Why You Need The Services Of Software Development Company For Your Business?

software development company

“If your business isn’t on the internet, then you will be shortly out of business” – goes a famous saying from Bill Gates. As iconic as it is, the reality is the same.

There are numerous instances where your SME or MSME might require the services of a software development company. The reason is rather simple – to gain maximum online visibility. Today’s business is tech-driven and the only way to survive in this competition is to own a solid website.

In case you are still not sure, given below are some of the reasons that can be convincing enough for you to invest in a website today –

Reason 1: A website enhances your brand credibility

“Do you have a website?”

The above question is quite common for businesses today. With the increase in the dependency on the digital world owning a solid website has now become one of the greatest tools to pave your way to success. As people start spending more time on the internet, your online presence makes a huge difference while generating your revenue.

As per studies, 30% of people do not consider a brand credible enough if they do not have a website. If you introspect further you will realize that having a website link directly gaining the trust of the customer. Considering that thousands of brands striving for growth, trusting everyone is not a cup of tea and hence a website acts as a valuable factor in gaining trust and credibility for your business.

Reason 2: A website makes your brand accessible

The ultimate goal of promoting your brand is to achieve sales. Surveys prove that when it comes to purchasing a product or a service customer tend to consider brands that are easily accessible and can be reached out to whenever and from wherever they want. As per statistics, over 63% of consumers consider using a company’s official website when it comes to engaging with a business.

Now that is a huge percentage!

A leading website development companies in Kolkata like us believe that the major reason behind this is that a website serves as a bridge for first-step communication with the customers, offering all the primary information such as what services do you offer, who you are, how many years of experience do you hold and how they can get in touch with you.

In such a scenario where the customer’s patience is quite short, catering to the primary queries is paramount. A website with all the required information can make your brand available to the customers 24X7, and the primary queries of the customers can be answered at any hour of the day.

Reason 3: You can showcase your products or services in the best way possible

If you get in touch with a software development company like Originate Soft, you would understand the crucial role presentation plays in boosting your business.

Customers are always on the hunt for new things, be it blogs, animations are graphics.

If you want your customers to purchase your product or services, a website can help you attract your customers’ attention by showcasing your product in the best way possible. A customized website gives you complete creative freedom, which you can make the best use of true to promote your services, product, and expertise.

Make use of beautiful images, animation, and videos, PDF, or any other creative way that you can think of. Remember, if it is your website the sky is the limit!

While you explore your creativity, it is recommended that you keep in mind the customer’s preference first. Do not go too overboard and meet your layout complex for your customers. The more user-friendly and flexible layout you have the better you establish a loyal customer base. Check our free DEMO for instance!

Reason 4: A website increases the online visibility of your brand

As per surveys, a brand loses its charm if it is not present online. Despite the quality of services, you offer, you will lose customers or reach out to a minimum audience if you do not have an online presence. If you want more and more people to know about your brand, we can build an official website and enhance your online visibility and extend your reach.

Having an official website and shaping a successful online presence, you will be able to acquire more customers despite having an average quality of service or products.

Reason 5: Google loves websites

No matter what the query is Google has always been the answer. This is one of the many reasons why you should get your business online and have a website because Google or for that matter any search engine loves websites. Being on Google search listings can make it quite easier for you to reach out to your clients.

With proper blogs and SEO, you can make your way to the top searches of Google. Moreover, people will be able to search you using keywords that are related to your business does becoming more popular and professional among the folks, willing to get “businessy” with you.

Typing up the knot!

We would like to the above points – it is important to add that a website is an essential part of online marketing. 2020 has been a year of lessons and choosing online marketing over the traditional method surely one of them.

As the demand for digital marketing increases, the leading online branding, and software development company claims that digital marketing and websites go hand-in-hand. Having a solid website is one essential tool that can support digital marketing to its success.

Choose The Features When Hiring Software Development Company

Software Development Company

Why should you hire a software development company for website making?

Well, the website is an online platform that provides your company with global exposure. Whether it is an offline business or a digital business, marketing is the backbone for success in the present era. If you desire success and want to flourish in a market where there is cut-throat competition, then you will need the best professional that will design an incredible website for your business.

