What Favors Our Classified Clone Script The Most?

PHP Classifieds Script

If you need to buy something for your internet business, our classified script is the best option. So, for the building of the online classified platform, you’ve decided to use a classified clone script.

But, what factors will you examine to ensure a positive outcome while using a readymade script? All things considered, let us provide some information about the clone script and how you can benefit from its use.

The question concerns the use of a PHP classifieds script. Everyone understands how essential this platform is for selling used products and making money. Most believe that this platform is for selling old and used things. But, it is so much more than that.

Offer unique offers routinely

A successful classified marketplace houses a variety of merchants from whom buyers can choose from a variety of offerings on an hourly/daily basis. The following are some of the variables that have an impact:

  • The cost of certain ads
  • The type of administration a provider provides on the site
  • Regardless of whether you are a vendor or a buyer, the suggestions on a well-organized site will entice you because you can make a successful agreement

However, make sure to inquire about previous work portfolios, as they can reveal a lot about a vendor’s reputation.

Offer various categories

When you order the best classified script from us, you’ll notice that it comes with up to four levels of sub-categorization. Some of them are further divided into other tags, such as furniture, clothing, gadgets, and equipment for products and job postings. Now, let’s check the factors that can make a difference before you buy a PHP classifieds script.

Offer the best-in-class functionality

We’ve all heard about the services that a clone script provides to online customers for selling and purchasing goods. This is perceived as a technique for managing new and used products, which is simply a matter of snapping. You won’t require much time with this game plan right now because you can put an advertisement on the site in no time. When you post this business, it will start collecting replies from the people who are watching it.

Please note that –

Hence, on the off chance that you choose our classified clone script, consider the characteristics of the item at the time of purchase.

Check out the free demo offers that are part of the procurement process as well. We also provide a free estimate.

The company that works for its clients has a better presentation track record than the others. During the period spent in success, sites that are identical in terms of working and characters will demand minimum effort. The design and format will entice observers to participate in the conversations.

Offer a well-knit framework

Do you understand that the classified clone script comes with a compelling and well-designed framework that will demonstrate that you made the right decision?

“There are a few requirements that you should be aware of to gain better access to the site made with this item.

The goal of creating a clone script with a strong security framework is to ensure that it is as effective and secure as it claims to be”.

Our best classified script gives your website a high monetary value as well as a high level of functionality. Therefore, contact us as soon as possible to establish a profitable business. Individuals are currently accessing all sites using their mobile phones or other hand-held devices. Hence, you should supply a classified clone script that works on all devices.

Please note –

As a result, it will attract buyers and sellers, allowing them to dispose of the item or purchase what they require. Numerous elements will improve the clone code’s character. Our best classified script gives your clone script a high monetary value as well as a high level of functionality. So, contact us as soon as possible to establish a successful business.

Can Our Classified Clone Script Make You Rich Overnight?

classified PHP clone

The first question that comes to mind when you hear the sound of millions is –

“Can I really do it?”

Whether you believe us or not, you cannot land it without some assistance. You can start earning right away with a sophisticated classified clone script. Scoring millions will look easy in a month or a year (depending on the revenue possibilities).

Are you interested in learning more?

Let’s get started exploring the possibility of making money right now from your classified page. The majority of the work is done once you have obtained the classified PHP clone from us. All you need now are a few pointers, and you’ll be good to go!

What is different in a clone script from Originate Soft?

We’re up for any challenge and will gladly answer any of your questions so that by the time you check out our free trial view, you’ll be completely convinced.

Yes, we too provide that service!

Finally, the coding design of our classified PHP clone is what makes it such a huge success. The code is built on the PHP framework Codeigniter, which literally makes it —

  • Versatile
  • It’s simple to obtain, and
  • Future-proof

So, if you buy our best classified script you can rest assured that security will be our top priority. It’s a promise!

Why buy a PHP script only from the best?

Yes – It goes without saying.

However, if you have money to burn and time on your hands, you can surely design a website from scratch. It comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. What keeps you awake at night when you’re deciding on the classified clone script is the assurance of success.

A classified clone PHP built on the successful qualities of existing classified platforms is sure to succeed no matter how difficult the scenario is!

