Should I Choose A Product Design And Development Agency In Kolkata?

web development companies in Kolkata

In today’s digitally connected world, having a web presence for your company is critical. Today’s consumers are increasingly found online. They are choosing product design and development that have a strong online presence. Even established offline firms will find it more difficult to compete with online enterprises that have wisely switched to the web in the future.

What does it mean to invest in web development for your firm? Originate Soft Private Limited, one of Kolkata’s leading web development companies in Kolkata, strives to provide you with an outline of the subject. But first, understand which of the key players can benefit from this one-of-a-kind service!

Industries that benefit from such services

Some of those include:

  • Online stores:

Many businesses today have online stores, and their products are exclusively available for purchase online. These businesses have no choice but to rely on SEO to attract new clients via search engines. Along with mobile optimization, social media engagement, content marketing, and other strategies, SEO is critical to expanding the online presence as much as feasible.

  • Real estates

With more individuals seeking online new homes, flats, or villas – product design and development along with digital marketing have become increasingly important for the real estate business. People shopping for specific types of real estate in cities, towns, and municipalities can benefit from optimized ads, according to the latest ground-works from real estate agents.

  • Hospitality industry

People look online before booking hotels or dining out, thus the hospitality industry can profit greatly from SEO and digital marketing. Many individuals research the services and amenities available before making a reservation. Restaurants, on the other hand, can use SEO tactics to promote their offerings and increase their visibility.

Read till the last.

Reason O1:

Helps in developing brand recognition

Investing in web development companies in Kolkata is a surefire strategy to increase your company’s brand recognition among potential clients. Your website is their initial impression of your company.

If your website is ugly or outdated when your audience visits it, they will quickly get a poor opinion of your company. With an appealing design and intriguing content, you can persuade people to stay on your page and learn more about your company rather than leaving and going to a competitor’s. That way your audience perceives your business is influenced by web design.

Reason O2:

Helps with your SEO strategy

You should get various web design aspects and procedures right to ensure your website’s visibility. Product design and development must be SEO-friendly, and suitable web design principles must be followed. For site development, partnering with a top Digital marketing company in Kolkata like Originate Soft Private Limited is the ideal option.

Reason O3:

Sets the tone for an initial impression

Your website design can be the digital face of your company! A website that is bright, current, and appealing makes your audience feel more welcome on your page and gives a positive picture of your business. An old and ugly website, on the other hand, does not make a positive first impression.

Reason O4:

Instills faith in your target audience

A quality website inspires confidence in your visitors! They will feel at ease investigating it further. People won’t trust your site if it has a bad design or outdated information, so they’ll go elsewhere to complete their order. More conversions to customers occur when users stay on your site longer.

Reason O5:

Improve organic traffic (rate)

You can have a completely optimized website with full-fledged web development, which is critical for generating significant search engine visitors. People will be able to find your website easier if you use the proper keywords and themes. Contact a leading Product Design and Development Company like Originate Soft Private Limited to design an appealing, functional, and SEO-friendly website for your organization.

Reason O6:

Increases the accessibility factor

A website enables firms to be reachable at any time of day. It’s sufficient to have a contact form, a live chat, a comment option, or even a phone number. This raises the likelihood of completing the transaction.

Turn A New Chapter This Holika Dahan And Enjoy Prosperity And Happiness

Happy Holi

The month of color has arrived and March is the best time to start your financial year with prosperity and vitality. Known for Holi, this festival of colors is the perfect time to celebrate with your loved ones.

We at Originate Soft –

“Wish you a happy Holi and encourage you to spread the kindness, happiness, prosperity, and compassion in every sphere of life.”

May your life be filled with colors and the choices that make you successful in every area of your life. As you throw away the negativity of the pandemic and embrace the positivity that life has to offer, it is time that you focus on the monetary side of things. If one thing that pandemic has taught us is the brevity of life.

Anything can happen – so, carpe diem!

And, what way to do that investing in a brand new website for your business to breathe a fresh lease of life. Being one of the top-tier web design and development companies, Originate Soft can make the most use of this opportunity to help your business grow. If you haven’t invested in a website yet or still struggling to open a start-up – we can help realize your dream.