What are the features of a website designing company?

Customized development –

Every business website differs from one another. To create the difference, you can count on the website designer and developer or let the owner decide. So, the first quality is to look for a company that offers customized designing services.

The professional will initially analyze the market conditions along with the objective. They understand the use of suitable software. But, if you come in contact with a company that uses a pre-developed theme, then stay away from such firms as they cannot provide you creative outcomes. Cancel your association with such firms for acquiring better results.

Team of developers –

Website making is an exciting job because it involves plenty of activities. During the process, there has to be a steady conversation between the website owner, designer, and developer. There are conversations with the technicians because they need assistance for a flawless outcome.

With a proper pre-development discussion it helps them understand the perspective of the owner. If you can explain the professional about the requirement, the website will have excellent design and appearance. Count this as a crucial step because you will need to stay in the industry for the long term. So pick sound-minded professionals are need of the hour.

Experience counts –

When you communicate with the software development company, you will understand that most of them claim to have years of experience. If you look at reality, the quality of work they do is below average. But the experienced companies do not boast about their work. Instead, you will be able to see the results on the website.

So, find the company that has been dealing with a similar kind of sites. When you witness such things, it is simple for you to decide on the service provider and their skill. When you see that they have subtly accomplished the work, you will be overjoyed to hire such a website design and development company.

Pricing structure –

Budget and price play a principal role when you are making a business site. So, beginning with the process, talk with the expert to find the expense. It is essential to determine if they have a transparent system for making payments. At the initial stage, they will hand over an estimate for the website. You can then find out if the cost will fit your budget or not.

Usually, the quotation contains a breakup value. You will read that it has design, development, and several other costs that is sufficient for you to know that there is no hidden cost. Moreover, you must inquire from the service provider if they charge any additional price. During the conversation, if you find that they are not clear with the costing, and then avoid working with such companies.

Website security –

Business websites contain a lot of information about their clients, along with the company’s data. The developer is responsible to incorporate a security system that will keep the bugs and viruses away and safeguard the site. Not every web design and development company can help you with such outstanding solutions.

So, as the owner of the business, inquire from the service provider about the security level. The professional must not only possess knowledge about using the latest technology in business sites.

When you have performed a thorough discussion about the project and the work that has to be done, you can seek to begin to move on with the contract signing work. Whether it is a small budget project or a big one, we have a similar working style with every client.

What Makes Us the Best Software Development Company

Website Designing and Development Company

Website designing companies have to ensure creating a website that does not only help fit the day to day need but obtain the most from their portal. Website designing and Development Company must aim to create an eye-catching design, but it must encapsulate the long term and short term business obligations.

Website designing is creativity!

When you meet a dedicated and reputed company, you will come to know that they go miles ahead to meet your expectations. At Originate Soft, website designing pay heed to your blueprints and carry out the development task following the strategy. It is because of our hard work and dedication that we have been able to produce a cutting edge website design for most of our clients. Over the years, we are successful in catering to the needs of clients across geographical borders.

What are the essential considerations for designing and developing?

  • Visually charming website to attract the people landing on the business website.
  • User-friendly navigation of the website is simple and allows smooth movement from one place to another.
  • Simple website accessibility means users may visit different pages of the website to review the services and products.
  • Business websites must be compatible with search engine optimization and other marketing factors.
  • And, an industry-oriented design that will respond to the daily business demands.

A business person must know that their website is an extension of their retail identity. It represents your motive behind establishing the business. So, your business and the services must have a visible display and description so that readers can understand reasonably well. Before you proceed with the website designing and developing task, let us find out the attributes of a reliable website developing and designing company.

Qualities of our company so that you can count on them:

# Experience of the industry

A good web designing company must have adequate knowledge about making different kinds of sites. Having the right information about using suitable tools in the making of the website comes with experience. Therefore, use the software on the website that can help rank and attract more traffic. Engaging websites are need of the hour, hence hire the right professional for the job.

