement to understand what your next approach should be! It is also helpful for the admin to check how the platform is performing on a global scale.

For that, the script needs –

  • Option to check product/service views
  • Product/service popularity feature
  • Check user engagement

If a PHP classified script has got all of these features, then it can be a powerful contender. But, simply taking a glance will not provide you with a deeper understanding of the working process.

This is why you need to try the DEMO as a user and as an admin to get a better perspective. If you need a rough estimate, we can provide that as well.

Keep in mind –

We always believe that everything we design will bring out the best functionalities that an online classified platform can deliver. Hence, we only employ the latest technologies like –

  • PHP
  • My SQL
  • Java Script
  • CSS

This makes our best classified script crafted to perfection (the way your business needs). Our classified clone solution comes with endless customizations to suit every business persona. You can make the best use of FREE website customization for the first year!!

How can our classified script benefit you?

We believe in providing you with an online classified platform that is quite capable of channeling multiple revenue avenues:

  • Google ads placement
  • Earn from transaction
  • Running featured promotions
  • Banner advertisement
  • Highlighted advertisements

Apart from these, our classified clone script will amaze you with all inspiring add-ons and plugins to impress millions of buyers on your online classified marketplace.

Expect features like:

  • Spam mail protection
  • Restricting ad posts
  • Multiple language support
  • Ads moderation

So, have you thought yet?

Are you ready to invest in the phenomenal classified website experience to dominate the buy and sell marketplace in 2021 and beyond?

We aren’t just your typical classified script provider. At Originate Soft, we make dreams a reality in less than 24 hours! So, you can give your life a second chance and fulfill your dreams with our fully integrated Gumtree clone solution.

Upwork Clone Scripts in PHP – A Complete Knowledge Book

Upwork Clone Script in PHP

Time has come to trust in an Upwork clone script in PHP to achieve your dream of connecting freelancers and recruiters over a unified platform. Feel like, it is too good to be true?

Well then, think again!

Our dedicated, experienced, and committed teamwork will help you achieve your goals and allow you to expand your business to new horizons. But, before you get into the nitty-gritty part, let’s understand what an Upwork clone is and why it is one of the most sought-after products in the market.

Upwork scripts: What is it?

An Upwork clone PHP will offer your website everything that is required in running a freelance marketplace. It is designed for everyone including –

  • Freelancers
  • Employers and
  • The site owner

Job providers are always on the hunt for talented and skilled freelancers who are ready to work diligently on the assigned job/projects. Finding a talent pool can be a bit challenging these days. You can put an end to that by investing in an Upwork clone script from us.

We can help you connect with your business in less than a day. It only takes a couple of hours to install the Upwork clone script in PHP. And that too at free of cost! So much so, you can start profiting right from day one.

Benefits of using Upwork script

There are numerous advantages of using a readymade PHP script. Some of the most promising reasons are compiled below:

  • Job seekers can easily find jobs/projects and bid on them
  • Freelancers can also easily check job history and reviews that helps in building trust and credibility
  • With the help of advanced filter options, freelancers can find job easily
  • Recruiters can benefit from easy job/project listing
  • Create virtual work rooms to collaborate on a project
  • Enjoy real-time messaging feature

With the help of an Upwork clone script in PHP you can also build profiles with social media integration from seamless authentication. Besides, you get to enjoy industry-leading benefits like –

  • A user-friendly dashboard
  • Feature-rich admin panel
  • Escrow system of payment
  • Secured payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, etc.
  • SEO friendly script
  • Mobile responsive design and layout

The best Upwork scripts can also comes with ready to be monetized options. You can run ads through Google Ad sense program, earn from premium membership packages and a myriad of commissions.

A detailed revenue generation: Overview

By utilizing an Upwork clone script in PHP you generate lump sum revenue in the following ways –

1. Fee for job listing

Employers can post job or project listing fee for a countless number of projects that can be open for bidding and will cater to a wide range of skills. You can earn from every listing.