1. 100% Customizable
2. Derived from open source code
3. Add-ons and plug-ins from third parties are supported
4. Provides a robust and feature-rich admin panel
5. The user dashboard is simple to use
6. Support for several languages and currencies
7. Algorithm for advanced search
8. Job posting made simple

Always pay attention to the script provider’s after-sales service. We provide excellent customer service, which includes:

  • Installation of the script is free
  • Technical assistance is available on a 24/7 basis
  • The first year of website maintenance is free
  • Technical support round the clock

If you’ve already found such a classified clone script, you shouldn’t be looking twice.

Tips to monetize your classified platform

Given the heading, it should be quite evident.

There isn’t any way around it. The income and monetization channels are where it all begins. Determine your target niche and design a strategy that will benefit your company. We’ve completed our journey by supplying you with a website script that is ready to monetize. It is in favor of:

  • Earning from Google Adsense program
  • Packages for the premium membership
  • Advertisements on banners
  • Ads that are promoted and featured
  • Featured listings
  • Highlighting ads
  • Moving an ad on the top

All you have to do now is put it into action. You can start benefitting right away because your website might be completed in less than a day. It should get you off to a good start!

Our versatility and adaptability will amaze you

You didn’t see this coming, did you?

Every successful entrepreneur is always looking for ways to diversify their firm and bring in new revenue. Therefore, it’s understandable that you’d desire to modify your business path to something more relevant to that (current) situation.

This is why our classified clone script is not only scalable and future-proof but also completely configurable and adaptable. You can freely alter it because it is derived from open-source code, so you won’t have to worry about legal hurdles.

So, have you set up your mind yet?

Just take the leap of faith!

Guidelines to Utilize a Classified PHP Clone for Your Business Prospect

classified clone script

Every business owner yearns of making a fortune. However, most of the time, they fall short of a well-thought-out strategy. Your classified business would eventually fail if you didn’t follow expert advice. So, secure a classified PHP clone. Then, to be successful in your venture, follow the advice.

A clone or not a clone!

Our classified PHP script is built to work with clone sites. We also provide a fully customizable script to match your company’s portfolio. All classified scripts from Originate Soft are kept up to date with the most recent rules. You can also edit or adapt it to meet your own needs.

You can enhance the potential of an open source code by purchasing a classified clone script from us. Feel free to change the layout and functionality as you see fit. That is something we can do for you as well.

How does clone script work?

The best classified script is mobile optimized, as per industry standards. So, you can utilize it on both PC and mobile web solutions with ease. Buyers and sellers can join together on a single platform to use a user-friendly interface.

  • From the buyer’s POV

Every item will be highlighted according to its location. Buyers will be able to purchase easily as a result of this. Local associations are accommodated by coding, and network-driven linkages are boosted. Each commodity will be divided into categories based on distance and price in the categorization framework.

  • From the vendor’s POV

Our classified PHP clone script has cutting-edge features. Every item can be listed with a single click. The user dashboard can be used to control the product or service listing. The technology has been designed to make it simple to sort inbound requests in order to find the best deal.

The products or services are sorted according to the best price, availability, and relevance. The seller can meet with the buyer and complete the purchase if an agreement has been reached. During this time, virtual payments, etc. are also encouraged!

Features that make a difference!

Success does not come knocking. You have to work hard for it. And we can help you achieve your goals. It all comes down to the feature-rich script and expanded functionalities at the end of the day. We provide all of these services, as well as many others. The following are some convincing reasons to consider our classified PHP clone script:

Dynamic options

Using different filters, users can quickly locate a specific product or service. To locate what you’re searching for – search by price, date, distance, features, and more. Users can register on your site using any of their favorite signup methods. For that reason, social media integration is critical to the success of your platform. You can use Google, Facebook, Twitter, or even your phone number to log in.

User-friendly options

This functionality will be beneficial to both consumers and sellers. Buyers who are interested in a product can contact the vendor for more information. Similarly, dealers can communicate with customers in real-time through the use of real-time texting. It’s a handy tool that lets users save prior searches for later use. They can also use the share option to post their wish list or express interest in a certain product or service.

Multi-lingual, currency, and payments

Multi-language support is another standout feature of our classified PHP clone script. The script is adaptable enough to handle a variety of languages including Arabic, English, French, Spanish, and others. Not to mention the support for several currencies!