# Comprehensive portfolio

Appointing experts that are just beginners is a wise decision, but without looking at their previous task will prove to be an issue. So, whether you are hiring an experienced or a fresher, you must look at their portfolio and determine their capability to get the task completed. The previous collection of the professional will help in recognizing their skill in the assignment. It becomes easy to trust them for the business website. When you look at the work samples, you can even pick the design that you like the most for your website.

# Techniques and strategies

It does not matter whether you hire a fresher or experience if they have information about the latest developments and its use. If the developer and the designer are aware of the techniques and putting them in a suitable plan for carrying out the strategy will benefit you. So, best professionals will know what they need to do.

# Competitive market price

The research work is the only way to find out the market price of building the website. This step is essential as the making price varies a lot from one kind to another. Many factors influence the value of a website, so you will need to know the cost of the site that you will be building. If you want to find the best price of the site, then set a budget and approach the professional. We’ll suggest in accordance. You can even narrow down your requirements on this basis.

# organized development process

Designers have made numerous websites from the time they are in this field. As a result, we have a clear view of the process of designing the site. With time their knowledge is fine, and they use their skills in the creation of a masterpiece.

# Wide range of services

Most of the software development company offers several services. The additional services include content creation, search engine optimization, graphic designing, social media campaigns, etc. Hiring such companies will bring profit to you. You do not have search high and low to get other tasks done. Since you are getting a package, you are also at peace as a job is done under a single roof.

If you have read the blog carefully, you can understand your requirements for website making. There are a lot of companies that can guide you, but Originate Soft offers unparalleled support.

So if you are looking for an established, reliable and reputed website designing and development company, then call us without any delay.

Is Your Website Ready? Mobile Friendly Indexing is upon Us

Website Design and Development

Fragile website script, outdated codes, and incompetent product

You have heard about all these errors a thousand times. Though these are serious concerns that you need to pay heed to, but it is also understood to face such difficulties by hiring the wrong software development company for building your business website.

If you study the website designing and development companies carefully, there are plenty of mistakes that are far war from the sight. No matter how small the issues are, it impacts your business. At times the damage is to a great extent that it is difficult to recover.

Startup or entrepreneurs willing to join the industry trying to gain a competitive edge must hire an expert that will pay attention to these minor facts and render outstanding service. Save your company from grave blunders by hiring the top software development company.

Website mistakes that lead to business loss:


A business website must look clean, engaging, relevant, and an unusual navigation opportunity. But, most of these sites lack these qualities. Poor design evades the users because it creates a negative impact. However, if you follow the right path, it is not difficult to acquire the desired result.

The first thing that you do when planning to make a website is research online. There are pretty cool designs, interactive features, images, attractive color combinations, and many more. These features attract a viewer, but you cannot have all of them on your website.

So, instead of falling prey to confusion, choose a ready to go script. With the use of the clone script, your website will have a clean design, responsive qualities, visitor-friendly functionalities and search engine optimization features to support your business. All these qualities will pull the readers or users to the business site.

Additionally, you need to check the website navigation facilities so that it is easy for you to determine its usability. Usually, designers clutter this part creating a drawback for the site.


There is a simple question that arises when you look at a business website. Do you get a clear idea about the products and services after looking at the site? It yes, then the website is built in the right way, but if there is ambiguity, then the task is not completed correctly.

A visitor remains on the website hardly for a few seconds. If the content is not compelling enough, you lose a potential client. Business owners are capable enough to understand the importance of these milliseconds. Hence your software development company will play a significant role.

It is necessary to send a clear message to your viewers with the quality of design and content.


A businessman knows what they want from their visitors, but do they do that? Quite often, the answer is no. You can consider this as a grave mistake as you are unable to sell your products and services.

Every business has to have a call to action sentence or action that will encourage people to choose you. Create pages that have proper direction and inspire them to make an inquiry or buy the product. The call for action service is highly valuable for revenue generation.


With the increase in the use of mobile phones, you must know that your website will be accessed using the mobile phone rather than other mediums. It would be insane to build the site that isn’t mobile-friendly.