2. Feature fee

You can charge a feature fee from companies or individuals who wish to feature their posts on the banner or the highlighted section.

3. Premium subscriptions

It is an excellent way to earn handsome recurring revenue and earn loyalty bonuses. The users can choose from a wide range of selections – monthly, yearly, or quarterly as per their convenience.

4. Skill test commission

Employers can conduct skill tests having various difficulty levels to evaluate the freelancers as per their requirements. The site owner can fix a different commission fee for each test they take. This way you can help in improving transparency by limiting search engines and non-registered users from getting access to it. You can charge a private fee to allow employers for enjoying this feature.

5. Commission from invoicing

You can charge a minimal commission from your employees or freelancers against every invoice they generate via your website or app.

6. Commission from freelancers

You can charge feel answers a pre-determined commission after they reach milestone payments from job providers or after winning project bids from enlisted recruiters.

7. Commission from job providers

You can charge job providers with pre-determined commission on every milestone achieved, completion of projects and many more.

Now that you know how lucrative can this prospect be, reach out to us TODAY and jump-start your business by having the best readymade script on your side. Make the best use of our Upwork clone PHP to enjoy a power-packed freelance marketplace that allows:

  • Hassle-free profile creation
  • Robust security (PHP framework)
  • Effortless communication
  • Millions of job opportunities
  • Seamless project and finance management
  • Lifetime customer support
  • Social media integration

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today for a top-class script at unbelievable prices.

What Makes Us The Best Contender For PHP Classified Script?

Free Classified Ads Script

As the market is flooding with poor quality software, we are among the only few to offer you a powerful PHP classified script. This is not the first time we have said so!

We have reasons to believe that our best classified script can bring significant change to your approach to the classified marketplace. But you shouldn’t just take our words blindly. Let us prove that our free classified ads script is worth your time and investment.

The modification and versatile nature of our script

We understand that the market is ever-changing. The volatility and shifting trends have led us to devise a script that is capable enough to scale higher and is future-ready.

This is why we have derived it from open source code to put you out of legal harm’s way. We have also made our script 100% customizable to mold into any business persona.

Our script is –

  • Versatile enough to be used for other business purposes than classified
  • Supports a large variety of currencies, locations, and languages
  • Provides up to four levels of sub categorizations
  • Social media authentication via Facebook, Google and others.
  • End to end encrypted messaging option between buyers and sellers
  • Easy ad post, payment management, and search options
  • Support for banner ads featured ads and highlighted section

Are you interested?

Call us today for a free demo of the PHP classified script. We also provide a no-obligation quotation at no extra cost!

The advantage of a robust PHP framework

Using the Codeigniter PHP framework, we have built a 360-degree solution for your every classified business needs. All you need is to contact us and take a look at how our Dubizzle clone script fair among the others.

If you thought that functionality is the only best part of our classified software then you are wrong! It is aesthetically appealing & extremely user navigable for both PC and smartphone compliance. The support for third-party plugins, add-ons, and themes makes even more sense in this competitive market where having an attractive website can lead to a higher retention rate.

The security system that is 100% full proof

Considering its classified portal millions of transactions occur on a daily basis. Having a secured architecture helps you to have peace of mind that every transaction is properly recorded and no signs of malicious intent are noticed.

With a free classified ads script, you no longer need to break a sweat and concentrate your efforts on more pressing matters. If you buy our best classified script you can benefit from the following:

  • Protection against malicious attacks
  • Immunity against SQL inject and hacking
  • Protection against phishing, ransomware attacks

All of this and combined with secured and hassle-free payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe – makes our OLX clone script an instant hit!

The class-leading features we provide!

Every classified website has its set of advantages and USP that makes it different from the others.

We have made launching a classified portal ever the more easily and swiftly. For that, we have inculcated the redeeming traits of popular portals like Dubizzle, OLX, Craigslist and incorporating some unique traits of our own!

