General FAQs On Open Source Classified Scripts That You Must Know

General Faqs On Open Source Classified Script

Considering the tremendous popularity and revenue potential of an online classified marketplace, it is quite evident that you will be looking for a classified clone website. However, if you choose an open source classified script from us you must be having some queries in mind. We will try our level best to resolve all your issues and queries in the best possible manner!

That being said; let’s dive right into the most frequently asked questions and our straight-cut answer for a clear understanding.

Q1: Why should I choose a clone website script?

Absolutely justified!

In fact, if we were in your place we would have asked the exact same question. If you are thinking of running an online business you must have heard of building websites from scratch. It is one of the most customized ways of creating a platform that can make a difference.

But, there’s a catch!

What you might not know is that building a website nowadays can be a tricky and expensive business. It is not only time taking but also, immensely capital intensive. On the other hand, you can easily settle for a classified clone script with less investment but no compromise on the quality.

Q2: Are readymade clone scripts free from bugs?

Glad you asked!

We are proud to tell you that our best classified scripts are not only free from bugs but also, 100% error-free. Created from a secured coding architecture and constant updating makes it a steal deal for you!!

In case, you are interested in our product, simply give us a call and we will provide you with a free demo view of our model script. This way you will have first-hand experience however clone script remains fully secure against hacking, SQL inject, bug implant, phishing, and other malicious attacks.

Q3: What Framework does your clone script employ?

Oh, did we not mention that?

All of our open source classified scripts are made using Codeigniter PHP Framework along with the HMVC. This makes our script not only more powerful but, feature-rich just as a modern classified platform should be.

So, the next time you are looking for an classified clone script, we should be the first to receive your call. We also provide our customers free no-obligatory quotations upon request!

Q4: How good is your clone script?

We would say that our best classified script is the most powerful, affordable, and future-packed script that you will ever find!

But, do not take our words simply like that…

Here are some of the features –

  • 100% customizable script
  • Complete a powerful and easy-to-use admin panel
  • Easy user dashboard that can be operated even with no technical expertise
  • The banner, featured, and highlighted ads option
  • 100% derived from open source code
  • Multi-language, multi-currency, and multi-location support
  • Mobile responsive design and interface
  • SEO friendly script

Have you found such a classified clone script yet? If not we can help you find one!! Simply get in touch with us and we will provide you with a free estimate at the earliest…

Q5: How much do you charge for your service?

It would be quite affordable, we can tell you that!

But, for more details, you can contact us anytime and our team will help you at every step of your queries. Keep in mind that our best classified script does not comes cheap, but what good things in the world do?

However, we have made sure that we can economics your deal as much as it’s possible. Hence, we offer free services to our customers like –

  • Free installation of script
  • Free one year of Technical Support
  • 24/7 website maintenance at marginal cost

Sounds too good?

Get in touch with us today for an open source classified script like no other. There is no obligation, and the versatility of our script can easily be utilized for other forms of businesses like e-commerce, etc.

Q6: Can you tell us about the installation process?

Most definitely!

We are proud to state that the script installation process takes only a couple of hours. Therefore, we can get your site ready in less than a day, and you can start earning right from day one.

If you are worried about the installation charges will there isn’t any as such. The installation duty is taken in the best possible manner. We also employ the most creative and technically sound minds for a satisfactory result.


Hope you are aware of every aspect of our open source classified scripts. It’s only a matter of time that you rely on us on a 360-degree ready to be monetized classified script. We are looking forward to an enduring business relationship.

How Classified Scripts Can Help You Live A Better Life?

When you think of exploring the online business, there are many alternatives in your mind. Such a situation leads you to confusion, and your state of mind is not ready to choose the best. If you want to tackle this situation mindfully, then connect with a reliable professional who has experience in dealing with open source classified script. Ask the expert about the possibilities available for you to start your online venture.

Users are eager to know the steps that will help them improve the kind of life they are living presently.

This Blog Will Have Some Questions And Answers That Will Help You With Useful Information.

What is an open-source classified script?

Best classified Script is a company that has a team of professionals for making open source classified script. When we say open-source, it means we use PHP for developing the clone script, which you use for the construction of classified ads script. There are a lot of reasons behind choosing the open-source programming language, so discuss with our website script developer for better understanding and optimum use.

What difference does the clone script make in a startup business?

Startup means nothing is in an organized way. Hence it demands a lot of research work. The lengthy process will not only consume a lot of time, but it will also increase the working and production cost. As a startup, you cannot afford to put in so much money and time. To avoid trouble, buy classified scripts. Ask the expert to use them for your website making. It is the best solution available in the market at present.

With the use of readymade software, you are free from all the hassle. There is no need to build from the scratches. Purchase the product and let us do the installation before you begin its use. Entrepreneurs and startups can consider this as their golden opportunity. You will not only start your business but establish it in the long run for acquiring the benefits.

What is the extent of customization of a website clone script?

Business owners creating a new website for enhancing the sales have to consider a lot of things. Amidst all the factors, customization, or personalization of the classified site, is of prime importance. During the process of website making, you are in direct contact with the service provider. You must know that it is the best opportunity of sharing and requesting your demands and views with the developers.