Some of our curate products include –

  • Best Freelancer Script (for a freelance marketplace)
  • Best Dating Script (expect modern dating experience)
  • Best Classified Script (modeled on successful platforms)

We can also tailor-make (customize) your product as per your business vertical. Our product design and development team is capable enough to cater to your niche.

Start afresh this Holi

Hiranyakashipu represents negative thinking; he had terrible thoughts regarding his son. To live a tranquil and joyful life, one must get rid of such negative thinking. Let this Holi be the beginning of the end of evil — negative thinking, which is harmful to your mental health. Negative thinking has the potential to damage your life.

Burn any negative thoughts you have. Feeling depressed and lacking energy are two of the most typical side effects of negative thinking. Negative emotions can range from rage, annoyance, irritation, and even worry and despair, as well as a variety of other unpleasant emotions. Fill your life with new vitality, passion, and positive energy by throwing your negative thoughts into the Holika Dahan bonfire.

Enjoy prosperity in this financial year

Holi is the ideal time to appreciate, rejuvenate, and celebrate all of your important relationships. The celebrations bring you, your family, and your friends together, instilling a collaborative attitude in everyone. On this occasion, you appreciate all of your relationships and rekindle the ones that have been broken.

This goes for your business proceedings as well. You can turn the ill-effects of the economic depression and make a name for yourself in this sector. For instance, you can easily avail yourself of e-commerce solutions. Originate Soft can also help in –

a. Content management services
b. Web design and development
c. Graphic design
d. Digital marketing
e. Testing and maintenance services

We only incorporate the latest technology like Custom PHP, JS/Angular JS, HTML5, CSS3, OpenCart, and WordPress.

Accept and enjoy the various colors of life

Holi is also known as the Spring Festival, and it commemorates the arrival of spring. This is why we bring out different colors of gulal or colored powder, which was originally taken from flowers. Holi would be dreary and uninspiring if there were no colors or only one color.

Keep in mind –

(i) Holi allows us to forgive even our adversaries, celebrate the festival of colors with them, and re-establish friendships.
(ii) We know it’s not easy, but Holi is such a unique opportunity to forgive and forget.

Several examples and stories exist in the history of rivals who became friends after celebrating one Holi together.

Colors are an important component of the celebration; just as smart life is made up of various shades of grey, such as good times, terrible times, issues, challenges, happiness, success, and failure. Accept the various colors of life and embrace each one with vigor and passion. With that being said, we wish everyone a very Happy Holika Dahan.

Unpopular Myths on Product Design and Development – Debunked

product design and development

Companies of all stature are attempting to build an online presence these days. Websites are crucial in today’s world, and they aid in making an impression on users about your company. However, there are several misconceptions about product design and development that could harm your company’s online presence.

We’ve addressed some common misconceptions about website development, website design, and web application development in this blog. Originate Soft has illuminated the truth behind these myths and assisted in avoiding common misunderstandings.

Myth 1:

There is no need to develop a mobile-optimized website

Truth – Today’s world moves at a faster pace, and it appears that everything must be at hand. We could also see how people need to get things done quickly. As you are not handy, building a website without responsiveness may result in you losing part of your potential clients and your online presence. As we live in a digitalized society, we are constantly exposed to multiple-sized screens. Therefore, instruct your web development companies in Kolkata likewise.

Myth 2:

Having an attractive interface is enough

Truth – Design is one of the things that contribute to the attractiveness of a website as it depicts the appearance of your website. Although a nice design is enticing, it is not a guarantee of increased sales. Many additional factors contribute to the attractiveness of your website, including content, navigation, user-friendliness, responsiveness, and so on.

Fonts, images, graphics, typography, and colors are only a part of the design. It’s also about your website’s structure and accessibility. A new visitor should be able to go to his website without difficulty – this will likely result in more conversions for your business. When a new visitor/existing client doesn’t find any relevance in their search or finds it difficult to obtain the required pages/information, you risk losing them.

Myth 3:

The home page should have all the focus

Truth –

The home page is really important.

When customers/visitors are specifically seeking your website – The truth is that as people use Google search queries, the number of views on the homepage is reducing.

When users search for certain items or services, Google will recommend the relevant pages because it is the most efficient method to respond to the query. In this scenario, focusing on product design and development is critical in increasing your search engine visibility.