Some of the best features which keep our PHP classifieds script ahead of the competition include:

  • Routine website maintenance and support
  • 100% derived from open source code
  • Support for third party themes layouts and design
  • Easy to access admin panel and feature-rich user dashboard
  • Fully customizable script which can either be operated by us or any third party vendors
  • Supports Google AdSense for running advertisements on your web pages
  • Ready to be monetized website where you can earn handsome commission from every transaction made
  • Introduce premium membership plans for additional profits

These are only a handful of features that makes our classified software steal the Limelight. We also have a dedicated SEO team that makes sure your website can drive inbound traffic and generate more leads. The greater the engagement, the greater will be the profits!

Note that –

We have made our PHP classified script mobile responsive as well keeping in mind the increased potential of smartphone users.

Summarizing all up

Why now you are well aware of why we are the best contender for supplying our clients with a readymade PHP classified script. Buying and selling have never been such a breeze once you experience the true potential of our best classified software.

If you are convinced enough and show interest in trying our script, get in touch with us over telephonic conversation or simply drop a mail. We will get back to you with a free estimate and a free tour of our best classified products.

7 Secret Ingredients behind Our OLX Clone Script Success

Classified Ads PHP Script

What are the possible options that hit your mind when you think of building an OLX clone site? Well, if you are thinking about building a website from scratch let us tell you that it will not only charge you a handsome amount but also steal away time. Therefore it is better that you think of clone scripts to build a website with computer features at a reduced cost and minimal development time.

In case you are searching for a platform to sell your products or to post your jobs classified ads site can help you strike the desired deal. Gone are those days when classified sites used to only be for buyers and sellers. Today employers can meet with credible employees and address a project through a classified ad site.

In case you are still skeptical, given below are some of the secret ingredients behind the best classified script that might get you interested!

1st secret – Accurately optimized

With passing days people are becoming too tech-savvy. Considering that your customers might be accessing your website on their smartphones it is important that your site is well integrated, supports a mobile interface, and is properly optimized.

Make sure your website features and easy navigation from any device and lends the important information at a glance. The main motive behind this is to never lose a client for any shortcomings and to meet their requirements regardless of the gadget being used.

2nd secret – Powerful admin features

Empowering your admin is one of the most important seedlings that need to be nurtured for your brand’s growth. Besides, succeeding with an online business without a powerful admin feature is pretty challenging and next to impossible.

Without a quality feature, the admin is most probably to face obstruction in the operation of the website, which will not only sweep away their interest but restrict them from performing. Therefore if you do not want your customers to leave your back, it is essential to provide them with the authority of navigating through your website and accessing the pages seamlessly and give them the desired power to the admin.

3rd secret – A structured code

The OLX clone script for that matter is a combination of codes that helps in creating something unique and useful. The programming language is dependent on the desired product. With the demand for PHP at its peak, this scripting language is used in building your site to meet the requirements seamlessly and also to add on requisite features as deemed fit.

4th secret – Ad post and promotions

Posting advertisements on your site may require you to keep several factors in mind. While you are posting advertisements on your site, there will be specific areas that suit your comfort zone. But it can quite demand full and may need adjustment for editing frequently to leave an impact on your customers.

To suit this scenario, you will need a site that will execute an easy way of posting and meeting your requirements. However, editing or reposting features should be installed to allow the poster to edit or retain it as required.

Alongside you should also remember that if you keep on posting ads without proper promotions it will sink with each day. To cater to the scenario the classified ads PHP script has a promotion feature attached to it. This feature can help in increasing the visibility of your ad to increase the chances of faster selling.

5th secret – PayPal & Stripe integration

Your classified site should also hold a secure payment gateway, and what can be better than PayPal to soothe International payments as well! Our classified script will give you inbuilt PayPal and Stripe integration so that monetary transactions are safe and easy for you.

6th secret – Social media verification

Social media is one of the essential elements that catapult your success. With the advancement in technology, social media can also be used to log in to a website account. Our classified ads PHP script allows logging into the website account via social media, making the process convenient for your user.

7th secret – 100% customizable script

Are you worried about the design and looks of your site? Do you feel purchasing a readymade script will force you to do with what you have?