Payments can be made quickly, safely, and in numerous currencies using a secure payment gateway like PayPal or Stripe. Multiple payment methods are supported by our classified clone script, which also includes 128-bit SQL encryption.

Features of Our Classified Clone That Makes All the Difference

Classified Ads PHP Script

Nowadays, building a website from the ground up is both costly and time-consuming. You can, however, effortlessly and effectively manage a classified marketplace with the help of a ready-made classified clone script.

It will also propel your company to rapid and long-term success, with consistent revenue creation possibilities. Some of the most notable advantages are mentioned below:

Dynamic search filters

This feature is mostly used by sellers to describe the characteristics of each ad post. The qualities are assigned to the categories based on:

  • Type
  • Dimensions, and
  • Additional physical features

For this reason, a classified clone script is always welcome. It allows customers to look at a variety of products without having to compare them one to the other. However, simply using a search filter will suffice.

Powerful yet easy tools

By studying user behavior patterns, our 360-degree classified advertisements site is sophisticated enough to modify the priority of ad posting. These dynamics should be present in the best classified script from Originate Soft. To enhance user involvement and track success, business analytics tools are designed within a classified ads PHP script.

Make sure you get the best option that includes this crucial feature. Plus, our classified script is adaptable and can be used to create a variety of buy & sell platforms.

User-friendly search options

Only the best classified scripts have a sophisticated search module built right into the code for a seamless browsing experience. By employing advanced search filters such as –

  • Search based on keywords
  • Search based on location
  • Search based on items

Buyers and sellers can look for items using any of the combinations without having to hit “search” each time. This mix-and-match feature is fantastic because it substantially reduces the amount of time spent searching and brings up more relevant results.

Multi-lingual and location support

You obviously want your company to succeed on a worldwide scale. Hence, support for multiple locations and languages is critical. A classified ads PHP script makes it simple and quick to find all information on commodities in a specific geographic area.

Both buyers and sellers can easily map the area in which they are interested in this way. It’s a one-of-a-kind feature and the foundation of any effective classified ad script.

Search engine optimized

Having a classified advertisements marketplace that is SEO-friendly is a plus point. When you buy a classified script from Originate Soft, it comes with all of the dynamic features, like:

  • Sharing on social media
  • A framework that is SEO-friendly
  • Sitemap

Our users will be able to develop long-term, organic traffic to your website as a result of this.

Optimized for mobile platform

Smartphone-friendly websites are now critical to your company’s success. The goal for today’s classified portals is to make them mobile-friendly, as the world moves toward a mobile-only ecology. However, this does not imply that you will stop supporting the PC version.

You can provide the best user experience and navigation by creating a highly responsive classified clone. The requirement for frequent resizing, scrolling, and panning across numerous devices will be reduced to a great extent.

Aside from that, we also provide services such as –

a. Script installation at free of cost
b. Website upkeep is available round the clock
c. Free technical help for the first year

But, we encourage you to take a look at the free demo tour that we provide. On request, we also offer a rough estimate at no extra bucks!

4 Mistakes While Choosing a Classified Ads Script – How to Solve Them?

Classified Ads Script

Mistakes happen!

That’s why you need to solve them in the first place. So, while picking a classified clone script, most entrepreneurs fail to realize a few determining factors. This can cost them dearly in terms of investment and time. Hence, we need to solve them for you.

Let’s get started then…

Today, you’ll have a clear understanding of the faults you’ve been making all along. It’s time to avoid them at all costs and put your faith in the power of classified ads script.

Mistake 1:

Falling for newbies

As selling readymade website scripts can be a lucrative business, a slew of low-quality script producers have appeared on the scene. This is a severe threat because customer happiness is never a top concern for them. They are primarily concerned with profits, and not in a positive way!

Client satisfaction, on the other hand, is our top priority. We not only provide you with the best classified script but also provide an unrivaled level of support that is uncommon in today’s industry. Here are a few famous examples:

1. Installation of the classified clone is provided for free
2. A free demo tour of your classified clone script is being offered
3. Applying the most recent updates, security patches, and fixes to the website on a regular basis
4. The first year of technical support is completely free
5. Technical assistance available round the clock

That’s why belief in only the best!