By following this, you are not only adding value to your business website, but it makes an addition to the features and its appearance. Personalization of the website means that the look of the site will be according to your choice and preference. However, the developer of the classified clone script will do the customization task before the installation; hence inform them about the essentials much in advance.

The clone script comes with how many categories?

Classified ads websites are useful for posting ads. The commercials on these sites are for selling or buying a commodity. Since most of the things are sold and purchased from this website, we have multiple categories to help you serve better. There is a scope of listing numerous products by the buyer and the seller, and not to mention the business people can post their advertisement for brand promotion.

So, when you are thinking of publishing your product for sale on the classified ads website, review the divisions and inquire from the admin to let you know it. It is an unusual way to get your ad published successfully.

What is the cost of this excellent website building product?

After you have understood the facilities this clone script offers the entrepreneur, you will consider it as the best approach for website development. If you follow the actual method of making a classified ads site, you must know that it is an expensive affair. But, the website clone script is simply the opposite. It not only fits in your budget, but it comes with so many features that you will have an excellent time with your classified business.

Imagine, if your website has so many attractive features and services for the users, no drawback will stop you from succeeding in your business.  When you have a continuous earning source, the living standard is bound to increase. So, you must seek help from us for free classified website template PHP for a review. Our experts will not only assist you with the needful but provide a clear view of it.

Best Classified Script is a one-stop destination for a startup firm or an entrepreneur. Kick start your business with the use of open source classified script and enjoy the result. However, if you want to improve your living standard, then grab this golden opportunity for achieving this height of success.

Tips to Generate Income Using PHP Classified Script

PHP Classified Script

Business is all about earning money without investing too much time or reserves. When you are confident to start your online portal, begin researching on PHP classified script as it will help you get the most suitable solution. The first consideration that you need to make when building a website is to fix your budget and check out the available options within the limit. Aim at choosing powerful and readymade software for your site.

We are professionals that specialize in custom-built scripts, which is a perfect option for small and medium-size startups. We know that not everyone has the required amount of money to begin the business lavishly; hence we’ve created this amazing product. The classified Website is trending in the online business field that is increasing the demand for the scripts. No matter what the requirement is, PHP classified script can fulfill the need. Before getting into further discussion, identify the system to earn money from classified ads websites.

Tips to generate income from a classified site:

Recommended advertisements

A simple yet effective way to monetize the classified websites is by providing service for featured commercials. Generally, classified sites have a large number of users posting their advertisements. Among so many, there might be few users that desire to highlight their product and hold them on the top so that it does not sink. To avail of the facility, they are willing to pay so that their ad looks distinct from others.

Classified website owners are aware that it is the most efficient way of earning income as these ads easily hold the visitor’s attention. Site owners can rethink about having ads, as it will not only bring more traffic, but it will also increase your earnings. All you need to do is ask the users about their plan of action. You can optimize accordingly so that the product is visible in a specific location to specified users.

Placement of the ads

When the professional is asking you to enhance the visibility of their product, you can choose any location and made it static. But, if they request the owner for a particular position to place the commercial, then they have to pay a fee for the service. For making a distinction on the site, the location of the advertisement makes an adequate difference. Before you begin rendering this service, make sure you have a strong customer base and professional to take care of the search engine optimization process.

Banners for commercial

It is your open source classified script, classified ads website, and its success is ultimately your hard work and the use of PHP scripts. But, you began with the site to earn money and to provide service to buyers and sellers. Appoint an SEO professional that can take care of the rankings, and banner advertisement service for earning income.

Unique, compelling, and attractive product descriptions will attract users to the banner, plus enhance the brand value of the site. When you target a specific group of people, the ad gets more attention.

Paid ads submission

Perhaps it is the most usual way to make money using your classified ads website. You will have two kinds of people coming to your site for posting ads. Offer services accordingly so that it helps earn money. Segregate the packages based on the facilities the users will be receiving from your end. When you are offering paid services, it is not only for the welfare of the business, but it increases the value of the content on your site.

Additional services

Nothing is free of cost if you are looking for quality and substantial results. The situation is similar in the case of classified ads websites too. Premium members seeking additional facilities need to pay for it. We have made arrangements for providing you the best, but it is available at a nominal cost.

The mentioned points are remarkable ways to earn money from classified ads website. There are other considerations too, but the mentioned ones are highly effective. However, if you are buying a PHP classified script, then you must consider a few points. It is essential for purchasing the best product for notable results.

Things to remember before you buy:

  • Request for a demo – We provide our clients with a demonstration before you buy the product. We’ll answer all the questions to wave off your doubt.
  • Ask about custom design facility – You will want to customize the product according to your requirement. Ask or communicate with the expert about personalization opportunities. Read the terms and conditions thoroughly for pleasing results.
  • Technical knowledge – Website users or admin do not need to be a proficient programming language. However, there are other factors too.

This blog has info on the considerations to need to make when buying the gown. Originate Soft is the final stop to seek help from professionals that are looking for a PHP classified script. For conversation or discussion, call us!