Well, our clone scripts allow you to customize your site as per your desire and personalize your site as you deem fit. We also offer you comparing designs and multiple themes that you can choose from. With our attractive themes, viable looks, and functions you can engage your viewers and stand confident in this competitive market.

Summarizing everything

In addition to the above, we would like to add an important point that our OLX clone script features. Our clone scripts support multi-lingual facilities to help people from a different country or mother tongue use your classified site without any language barrier. This feature supports worldwide access and helps your users make optimum use of your platform seamlessly.

So what are you waiting for?

Now build the best classified website by getting in touch with Originate Soft. With our scripts enjoy a successful and established brand that will not only pave your way to achieving your dream but also, generate handsome revenue.

General FAQs On Open Source Classified Scripts That You Must Know

General Faqs On Open Source Classified Script

Considering the tremendous popularity and revenue potential of an online classified marketplace, it is quite evident that you will be looking for a classified clone website. However, if you choose an open source classified script from us you must be having some queries in mind. We will try our level best to resolve all your issues and queries in the best possible manner!

That being said; let’s dive right into the most frequently asked questions and our straight-cut answer for a clear understanding.

Q1: Why should I choose a clone website script?

Absolutely justified!

In fact, if we were in your place we would have asked the exact same question. If you are thinking of running an online business you must have heard of building websites from scratch. It is one of the most customized ways of creating a platform that can make a difference.

But, there’s a catch!

What you might not know is that building a website nowadays can be a tricky and expensive business. It is not only time taking but also, immensely capital intensive. On the other hand, you can easily settle for a Dubizzle clone script with less investment but no compromise on the quality.

Q2: Are readymade clone scripts free from bugs?

Glad you asked!

We are proud to tell you that our best classified scripts are not only free from bugs but also, 100% error-free. Created from a secured coding architecture and constant updating makes it a steal deal for you!!

In case, you are interested in our product, simply give us a call and we will provide you with a free demo view of our model script. This way you will have first-hand experience however clone script remains fully secure against hacking, SQL inject, bug implant, phishing, and other malicious attacks.

Q3: What Framework does your clone script employ?

Oh, did we not mention that?

All of our open source classified scripts are made using Codeigniter PHP Framework along with the HMVC. This makes our script not only more powerful but, feature-rich just as a modern classified platform should be.

So, the next time you are looking for an OLX clone script, we should be the first to receive your call. We also provide our customers free no-obligatory quotations upon request!

Q4: How good is your clone script?

We would say that our best classified script is the most powerful, affordable, and future-packed script that you will ever find!

But, do not take our words simply like that…

Here are some of the features –

  • 100% customizable script
  • Complete a powerful and easy-to-use admin panel
  • Easy user dashboard that can be operated even with no technical expertise
  • The banner, featured, and highlighted ads option
  • 100% derived from open source code
  • Multi-language, multi-currency, and multi-location support
  • Mobile responsive design and interface
  • SEO friendly script

Have you found such a Dubizzle clone script yet? If not we can help you find one!! Simply get in touch with us and we will provide you with a free estimate at the earliest…

Q5: How much do you charge for your service?

It would be quite affordable, we can tell you that!

But, for more details, you can contact us anytime and our team will help you at every step of your queries. Keep in mind that our best classified script does not comes cheap, but what good things in the world do?

However, we have made sure that we can economics your deal as much as it’s possible. Hence, we offer free services to our customers like –

  • Free installation of script
  • Free one year of Technical Support
  • 24/7 website maintenance at marginal cost

Sounds too good?

Get in touch with us today for an open source classified script like no other. There is no obligation, and the versatility of our script can easily be utilized for other forms of businesses like e-commerce, etc.

Q6: Can you tell us about the installation process?

Most definitely!

We are proud to state that the script installation process takes only a couple of hours. Therefore, we can get your site ready in less than a day, and you can start earning right from day one.

If you are worried about the installation charges will there isn’t any as such. The installation duty is taken in the best possible manner. We also employ the most creative and technically sound minds for a satisfactory result.