Mistake 2:

Overlooking those features that matter

Purchasing a feature-rich clone script alone will not guarantee success. This is why we only provide industry-specific features that will propel your startup business to the pinnacle of success!

Check out a few of them —

a. The script is completely configurable
b. Design and interface are extremely user-friendly
c. Mobile-friendly design
d. Website script is optimized for search engines
e. The script is bug-free, error-less, and scalable
f. Derived entirely from open source code
g. DB normalization ensures a faster page load and response
h. Admin panel has lots of options
i. The user dashboard is simple to use
j. Dispute management that is hassle-free
k. Financial, profile, and project management are all handled seamlessly
l. PayPal, Stripe, and other secure payment channels
m. Support for several locations and currencies
n. There are up to four levels of categorization available
o. An innovative search algorithm makes it simple to find items and services
p. Easy product listing, etc.

Originate Soft offers everything!

Mistake 3:

An urge to buy cheap scripts

This is the worst of the lot. Can wreak havoc in future.

Consider this is a friendly warning!

On the flip side, we never offer you anything that might seem too good to be true. No! Instead, we focus solely on the quality. It is not impossible to trust us on this. After all, we offer free website tours and a rough estimate. Moreover, we can assure you our classified clone script is on the budget-friendly side.

The very nature of our classified clone is something we can assure you of. It’s designed on top of the most dependable PHP frameworks, such as Codeigniter to provide unrivaled efficiency and cost. All of these things aren’t cheap. However, it is nothing compared to the cost of a custom-built business website.

Furthermore, for today’s enterprises, the time-consuming and capital-intensive process of establishing a website from scratch is too slow. So, we provide a considerable shortcut. We will assist you in launching your classified startup in less than 24 hours if you purchase our classified clone script today.

Mistake 4:

Not paying heed to market experience

We have over 6 years of market experience supplying clone scripts for a variety of start-up needs. We are ahead of the competition because of our attention and commitment to meeting all of your needs. If you’re interested, please let us know over the phone or by writing to us any time! We will be delighted to welcome you aboard.

Why Is A Classified PHP Clone From Originate Soft Greatness Redefined?

Classified PHP Clone

With each passing day, a classified PHP clone from Originate Soft is getting more popular. It is only expected to expand further in the future. You can both trust us and jump on the bandwagon or not – it’s entirely up to you. But, whatever you do, you must know inside out before making a financial commitment.

You’ll also need to get a PHP-based classified script if you’re running an online classified business. We provide the best classified script at the most affordable pricing. However, don’t take our word for it. Examine a few of the reasons to check if you’re getting the best script or not!

Reason I. Our script meets your purpose

If you’re thinking about buying a classified clone script, the first step is to find a script that includes everything you’ll need. It’s rare to come across a script like this, but it’s not impossible. First, determine what the company genuinely requires.

For instance —

  • A script that can be easily customized
  • A script that is bug-free
  • Makes use of the Codeigniter PHP framework
  • Script derived from 100% open source

We can provide you with the best classified PHP clone in 2022. Simply give us a call at any time to schedule a FREE DEMO session. Check to see if this is a good fit for you before closing the deal. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Reason II. Our customer service is second to none!

Few people pay attention to it.

However, if you want your website to run smoothly round the clock, you’ll need a great customer support team. Your website could run into issues at any time, leaving you in desperate need of assistance. In such difficult circumstances, you can count on us to be there for you every step of the way.

Not only will we provide you with a capable classified clone script, but we will also provide you with the best after-sales support for the coming year. Come join us as we usher in a new era of website development. Everything is done with mastery and speed, from the most recent security patches to deleting problems and resolving glitches.

Reason III. Our websites are like the originals

It’s important to keep in mind that you could change your line of business in the future. Does this mean you’ll have to start from the beginning when it comes to building a website? Certainly not. It should be taken care of by the best classified script!

What’s the point if it is not? Hence, we provide the best of both worlds. Every condition is accomplished thanks to our:

  • Advanced technology & innovation
  • Improved page responsiveness and loading times
  • Third-party add-ons and plugins support
  • It is all set to be commercialized
  • It has appealing themes and layouts

All of these are available in our classified PHP clone at the most affordable pricing. Furthermore, if you choose to rely on us, our agreement does not end there. We take the extra mile to offer:

  • Free clone script installation
  • Free domain hosting
  • One year of free technical assistance
  • Advice on technical matters

You can only purchase our script if you are completely satisfied with it. Please contact us at any time for a no-obligation FREE quote.