Myth 4:

Web development and design is hell expensive

Truth – It’s a common assumption that anything that needs to be built, created, or established to its full potential will be costly. There are new choices for creating a stellar web design that meets your specific requirements. You only pay for the features that have been added to your website. With its distinctiveness and reasonable pricing, this will make you stand out from the crowd.

By understanding your objectives and requirements, a product design and development team can assist you with unique designs. Rather than beginning from scratch, you can now use the customization option to create a well-designed website at a low cost.

Myth 5:

More contact buttons mean more conversions!

Wait let us laugh it off a bit!

Truth –

Do you think a page with more buttons would appeal to you? Or will it increase conversions?

Certainly not!

Only set up buttons where they’re needed. When building your website, make sure to focus on the appearance, functionality, navigation, and user experience (UX) to obtain conversions. Social media buttons are essential when you want your visitor/customer to fill out a form, subscribe to a service, take advantage of a special offer, and other similar scenarios.

Make sure not to overcrowd your website with buttons, as conversions are solely dependent on your website.

Myth 6:

More features mean more customers

Do you believe that by providing more features, you will be able to increase conversions? But, adding more features will make your website more complex, which will negatively impact the user experience. Concentrate on only adding useful features rather than introducing extra elements that would make your website less clear and complicate the user experience.

Is Your Website Ready? Mobile Friendly Indexing is upon Us

Website Design and Development

Fragile website script, outdated codes, and incompetent product

You have heard about all these errors a thousand times. Though these are serious concerns that you need to pay heed to, but it is also understood to face such difficulties by hiring the wrong software development company for building your business website.

If you study the website designing and development companies carefully, there are plenty of mistakes that are far war from the sight. No matter how small the issues are, it impacts your business. At times the damage is to a great extent that it is difficult to recover.

Startup or entrepreneurs willing to join the industry trying to gain a competitive edge must hire an expert that will pay attention to these minor facts and render outstanding service. Save your company from grave blunders by hiring the top software development company.

Website mistakes that lead to business loss:


A business website must look clean, engaging, relevant, and an unusual navigation opportunity. But, most of these sites lack these qualities. Poor design evades the users because it creates a negative impact. However, if you follow the right path, it is not difficult to acquire the desired result.

The first thing that you do when planning to make a website is research online. There are pretty cool designs, interactive features, images, attractive color combinations, and many more. These features attract a viewer, but you cannot have all of them on your website.

So, instead of falling prey to confusion, choose a ready to go script. With the use of the clone script, your website will have a clean design, responsive qualities, visitor-friendly functionalities and search engine optimization features to support your business. All these qualities will pull the readers or users to the business site.

Additionally, you need to check the website navigation facilities so that it is easy for you to determine its usability. Usually, designers clutter this part creating a drawback for the site.


There is a simple question that arises when you look at a business website. Do you get a clear idea about the products and services after looking at the site? It yes, then the website is built in the right way, but if there is ambiguity, then the task is not completed correctly.

A visitor remains on the website hardly for a few seconds. If the content is not compelling enough, you lose a potential client. Business owners are capable enough to understand the importance of these milliseconds. Hence your software development company will play a significant role.

It is necessary to send a clear message to your viewers with the quality of design and content.


A businessman knows what they want from their visitors, but do they do that? Quite often, the answer is no. You can consider this as a grave mistake as you are unable to sell your products and services.

Every business has to have a call to action sentence or action that will encourage people to choose you. Create pages that have proper direction and inspire them to make an inquiry or buy the product. The call for action service is highly valuable for revenue generation.


With the increase in the use of mobile phones, you must know that your website will be accessed using the mobile phone rather than other mediums. It would be insane to build the site that isn’t mobile-friendly.

A website has to be ready for devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. No longer have people used personal computers for such a task. Presently, your online store must be strong enough to handle mobile traffic. Do not ignore these points to create a disadvantage to your business.


Your potential clients do not prefer spending time uselessly looking for their requirements. When you add a call to action lines, it is important to keep is simple and concise. Complicated procedures will drive away from the clients rather than increasing the conversion team.

Prepare well-formatted forms that have 3 to 4 steps, and consumers can submit for obtaining better information. Therefore, it is essential to maintain simplicity on your business site.


The software industry is developing rapidly. Each member has to maintain the standard as well as use the latest technology (freelance clone script) for adding the most advanced content.