A website has to be ready for devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. No longer have people used personal computers for such a task. Presently, your online store must be strong enough to handle mobile traffic. Do not ignore these points to create a disadvantage to your business.


Your potential clients do not prefer spending time uselessly looking for their requirements. When you add a call to action lines, it is important to keep is simple and concise. Complicated procedures will drive away from the clients rather than increasing the conversion team.

Prepare well-formatted forms that have 3 to 4 steps, and consumers can submit for obtaining better information. Therefore, it is essential to maintain simplicity on your business site.


The software industry is developing rapidly. Each member has to maintain the standard as well as use the latest technology (freelance clone script) for adding the most advanced content.

Google, along with other search engines, pay attention to information or contents that have unique information. So frequent updating will help you garner higher traffic to the site.

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There are other factors too that can be responsible for bringing loss to your business but hire the website design and development company carefully.

You must have heard about Originate Soft a leading, and reliable software development company offering an array of services. Visit the website to acquire details about the website clone scripts, the perfect solution to making a unique and brilliant website.

Audio version: Is Your Website Ready? Mobile Friendly Indexing is upon Us

Comprehensive Guide On Software Development Company

Web Design and Development Company

Are you planning to launch your online business? What are the arrangements that you need to make? Have you thought of hiring a software development company to help you do the works? If you are sure to hit the online industry, then do consider hiring the best software development firm. Their role is to design and develop a system for your company. Software development is a vast topic. This blog will determine their position and the tips to help in hiring the right professional.

So before proceeding with the project, let us first understand the basic concept of software development. If you are knowledgeable about your requirements, then it is easy to deal with the developers.

What is software development?

It is related to a process where experts are performing various kinds of work, such as programming, conceptualizing, documenting, bug fixing, designing, conceiving, specifying, and many more. The aim is to create applications, different software components, and frameworks. We do all this task for a specific structure or project. Presently the task is complicated because it enables long term results.

What is the role of a software development company?

The companies are responsible for building websites, mobile apps, operating systems, and much more. The kind of work they do can differ but as it can be corporate, or for the enterprise. The system enables an increase in productivity; facilitate smooth workflow along with easy management.

Every company and enterprise requires assistance from a software company, so determine your requirements. The success of the company depends on the hard work and dedication of the owner. As a software development company, we will guide you in the right direction, but it will depend on the objective of your company.

Identify your requirement before approaching the expert:

Discuss –

Before you adopt a new system in your company, it is crucial to discuss it at the management level. Inform and ask about the solution by using the best software. It can be about finance and data management, tracking productivity, and workers. Get the inputs before taking the next step.

List your wants –

Writing down the requirements means you are providing a clear concept to the service provider. Software development companies are always ready to work with those professionals that have enough knowledge and can define their needs clearly. You do not need to have a detailed discussion, but make sure to have a basic idea.

Fix your funds –

As soon as you are sure about your software needs, you will need to set a budget. The expense is dependent on the time and the task. Approach the specialist once you have your budget ready.

Security –

Using software for better productivity is an excellent idea. But, secure the loose ends so that it causes no damage to the system, company secrets, and productivity. It is the most crucial aspect, so make sure to discuss it with the expert.

With proper planning, you can comfortably deal with the software development industry. There is a track record that different companies, along with the professionals, have created turnkeys for their business. Even you can do that for your business. An experienced development company has the knowledge, experience, and skill to help build the best for your business.

Therefore, you need to spend some time searching for the best web design and development company. Continue reading for understanding the right method for choosing the development company and how it will benefit your business.

Tips for hiring software Development Company:

  • Shop around – You can rely upon various sources to find the right service provider. You can search the internet, or you look in the local market. You will have enough options to make a selection.
  • Prepare a list – When you are meeting the software companies, write down their names so that you can strike off the name after researching about the professional.
  • Book an appointment – If it is possible, then arrange for a face to face meeting with the service provider. It will not only help you understand the professional better, but you can even discuss the doubtful points.
  • Free demo session – software development consists of many kinds of work. It can be website designing, developing, using clone scripts for website making, and so on. It is always better to attend a demo session in advance for better understanding.
  • Request for a quote – On completing the discussion about the project with the web design and development company, you may request then to hand over the quote. You will have an idea about the expense and understand if it fits your budget.