Hope you are aware of every aspect of our open source classified scripts. It’s only a matter of time that you rely on us on a 360-degree ready to be monetized classified script. We are looking forward to an enduring business relationship.

What Can You Do With The Best Classified Script?

Best Classified Script

Are you looking for the best classified script to launch your first classified platform? If that is a loud yes, then you’re at the right place. There is so much to it than what meets your eyes!

First, let’s understand what makes a classified marketplace platform a grand success in today’s scenario. With the rise in popularity of the second-hand market, opening a classified business is almost like discovered in a gold mine!!

But, only with the right classified clone PHP, and expert advice on this topic, you can definitely score big in this industry. Keep a note that classified portals are not simply about buying and selling products or services. There are other aspects like real estate, job listings, etc. that have found their way into the classified platform.

Having said that, let’s take a look at why online classified scripts are such in high demand. It goes like this…

What goes behind a Dubizzle clone?

Talking about the website cloning industry, Dubizzle clone scripts are, particularly in high demand. Considering the tremendous popularity of platforms like OLX, Craigslist or eBay – Dubizzle is following a similar bandwagon in the Middle East.

Now, if you want to build a platform of that magnitude from scratch, it is possible! But, that would cost you a significant amount of capital time and labor. On the other hand, if you obtain the best classified script from Originate Soft, you get to enjoy –

  • Affordable script
  • Powerful features
  • Future proof and scalable script
  • Ready to be monetized
  • Easy launch option

Our PHP developers make sure that we offer not only the class-leading script but also a host of other after-sales services.

Some of the most prominent ones are:

  • Free installation of script
  • A first full year of free website maintenance
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Getting your website ready in less than 24 hours
  • Free demo view before buying
  • Free no obligatory quotation

All of this makes our classified clone PHP a raging success. Now, that you are well aware of why relying on OLX clone scripts can prove vital for you, let’s have an in-depth look at how to utilize it from the core!

Firstly, it’s all about the business model

No matter what you do, it is recommended to stay within your budget. For that, you need to employ the most suitable business model for your classified platform.

It can start with –

  • 100% customizable script so that it can suit every business persona
  • Developed under the PHP Codeigniter framework
  • 100% free from bugs, data leaks, crashes, lags and freeze
  • Highly secure payment gateway like PayPal, Stripe, etc.
  • Real-time messaging option for better communication between buyers and sellers
  • Immunity against hacking and SQL injection
  • Premium membership options

But, this is all about the theory!

When it to practicality, not all classified marketplace scripts can live up to their expectations.

This is why; you must only rely on the best classified script supplied by Originate Soft. It will not only help you to on a significant commission on every transaction made on your website but also, incorporate other revenue models as well.

Secondly, fix the best revenue models

Simply acquiring the OLX clone script won’t suffice. It must be powerful enough, to compete in this cutthroat economy. For that, you must monetize your website in the best possible way…

  • Google AdSense program

For every site owner running advertisements on your web page is by far the easiest and most stable way to profit right from day one. And you must incorporate it for the recurrent earning potential.

  • Premium membership programs

To cut some users from the rest you must incorporate premium plans with added functionalities. This will not only set aside your loyal customer base but also, provide them with enough perks to hook into your platform.

But, that shouldn’t make you too to limit all the possibilities from the free users. Remember they are equally important and form the backbone of your classified platform.

  • Banner and featured ads

When your online classified marketplace gains much prominence and holds a crucial point in the market, it is time to level up your profit game!

For that, you must only rely on our best classified script as it comes with banner and feature ads support. It is not only the most powerful script with easy to use admin panel but also, comes with a host of other functionalities like –

  • Third-party add-ons and plugins support
  • Open source code
  • Up to four levels of categorizations
  • Easy website management

When you have a classified clone script of this magnitude, success will never lose your side. That being said, hope this information will be of your assistance. For any further inquiries or questions, you can contact us anytime via call or mail. We are more than happy to have your acquaintance!