Why Is A Classified PHP Clone From Originate Soft Greatness Redefined?

Classified PHP Clone

With each passing day, a classified PHP clone from Originate Soft is getting more popular. It is only expected to expand further in the future. You can both trust us and jump on the bandwagon or not – it’s entirely up to you. But, whatever you do, you must know inside out before making a financial commitment.

You’ll also need to get a PHP-based classified script if you’re running an online classified business. We provide the best classified script at the most affordable pricing. However, don’t take our word for it. Examine a few of the reasons to check if you’re getting the best script or not!

Reason I. Our script meets your purpose

If you’re thinking about buying a classified clone script, the first step is to find a script that includes everything you’ll need. It’s rare to come across a script like this, but it’s not impossible. First, determine what the company genuinely requires.

For instance —

  • A script that can be easily customized
  • A script that is bug-free
  • Makes use of the Codeigniter PHP framework
  • Script derived from 100% open source

We can provide you with the best classified PHP clone in 2022. Simply give us a call at any time to schedule a FREE DEMO session. Check to see if this is a good fit for you before closing the deal. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Reason II. Our customer service is second to none!

Few people pay attention to it.

However, if you want your website to run smoothly round the clock, you’ll need a great customer support team. Your website could run into issues at any time, leaving you in desperate need of assistance. In such difficult circumstances, you can count on us to be there for you every step of the way.

Not only will we provide you with a capable classified clone script, but we will also provide you with the best after-sales support for the coming year. Come join us as we usher in a new era of website development. Everything is done with mastery and speed, from the most recent security patches to deleting problems and resolving glitches.

Reason III. Our websites are like the originals

It’s important to keep in mind that you could change your line of business in the future. Does this mean you’ll have to start from the beginning when it comes to building a website? Certainly not. It should be taken care of by the best classified script!

What’s the point if it is not? Hence, we provide the best of both worlds. Every condition is accomplished thanks to our:

  • Advanced technology & innovation
  • Improved page responsiveness and loading times
  • Third-party add-ons and plugins support
  • It is all set to be commercialized
  • It has appealing themes and layouts

All of these are available in our classified PHP clone at the most affordable pricing. Furthermore, if you choose to rely on us, our agreement does not end there. We take the extra mile to offer:

  • Free clone script installation
  • Free domain hosting
  • One year of free technical assistance
  • Advice on technical matters

You can only purchase our script if you are completely satisfied with it. Please contact us at any time for a no-obligation FREE quote.

Reason IV: We routine keep your website updated

After investing a significant amount of money, the last thing you want is for your website to become outdated. The script must be updated regularly, but only a few suppliers provide this service with dedication. We are one of the select few!

For optimum security and efficiency, our staff works diligently on every classified PHP clone in the PHP Codeigniter framework. All you have to do is state your requirements, and the pros will take care of the rest. Our script is scalable and future-proof, so you can use it for years to come with no problems.

Where Do Classified PHP Clone Websites Stand In 2022?

Classified PHP Clone Websites

A classified PHP clone in 2022 is what you need to build a classified business. However, you might feel where this clone script stands. No matter how much developing a website from the scratch method is still relevant; seeking readymade scripts has risen significantly over the past decade.

Therefore if you buy classified script from Originate Soft, you will not only be in the trend but also, future-proof your business. To get a more detailed idea – let’s discuss how can be classified PHP script still be relevant in 2022 and beyond!

The perks of being a readymade script

Let’s face it – Building a website out of nothing not only requires intense research and development but also, huge capital. This can be a problem for new entrepreneurs like you!

On the flip side – If you buy the best classified script from us you can have the exact features and functionalities that every major classified platform has to offer. We have clone scripts for every major platform. So, if you need to check out our website script on a first-time basis simply call us or write it down to us. We will set you up with a free demo tour of the website script instantly!

Benefits that a PHP clone offers

There are so many benefits that you can avail yourself once you choose a classified script tuned for your requirement. It will have –

Customizable nature

You can expect your script to be 100% customizable so that you can tweak the coding architecture as per your requirements.


The very reason you are choosing a classified PHP clone script is the monetary factor. It is not only cheaper than the traditional website building process but also, saves significantly down the line. For instance, if you plan on changing your line of business from classified platform to e-commerce or dedicated rentals – you don’t need to invest twice!

User-friendly panel

Having an easygoing dashboard is not only easy for you to make the necessary profile changes but also, the ad post and lists. This is even more relevant in the case of the admin dashboard. He is tasked with checking every nook and corner of your website. So, having a script that has third-party support for plug-ins, add-ons, and business analytics tools is a must-have!

Easy product/service categorization

If you buy classified PHP script from Originate Soft, we offer website clones that deliver up to 4 levels of categorization. Along with that you can also save searches and share them on social media channels (thanks to social media integration).