If you are following the points, you are sure to get the best for your company.

Originate Soft is a leading software development company that has received acclamation from most of our clients. You are welcome to this firm with your software development needs, and we’ll do the rest. Feel free to contact us!

Importance of Website & Digital Marketing in Present Times

Website & Digital Marketing

In the age of internet, promoting your business online is crucial. A website can open today a great possibility for businesses of any size to reach out to customers across the world and earn a huge return on investment.

What is a website?

A website is an online platform that will help you to showcase your products and services online. It is just like your business card and definitely has become the necessity in the digital age.

Know the reasons why website development is necessary

  • In the age of internet, a website is not just a real marketing tool, but, it has become vital to keep your business flourishing and reach new client bases.
  • A web presence is no longer foolishness. It will help you to get potential buyers for your products or services.
  • Website development consists of many phases. These include promoting your business online, sharing additional information with the customers and create a brand identity for your business online.
  • A website has easy to use user-interface modified primarily according to your prime business needs and requirements.
  • Basically, investing money for your business website would give you a right value for your money and offer a great benefit.

A perfect web design and development services provider is essential to make your business website really productive.

So, remember, choosing a good professional web design and development company is very important. It plays a key role in achieving success in your online business.

With so many websites evolving in the digital age, the competition in the online business world has immensely increased. If you wish your business to grow and be more competitive, you cannot do it simply without digital marketing.

What digital marketing is in today’s context?

It is a set of co-operative marketing activities which is done online for improving the search engine rankings of your business website. A proper digital marketing technique will enable you to reach your target audience and fulfill your business as well as financial objectives.

What sections digital marketing covers?

Basically, digital marketing covers a wide array of sections that would help your website to get a good position in the search engine rankings. And it is best taken care of by a digital marketing firm.

A digital marketing firm offers the following digital marketing services:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertisement
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Video Marketing
  • Branding Strategies

Internet marketing is thus a means to improve the service to your customers, make your organization more responsive and drive down your costs.

So, a website has become a critical part of online business in the digital era. And to stay ahead of your competitors, it is advisable to appoint professionals/digital marketing experts to understand your business goals and implement strategies accordingly.

Why PHP Website Development Services are Taking Over Today?

Website Design Company

Nearly 70% of the websites are developed today in PHP. It has emerged to be one of the most chosen and extensively used server-side languages, which gives a significant option for feature rich website development. Even Facebook is developed in PHP platform. There is no doubt about the fact that presently, PHP website development services is dominating due to its various advantages.It is very important to make your website user-friendly and eye-catchy in order to reach out to your targeted customers. Or else you will be out in the competition. A website developed in PHP foundation will not just give professionalism, but, even it will help you to save your time and money.

Whenever planning to land up in an online business, whether it is a freelance eBusiness or an online dating business, it is always beneficial to hire a website design company that engages in PHP web development services.

Here are some benefits of PHP Website Development services

  • PHP developer develops a website in open source technology, which gives an opportunity for a business owner to run the website on any platform from everywhere.
  • The website will be customized in such a manner that it will help to showcase your business goals and target your customers properly.
  • Indeed, the website developed in PHP platform will be user-friendly, easy to load and as per the search engine criterion.
  • A PHP website will be a cross browser supporter and is easily flexible to business environment.

Thus, these benefits certainly can be advantageous for businesses of any size especially the startups. Hiring a website design company offering top-rated php web development services would be one of the best financial decisions for an entrepreneur as it comes with better innovative ideas and more ways to win over your customers.


Website Development Services


However, professional website development services must be your first priority because all marketing efforts will go in vain if your website lacks professional look and feel. It is very important to check the portfolio of a web design and development services provider before taking any final decision. Since, in order to prosper in an online business, it is crucial for a web design and Development Company understand your business goals and objectives. Then only you could expect to have an appropriate website development solution that would not just increase traffic to your site, but also helps to turn visitors into potential and happy customers.