Google, along with other search engines, pay attention to information or contents that have unique information. So frequent updating will help you garner higher traffic to the site.

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There are other factors too that can be responsible for bringing loss to your business but hire the website design and development company carefully.

You must have heard about Originate Soft a leading, and reliable software development company offering an array of services. Visit the website to acquire details about the website clone scripts, the perfect solution to making a unique and brilliant website.

Audio version: Is Your Website Ready? Mobile Friendly Indexing is upon Us

Why PHP Website Development Services are Taking Over Today?

Website Design Company

Nearly 70% of the websites are developed today in PHP. It has emerged to be one of the most chosen and extensively used server-side languages, which gives a significant option for feature rich website development. Even Facebook is developed in PHP platform. There is no doubt about the fact that presently, PHP website development services is dominating due to its various advantages.It is very important to make your website user-friendly and eye-catchy in order to reach out to your targeted customers. Or else you will be out in the competition. A website developed in PHP foundation will not just give professionalism, but, even it will help you to save your time and money.

Whenever planning to land up in an online business, whether it is a freelance eBusiness or an online dating business, it is always beneficial to hire a website design company that engages in PHP web development services.

Here are some benefits of PHP Website Development services

  • PHP developer develops a website in open source technology, which gives an opportunity for a business owner to run the website on any platform from everywhere.
  • The website will be customized in such a manner that it will help to showcase your business goals and target your customers properly.
  • Indeed, the website developed in PHP platform will be user-friendly, easy to load and as per the search engine criterion.
  • A PHP website will be a cross browser supporter and is easily flexible to business environment.

Thus, these benefits certainly can be advantageous for businesses of any size especially the startups. Hiring a website design company offering top-rated php web development services would be one of the best financial decisions for an entrepreneur as it comes with better innovative ideas and more ways to win over your customers.


Website Development Services


However, professional website development services must be your first priority because all marketing efforts will go in vain if your website lacks professional look and feel. It is very important to check the portfolio of a web design and development services provider before taking any final decision. Since, in order to prosper in an online business, it is crucial for a web design and Development Company understand your business goals and objectives. Then only you could expect to have an appropriate website development solution that would not just increase traffic to your site, but also helps to turn visitors into potential and happy customers.

What is the end result of hiring a PHP website design company?

Basically, if you are a startup, certainly you may not have a huge budget to start with during the initial phase. It is at this point, hiring a PHP web developer will make your task easier and faster. The general cost of investment will be much lower and it will allow you to save 60% amount of your in-house setup. Even you can readily expect to have a better quality of work done by experts.

Besides this, a PHP web Development Company offers exclusive features. These include standard website development, constant support, higher scalability, etc. Mainly because of easy usability and secured features, PHP website development services are mostly recommended for small, mid-sized and large businesses.

Indeed, PHP web development services will prove favorable for every online business. It is easy to use, mainly autonomous of platform, flexible with exclusive facilities of better graphics. Apart from that, it reduces the server costs and maintenance bill.

A well versed PHP programmer will surely help you to create the best website that would bring a huge return on your investment.

There are many companies out there which have got a website developed in PHP platform. Remember to make the best choice, because the key to success in an online business means a well-maintained website with all necessary information about your business.

How is Product Design and Development Related to Business Processes?

product design and development

In order to stay ahead of your competitors in the market, it is essential that you should check your customer’s needs and predict what customers may require in future. It is very important to know whether your products or services are reaching to your customers properly or not.

With the advent of the internet, the business making process has changed. It shifted from traditional shops to online stores. Today for each and everything, you are searching in online stores or surfing different websites in search of various information.

As a business owner, you might plan to start an online business. But, every time it is pulling you back thinking about the web development task and the cost of investment.

Do you want to ease your business process?

It is here, you need the help of a product design and development firm. Do not confuse product here with a material. Actually, the product here implies to a software product. These days, there is a range of software development companies developing various software products to fulfill the needs of businesses online.

Once you understand your customer’s needs and your marketplace, then it will be useful for you to easily :

  • Customize the product and make it available for up-to-the-minute.
  • Allow you to enhance your business process, thereby offering greater benefits to your customers.

What is The Role of a Product Design & Development Firm?

There are wide arrays of product design and development companies that are managing the task of software development. But, whenever you are choosing, be smart to pick up the best one to furnish your requirements.