Is there more?

Oh yes, there is! We also provide one of the most versatile and future-ready scripts in the market. You will find our script highly scalable and can be modified to suit different lines of business. We also go to the extent where our customers can benefit from:

  • Free installation of classified PHP clone
  • Free one year of website upgrade and customization
  • Round-the-clock website maintenance
  • A lifetime of technical support, and counsel
  • Periodical updates and security patches

So, are you interested?

Feel free to reach out to us and we will provide you with a rough estimate. You can also check the screenshots of all the major sections of our classified PHP clone to get a more detailed idea.

Will it still be a “thing” in the future?

As far as we know and statistics say about the rising popularity of classified clones it is only certain to claim that – “It is here to stay!” But, you shouldn’t be always taking blindly of our claim. If you have any queries regarding the quality of the script, the nature of service, and the cost involved – we can be of your help. We assure you that our team operates transparently and will surely help you out in choosing the best classified PHP clone for your startup.

Rounding up things

Among all the classified clones available in the market very few can stand the test of time. This is mainly because of the weak coding architecture and below-average security protocols.

We on the other hand take our best classified script seriously. Our scripts are developed under a strict PHP Codeigniter framework along with other advanced technologies for a powerful and feature-rich product. But, we never compromise on the security framework as well.

You will find the script to be robust from within complete with safe payment gateways, over-the-top security measures, etc. Say goodbye to SQL inject, hacking and malicious attacks from now on! Originate Soft is now at your service.

General FAQs On Open Source Classified Scripts That You Must Know

General Faqs On Open Source Classified Script

Considering the tremendous popularity and revenue potential of an online classified marketplace, it is quite evident that you will be looking for a classified clone website. However, if you choose an open source classified script from us you must be having some queries in mind. We will try our level best to resolve all your issues and queries in the best possible manner!

That being said; let’s dive right into the most frequently asked questions and our straight-cut answer for a clear understanding.

Q1: Why should I choose a clone website script?

Absolutely justified!

In fact, if we were in your place we would have asked the exact same question. If you are thinking of running an online business you must have heard of building websites from scratch. It is one of the most customized ways of creating a platform that can make a difference.

But, there’s a catch!

What you might not know is that building a website nowadays can be a tricky and expensive business. It is not only time taking but also, immensely capital intensive. On the other hand, you can easily settle for a classified clone script with less investment but no compromise on the quality.

Q2: Are readymade clone scripts free from bugs?

Glad you asked!

We are proud to tell you that our best classified scripts are not only free from bugs but also, 100% error-free. Created from a secured coding architecture and constant updating makes it a steal deal for you!!

In case, you are interested in our product, simply give us a call and we will provide you with a free demo view of our model script. This way you will have first-hand experience however clone script remains fully secure against hacking, SQL inject, bug implant, phishing, and other malicious attacks.

Q3: What Framework does your clone script employ?

Oh, did we not mention that?

All of our open source classified scripts are made using Codeigniter PHP Framework along with the HMVC. This makes our script not only more powerful but, feature-rich just as a modern classified platform should be.

So, the next time you are looking for an classified clone script, we should be the first to receive your call. We also provide our customers free no-obligatory quotations upon request!

Q4: How good is your clone script?

We would say that our best classified script is the most powerful, affordable, and future-packed script that you will ever find!

But, do not take our words simply like that…

Here are some of the features –

  • 100% customizable script
  • Complete a powerful and easy-to-use admin panel
  • Easy user dashboard that can be operated even with no technical expertise
  • The banner, featured, and highlighted ads option
  • 100% derived from open source code
  • Multi-language, multi-currency, and multi-location support
  • Mobile responsive design and interface
  • SEO friendly script

Have you found such a classified clone script yet? If not we can help you find one!! Simply get in touch with us and we will provide you with a free estimate at the earliest…

Q5: How much do you charge for your service?

It would be quite affordable, we can tell you that!

But, for more details, you can contact us anytime and our team will help you at every step of your queries. Keep in mind that our best classified script does not comes cheap, but what good things in the world do?

However, we have made sure that we can economics your deal as much as it’s possible. Hence, we offer free services to our customers like –

  • Free installation of script
  • Free one year of Technical Support
  • 24/7 website maintenance at marginal cost

Sounds too good?

Get in touch with us today for an open source classified script like no other. There is no obligation, and the versatility of our script can easily be utilized for other forms of businesses like e-commerce, etc.

Q6: Can you tell us about the installation process?

Most definitely!

We are proud to state that the script installation process takes only a couple of hours. Therefore, we can get your site ready in less than a day, and you can start earning right from day one.

If you are worried about the installation charges will there isn’t any as such. The installation duty is taken in the best possible manner. We also employ the most creative and technically sound minds for a satisfactory result.