What is the end result of hiring a PHP website design company?

Basically, if you are a startup, certainly you may not have a huge budget to start with during the initial phase. It is at this point, hiring a PHP web developer will make your task easier and faster. The general cost of investment will be much lower and it will allow you to save 60% amount of your in-house setup. Even you can readily expect to have a better quality of work done by experts.

Besides this, a PHP web Development Company offers exclusive features. These include standard website development, constant support, higher scalability, etc. Mainly because of easy usability and secured features, PHP website development services are mostly recommended for small, mid-sized and large businesses.

Indeed, PHP web development services will prove favorable for every online business. It is easy to use, mainly autonomous of platform, flexible with exclusive facilities of better graphics. Apart from that, it reduces the server costs and maintenance bill.

A well versed PHP programmer will surely help you to create the best website that would bring a huge return on your investment.

There are many companies out there which have got a website developed in PHP platform. Remember to make the best choice, because the key to success in an online business means a well-maintained website with all necessary information about your business.

Importance of Product Design and Development Company in Digital Age

Website Development Services

Now let’s start with the discussion. What is exactly meant by a product in the digital age? It does not refer to anything that is relates to any material. Infact, it actually signifies the software products that can help businesses of the present –day to flourish in the online business world. There are a lot of product design and development firms available these days that are engaged in developing various types of products in order to help business owners rationalize the business processes.

Whenever the need for development of a good product rises, the most vital aspect that should be taken care of is the “Feature”. The second key element is the design that particularly allows companies to dominate and stay ahead of their competitors.

Why to pick up a good product design and development company?

It is very essential for any business owner to choose a good and experienced software developer for the development of a particular product. This will not only allow an entrepreneur to meet the criteria, but, even it will enable a business owner to gain a good return on investment.

An efficient product design and development firm only will be able to design a specific software product by understanding the business objectives of the entrepreneurs.

The following are the considerations a good software development firm will always emphasize upon.

These are:

Be understanding: It is always found that a good and the professional software development firm will always understand the needs and purpose of a business/company. The product developers designing the software will be dynamic and technically skilled people having in-depth knowledge about the software product development.

Define things properly: There will be experts with years experience who have the capability to define things properly. They will create a point of view depending upon the user’s needs and insights.

Analyze: Brainstorm and come up with innovative ideas that will provide a complete solution for the business owners.

Product Demo: A product demo plays a key role in helping a business owner to understand how the software product works. So, developing a demo product will surely allow an entrepreneur to know about the working of the software product before purchasing it.

Test: Final testing done by a professional web developer prior launching the product.

Today, as the world has gone digital, it has been observed that an increasing number of companies willing to get into online business. There are many software products such as freelancer clone script, dating website software that has been developed to cater the business requirements of entrepreneurs. They have helped to replace the task of a web developer. The majority of entrepreneurs are deciding to purchase a software product to meet their business needs rather than choosing website development services provider.

The software development companies are soaring in their numbers in the recent years. The main reason is the software products are easy to install and can be managed with ease. Apart from this, it helps to save time, money and assures to run an online business successfully.

Hope this blog will help to discover about the importance of a product design and development company. Prior choosing a product development firm, always keep in mind to select the best.

Leading Trends in the Field of Software Development

Software Development

Almost 70% of mobile users have been found to spend time in downloading different types of software. In fact, there are various software products launched by the software development companies to give ease to internet users. It is noticed that the majority of business owners are relying today on diverse types of software products to make tasks faster & easier. It is believed that well-integrated software will enable a company to take to the next level.

Hence, there is no doubt about the fact that an efficient software product can give a great boost to the overall development of business. It is a key to success for entrepreneurs. With the advancement in the field of technology, a wide array of software products is being developed by expert software developers. The main intention is to allow business owners to make any task with just a finger click.

If a business owner wants to know the secrets of success, then it is very important to be acquainted with the leading trends in the field of software development.

Software Development Company matters a lot

In reality, a major role is being played by a software development company. Standing in the 21st century, it is difficult to imagine a life without software. For each & every software product is designed and developed to cater the specific needs of a business owner.