A good product design and manufacturing company will understand your needs better and accordingly will design a software product that surely will give you a bonus in the long term.

product design and development

Since, online business making process is a bit difficult task, therefore, to make the process easier, time saving and cost effective, the software products such as the dating clone script, freelancer script, etc. are designed and developed today by experts in this field.

No need to take up the hassle. If you have decided to go for an online business, you can streamline your business process today with the support of various software products that can satisfy your requirements.

The main motto of a product design and manufacturing company is to simplify the business processes that often are regarded as obstacles for business growth and success.

A very trendy software product that has got a lot of potentials in the market at present is classified clone script. There is a huge demand of this product. This particular software product is developed especially for the business owners who are planning to go for classified ads business online.

The products are available at a cost-effective price. It will help to cut down your cost of investment and make it budget-friendly. So, definitely, you will be a gainer so far as business making is concerned.

Basically, the products come with fully packed in-built features and functionalities necessary for a specific business online. They are easy-to-manage and can be installed without any trouble.

Benefits Offered by a Product Design and Manufacturing Company

  • Will allow you to get started with an online business in no-time.
  • Help to save time, money and effort involved in any business making process online.
  • Enable even a layman to begin with an online business without any technical skill or programming knowledge.
  • Will help to get a site ready and live running on the client’s server identical to the well known websites available on the web.

So, if you are engaged in small, mid-sized and big business, it is up to you whether you want to win in the cut throat competition or not. If you are really serious and want to streamline your business process, definitely pick up the best product design and development firm that can be your true success partner.

New Product Design and Development – A Boost to Business Making

freelancer script php

A lot of time, ideas often in mind gets lost or sometime dies without an actual transformation. Usually, you might think of creating a website thought gets buried after sometime. It is only because; you do know how to give a shape to your dream.

Who can incorporate those ideas and put them into an action?

The ideals can be largely promoted by a product design and development firm. It will help you to realize your dream and give it a true shape.

Here, the product does not refer to a material thing. Actually, in this blog, the product is referred to the software products. There are loads of software products launched with the help of new upcoming web technologies. One major objective behind such development of software products is to make the business making process easier and simpler.

New Product Design and Development

The software products have proved immensely good for the business owners, particularly for the startups who are yet to start with an online business. One most popular software product is freelancer script php. It will allow you to easily get started with freelance eBusienss in no-time.

The Benefits of Hiring a Product Design and Development Company

If you are planning to go for an online business, you need to be very smart. Hire a top-rated product design and development company to meet your business needs.

Have a look at the benefits:

  • Makes a thorough market research and develops a product that can perform well and be profitable.
  • The companies meet up the necessary requirements before the final delivery of the product. It plays a key role in boosting up an online business and makes a profitable income.
  • Appointing an appropriate company will allow you to predict the market and then redesign the software product depending upon the market type.
  • These firms will help you to cope with copyright issues and even provide guidelines pertaining to the set regulations on the product. This will help you to save from a lot of legal issues that generally crops up.

There is no doubt about the fact that the product design and manufacturing company has definitely helped the startups to thrive in online dating business as well. All has been possible due to the introduction of a dating clone script, an outstanding web dating software. It has made many startups to create a dating platform which is one of the most well-known dating platforms on the web today and earn a profitable income.

Things to Look for in A Great Product Design and Manufacturing Firm

  • Check the testimonials and reviews to know about the client base. This would help you to go for an easy judgment.
  • Know about the number of years into the software product development field. This will certainly help you to understand their ability to give right projections.
  • The resource or the workforce of the company which includes market researchers, technical experts and all the right professionals.

An accurate product design and development company will always have the right people for you to serve your business needs and stay ahead of your competitors.

So, whenever you are going to pick up any product design and manufacturing company, never forget to remember the necessary things that can help you to make a right choice for your requirements.

Get The Best PHP Scripts to Thrive in Online Business

The process of web development is basically complicated as an entrepreneur need to focus on a number of things. The primary requirement that an entrepreneur need to focus upon is a trustworthy web development company. A few years back, the web development company was considered as a backbone to drive success of businesses online. But, with the advancement of technology, the trend of web development process has taken a drastic move. Nowadays, there are many php clone scripts that are developed and designed by software development companies to regulate the business proceeding with ease. It is obviously an efficient approach that will enable business owners to concentrate on the bottom-line things. This would help to generate huge revenue and success in online business. Diverse types of software products are available today. However, to acquire worth for money, always pick up the best php scripts.