Hope you are aware of every aspect of our open source classified scripts. It’s only a matter of time that you rely on us on a 360-degree ready to be monetized classified script. We are looking forward to an enduring business relationship.

How To Survive In The Classified Business Upsurge With A PHP Classified Script?

Free classified ads script

If you belong to a group of entrepreneurs you must have come across a notion –

“One can build a classified portal easily with the help of a free classified ads script”.

Now, you either have overlooked the statement or, have been intrigued by it. The first question would be, what is a website script? How can it help your business grow?

To answer all of these questions, you need to know the world of clone website scripts and their necessity!!

A brush of history

Until the last decade creating a website from scratch was the norm. However, the advancement of technology and the need to create a website for every form of business changed the scenario of web development.

What was considered as a necessity became more of a luxury or, unnecessary expense? There are several reasons to substantiate this statement –

  • Significant costs involved
  • No guarantee that your website would be a grand success
  • Hiring a team of developers is a hassle nonetheless
  • Excessive time-consuming

All of these drawbacks have laid to the point where PHP classified script is now the chosen norm for any form of business. A classified marketplace platform is no different!!

Pro Tip –

The next step is to find a script provider with ample knowledge and expertise to provide you with the clone software that can make a difference.

Let’s have a look at some of the qualities of a reliable clone script provider…

Supreme knowledge of the industry

To become an expert a company must know the ins and outs of the industry. We at Originate Soft have the experience and expertise to provide you with the best classified script in the market!

Let us take the burden off your shoulders and, provide you with a free classifieds ads script that would make your business trending. And how do we manage that? With a team of PHP developers, we can handle any project under the strictest conditions.

An impressive work portfolio

A comprehensive and impressive success streak over the last 5 years made us one of the leaders in this industry. You can call us anytime to check for yourself our previous portfolio, and form your own opinion. We also offer FREE DEMO and, no-obligation quotation upon request.

Method of preparation and execution

This is more crucial than you can imagine!

A great many clone script providers make fake promises which falter the moment execution comes into the picture. We, on the other hand, have an impressive track record of executing the free classified ads script on short notice. But, do not mistake it is a compromise on the quality…

We take great care in installing your chosen classified script within 24 hours of purchase. This is to guarantee that your site goes live as soon as possible and, you can earn revenue right from day one!

Note –

Our team offers FREE INSTALLATION services along with a first full year of free technical support. In Originate Soft you trust!

Affordable price range

Even though we do not compromise, the slightest bit on the quality of our best classified script, yet we have maintained competitive pricing.

We acknowledge that starting an online business can be an overwhelming affair for new-age entrepreneurs. Capital can often become a stumbling block on your way to success. This is why you can get the best PHP classified scripts from us at an affordable pocket pinch!

How well are they organized?

Paranoia, much?

No! You might feel like it’s too much to ask but, trust us on this. Are clone script developer who is organized to the core is often the most reliable firm. To figure out whether your shortlisted script winters are trustworthy enough – check the ratings, reviews and, client testimonials.

Now that you are aware of how to choose the best classified script provider near you, it’s time to know the important features of a free classified ad script. Before you buy classified script from a company lookout for these functionalities –

  • User interactive and responsive design
  • Save and share search option
  • Advanced filters and algorithms to make searching easier
  • Provides up to 4 subcategorization of products and services
  • Makes use of powerful social media plugins and, useful add-ons
  • Boasts of an integrated messaging system that would benefit the buyers and sellers
  • 100% customizable script to suit every business demand
  • Complete immunity against malicious attacks and hacking

Are you looking for such a PHP classified script? Then, you’ve found one. Original Soft is your one-stop destination to perfect classified business solutions!

Look no further…

We offer the most praise-worthy and reliable classified script for our clients. Once we have an agreement our business relation doesn’t end there. Our team takes the extra mile to offer unparalleled after-sales support without any hesitation.

So, reach out to us TODAY!!

How to Buy Classified Script With Numerous and Unique Features?

Classified Script

Numerous entrepreneurs desire to make an impactful online entry. But how is it possible in a highly competitive industry? If you are planning to establish a classified ads website, then you need to buy classified script from us!

The website script is available at a budgeted cost, and it comes with multiple features that increase its usefulness. Look for the professional that can help you in attaining the clone script as well as help build the classified website.

Classified ads website is an online platform that helps millions unite for a similar purpose. People use this podium for selling or buying commodities. The selling and purchasing of goods are among the essentials, leisure, or complementary assets. Entrepreneurs set up this business because they want to reduce the trouble that you have to face. So, it is a platform for selling for everyone.