A sound incorporated software product will determine the success of a business owner in this technology based world. To run any online business, the most crucial component is establishing an online platform. A well-built platform will certainly allow a business owner to prosper and earn huge ROI (return on investment). Check out few benefits that can be owned through a software development company.

  • A software development company will help businesses to achieve success in the online business world.
  • It will help businesses to reach targeted customers, thereby improving sales and services.
  • There will be a considerable increase in customer’s engagement.
  • Help to make any business development process easier and smoother.
  • Increases direct communication with the customers, thereby boosting the business prosperity.

Know about the leading trends in software development

The advancement in the field of technology has lead to the development of software such as Artificial intelligence and lots more. But, as per the recent survey report, the freelance online software and dating software are both on high demand in the market.

There is a huge craze among the business owners for the freelance website script as the majority of the workforce is looking for freelance portals. It is expected that by 2027, half of the workforce worldwide will become freelancers. This has resulted to the rising popularity of freelance websites.

Therefore, more and more software development companies are looking forward to develop and design freelancer script. The software product will allow both the startups & professionals to easily build a freelance online platform.

Apart from developing a freelance website script, software developers are also engaged in the development of dating clone php script. It is another latest trend of software product that is becoming popular these days. Since, the dating industry is booming nowadays, a well built dating software will ease the task of web development. It can make the dating online business prosper by leaps & bounds.

There is no need to depend upon a custom website development company these days. The products will allow entrepreneurs to build a freelance website alike Guru or a dating website identical to Tinder within a few hours.

There is no technical skill necessary to run the website. It comes with in-built features and functionalities. The products will help a business owner, particularly beginners to launch an online platform within 24 hours and start earning huge revenue.

There are millions and millions of business owners who have prospered in freelance eBusiness & online dating business. The software products have given brilliant opportunities to the startups to earn money online with just a click of a mouse.

But, before purchasing the software product, always rely on a professional software development company to cater the needs.

Find Software Development Company Integrated with Latest Technologies

Software Development Company

Various companies around the world are relying on the software products to get a quicker solution, thereby making the operating system easier. In a world where there is a huge demand for software products, finding a good software development company is really a tough job. There are many companies who are engaged in developing software products to meet the ever increasing needs of the businesses internationally. It is in fact a difficult task to find or pick up a right company that can meet specific business requirements.

To choose the best software product development company, one needs to be aware of certain things. Check out the things that need to be taken care of while searching a top-notch web development company offering software solutions.

  • Professionalism
  • Technical Ability
  • Reputation

There are many software development companies in India associated with the development of highly advanced software products. If the search criterion is in and around Kolkata, then Originate Soft exhibits a great impact in the market. It has been developing productive software products over the years. Today, it is known globally for its quality products, timely delivery and good service. The company has been providing a complete end-to-end cost-effective solution for businesses worldwide.

Software Development Company

At Originate soft, the team has come up with a profitable business solution for business owners interested to go for freelance business online. The team comprises of dynamic software development professionals who have years experience in the respective section. They have launched the best freelancer script to offer a worthy solution for freelance eBusiness. The freelancer website clone script comes with advanced features and functionalities. It is a totally bugless script developed by 100% secured coding structure. The script will enable a buyer to develop and design a user-friendly freelance website without depending upon the professionals.

Within 24 hours after installation of the freelance software, a buyer will be able to get a readymade freelance website ready and live. Salient features include posting a job, bid on projects, hourly tracker system, fund management, escrow system etc.


The team has also come up with an excellent online dating script to provide effective business solutions for business owners looking for an opportunity to get startedwith online dating business. The dating site script is available at a budget-friendly cost.

online dating script

The dating script is fully packed with 100% customizable features. It will function similar to that of Cupid or Travel dating websites. A buyer will be the complete boss. The features list can be modified as per the business requirements of the buyer’s business. Some of the essential features include show interests, Login with Facebook, account settings, verify profile etc.


Anyone interested to prosper in freelance or dating business online should surely go for the products. Check it once to know what benefits it can give in.