Best PHP Scripts

What are PHP Scripts?

The php scripts are leading website programming language. They have become popular due to its easy-to-grasp syntax which enables even a layman with zero coding experience even to enter into the PHP subject.

Infact, numerous product design and development companies are using these days php scripts in developing various kinds of software products. The main aim is to ensure a proactive approach to advance towards quick success in online business.

A wide category of php clone scripts has been developed to meet the ever increasing of the business owners who are planning to go for an online business, particularly freelance eBusiness and dating eBusiness.

Get to Know About a Few Well Known Clone PHP Scripts  

Generally, it is noticed that a web development process is too costly and sometimes even it is time taking as well. Often beginners fail to keep the patience for a long time and since it involves a huge investment, therefore it is better to try the php scripts. Know about the most well known php scripts that have captured the niche in the present-day.

Freelancer Clone php Script : It is a magnificent freelance online software that will allow a buyer to easily establish a freelance website within a short period of time. The product is easy to install and can be handled without any technical skill. Within 24 hours, a business owner will be able to setup a freelance website. It is fully-packed with attractive features and functionalities.

Some critical features include post jobs, promoting jobs, skill management, dispute management, multilingual, etc. It is totally a bugless and 100% customizable product. It means, the entrepreneurs can alter the features as per their necessities.

Dating Script: The dating php script is developed and designed by expert software developers. It will allow a startup to quickly begin with dating business online with just a click of a mouse.

The software product is developed by 100% secured coding structure; hence it is a safe product. Within a few hours, a dating site will be ready and live. The product is embedded with in-built features and functionalities. Some of the key features include dating with live chat on, Login with Facebook, search matches, account settings, etc.

Another php script that has acquired a huge fame in the market nowadays is classified ads scripts. It will allow a startup to create a classified website and help to thrive in product selling business at a budget friendly cost.

So, try the best php scripts to begin an online business within a short time and budget.

Importance of Product Design and Development Company in Digital Age

Website Development Services

Now let’s start with the discussion. What is exactly meant by a product in the digital age? It does not refer to anything that is relates to any material. Infact, it actually signifies the software products that can help businesses of the present –day to flourish in the online business world. There are a lot of product design and development firms available these days that are engaged in developing various types of products in order to help business owners rationalize the business processes.

Whenever the need for development of a good product rises, the most vital aspect that should be taken care of is the “Feature”. The second key element is the design that particularly allows companies to dominate and stay ahead of their competitors.

Why to pick up a good product design and development company?

It is very essential for any business owner to choose a good and experienced software developer for the development of a particular product. This will not only allow an entrepreneur to meet the criteria, but, even it will enable a business owner to gain a good return on investment.

An efficient product design and development firm only will be able to design a specific software product by understanding the business objectives of the entrepreneurs.

The following are the considerations a good software development firm will always emphasize upon.

These are:

Be understanding: It is always found that a good and the professional software development firm will always understand the needs and purpose of a business/company. The product developers designing the software will be dynamic and technically skilled people having in-depth knowledge about the software product development.

Define things properly: There will be experts with years experience who have the capability to define things properly. They will create a point of view depending upon the user’s needs and insights.

Analyze: Brainstorm and come up with innovative ideas that will provide a complete solution for the business owners.

Product Demo: A product demo plays a key role in helping a business owner to understand how the software product works. So, developing a demo product will surely allow an entrepreneur to know about the working of the software product before purchasing it.

Test: Final testing done by a professional web developer prior launching the product.

Today, as the world has gone digital, it has been observed that an increasing number of companies willing to get into online business. There are many software products such as freelancer clone script, dating website software that has been developed to cater the business requirements of entrepreneurs. They have helped to replace the task of a web developer. The majority of entrepreneurs are deciding to purchase a software product to meet their business needs rather than choosing website development services provider.

The software development companies are soaring in their numbers in the recent years. The main reason is the software products are easy to install and can be managed with ease. Apart from this, it helps to save time, money and assures to run an online business successfully.

Hope this blog will help to discover about the importance of a product design and development company. Prior choosing a product development firm, always keep in mind to select the best.