Therefore, you can say it is a business that is flourishing in this time coronavirus as you can carry on with your business without going out of the house or building a physical contact. If you desire to understand the usefulness, then it is better to speak to a professional that can help you in a setting by a website with the help of the best classified script in 2022. So, with the use of clone script, there is a significant reduction in the burden on building a classified ads website.

Some of the most promising features:

Manageable login –

You have to sell or buy a commodity online? What about using the classified site for getting the job done? First come first, to use the classified ads website, you have to log in to your account. If you are an existing user, then there is no need to sign up. But for the new users, create your account as a seller and provide essential data for a decent beginning. And, you even have provisions for using your account by logging through your social media platforms such as Facebook, using your email id, or with the use of telephone number.

Customization of your profile –

As soon as you are a registered user of the classified ads website, there are many activities for you. Begin by building your profile that is not only attractive and compelling, but it can help you connect with the buyers. The best classified script in 2022 has features that allow you to add your profile picture, phone number, email id, and many more! The more you personalize your profile, the better it is for use.

Notifications –

On a classified website, plenty of things are happening. You have to decide if you want to be a part of it or stay away from them. To enjoy each facility, subscribe to the notifications. You will receive an email or a text message stating you about the promotions or how you can take part as a seller or a buyer. Hence, you can personalize the notification portion according to your convenience, so read carefully for better use.

Job Search –

You will find this feature if you buy classified script from us. But the classified clone that we make have unique, extraordinary features that will increase the value of the classified site. Job search is one of the most crucial needs at this time. Hence, we have included the feature for the convenience of the user.

Real estate feature –

Apart from the useable good, you can opt for immovable transactions too. For example, here you have the facility to choose properties for renting or selling. It can be for residential use, commercial use, or industry purpose. The preparation is to list your goods here on the platform so that users can view and get in touch for further actions.

On a classified ads website, there are many activities that you can take care of, such as online chat with the seller, discussion for buying, or selling of the commodities, etc. Since classified sites are of prime importance, your job is to use top quality website.

The next step is to find a professional to buy classified script. Best Classified Script is the only company that offers a guarantee for the product and quotes at a fair price. To purchase a script, contact them for assistance. We are available to help you with round the clock service.

How is Product Design and Development Related to Business Processes?

product design and development

In order to stay ahead of your competitors in the market, it is essential that you should check your customer’s needs and predict what customers may require in future. It is very important to know whether your products or services are reaching to your customers properly or not.

With the advent of the internet, the business making process has changed. It shifted from traditional shops to online stores. Today for each and everything, you are searching in online stores or surfing different websites in search of various information.

As a business owner, you might plan to start an online business. But, every time it is pulling you back thinking about the web development task and the cost of investment.

Do you want to ease your business process?

It is here, you need the help of a product design and development firm. Do not confuse product here with a material. Actually, the product here implies to a software product. These days, there is a range of software development companies developing various software products to fulfill the needs of businesses online.

Once you understand your customer’s needs and your marketplace, then it will be useful for you to easily :

  • Customize the product and make it available for up-to-the-minute.
  • Allow you to enhance your business process, thereby offering greater benefits to your customers.

What is The Role of a Product Design & Development Firm?

There are wide arrays of product design and development companies that are managing the task of software development. But, whenever you are choosing, be smart to pick up the best one to furnish your requirements.

A good product design and manufacturing company will understand your needs better and accordingly will design a software product that surely will give you a bonus in the long term.

product design and development

Since, online business making process is a bit difficult task, therefore, to make the process easier, time saving and cost effective, the software products such as the dating clone script, freelancer script, etc. are designed and developed today by experts in this field.

No need to take up the hassle. If you have decided to go for an online business, you can streamline your business process today with the support of various software products that can satisfy your requirements.

The main motto of a product design and manufacturing company is to simplify the business processes that often are regarded as obstacles for business growth and success.

A very trendy software product that has got a lot of potentials in the market at present is classified clone script. There is a huge demand of this product. This particular software product is developed especially for the business owners who are planning to go for classified ads business online.

The products are available at a cost-effective price. It will help to cut down your cost of investment and make it budget-friendly. So, definitely, you will be a gainer so far as business making is concerned.

Basically, the products come with fully packed in-built features and functionalities necessary for a specific business online. They are easy-to-manage and can be installed without any trouble.

Benefits Offered by a Product Design and Manufacturing Company

  • Will allow you to get started with an online business in no-time.
  • Help to save time, money and effort involved in any business making process online.
  • Enable even a layman to begin with an online business without any technical skill or programming knowledge.
  • Will help to get a site ready and live running on the client’s server identical to the well known websites available on the web.

So, if you are engaged in small, mid-sized and big business, it is up to you whether you want to win in the cut throat competition or not. If you are really serious and want to streamline your business process, definitely pick up the best product design and development firm that can be your true success partner.