Reason IV: We routine keep your website updated

After investing a significant amount of money, the last thing you want is for your website to become outdated. The script must be updated regularly, but only a few suppliers provide this service with dedication. We are one of the select few!

For optimum security and efficiency, our staff works diligently on every classified PHP clone in the PHP Codeigniter framework. All you have to do is state your requirements, and the pros will take care of the rest. Our script is scalable and future-proof, so you can use it for years to come with no problems.

Understanding The Basics Of A Classified Clone Script In 2021

Buy Classified Script

The level of success you can achieve with a classified clone script for an online buy and sell marketplace is extraordinary.

There are many companies that specialize in online services. But success comes with someone who can make a difference. If you want to make a difference, there is nothing better than the best classified script from Originate Soft. This is a list of different ways you can make the most money.

How does cloning help your business?

After everything is ready, you decide to enter the industry. Without shortcomings, success is totally impossible. What you may notice here is that ready-to-use scripts have the perfect business model. Not only does this bring profits to your business online, but you can also see how it affects your startup.

Since you are about to buy classified script, it is imperative that you have the information and knowledge about banner advertising. But all those who don’t have the right information about these services need to find the most important ones in this section.

So, what are banner ads?

Banner ads are ads that appear on your website. They cover a rectangular space on a web page that displays information. The data can be in text, video, or audio format. Ads are spread from one corner to the other. In addition, it depends on the advertiser’s budget and the amount they spend to create the website.

Banner Advertising Purpose –

When people choose this advertisement method, it means they are promoting your brand or business in this way. They want to attract more and more visitors to their ads so that they can increase the number of consumers. The more users you have, the more traffic you have, which is better for your website.

As people become aware of this, the number of users will increase significantly. Therefore, both the sellers and the website admin will benefit from it. Make sure your classified clone script contains this monetizing option (MUST).

Understanding featured promotions

One way of putting it is –

It’s an easy way to promote your product. The difference is that it is a very effective and paid promotion. View the product to reach the user. In doing so, it is essential to choose a system that produces outstanding results. Got the math?

But, not every classified clone does! We can guarantee that our best classified script produces excellent results. Therefore, buy classified script only from Originate Soft from now on.

Google AdSense integration needed from day ONE

This era has something to do with Google and the use of the Internet. Almost everyone knows about Google AdSense these days. As the number of users grows randomly, there is no limit to the revenue potential. If you are building a classified platform, you need to consider this seriously!

You can achieve amazing results from your business. Advertisers who use AdSense services benefit your business, and you can increase your profits by elevating the ROI significantly. Once you understand how you can profit from your buy and sell website, you no longer have to worry about your online business.

Things to keep in mind

  • Advertising Opportunities

New business owners can choose alternatives to Google Adsense. Indeed, Google promotions can be staged. Promotions can be set on the landing page and article page. There is a different page for each new item. This will help improve your income.

  • Advertisements posting

Customers can place promotions below a rating for a specified number of days. However, you must pay extra to make the promotion visible on the website. This allows website owners to generate payments. Make sure you buy classified script that supports these! Along with this, pay per lead can prove to be an excellent way to make money at exorbitant proportions.

  • Simple and powerful search

Your site needs a powerful search algorithm. If a customer is looking for a particular item, he needs to consider how to get that item out of millions. Therefore, make sure the search categories are ample and the script is SEO friendly as well.

  • Easy registration

With a single registration, customers can avail the available offers. It also acts as an important way of authenticating users on a daily basis. Ensure that the script supports third-party plug-ins and add-ons.

  • Internal communication channel

Websites need to provide amazing communication so that the buyers and sellers can easily communicate on a real-time basis. Along with this, the option to save and share favorites also goes a long way.

As long as you pay attention to these pointers when purchasing a classified clone script, you will be in the most capable hands.

Earn Profits In Less Than 24 Hours With Classified Clone Script!

PHP Classifieds Script

When you want to use a classified clone script to buy or sell products, there is a special requirement that will help meet the demand. However, after searching everywhere, you could not find what you were looking for, so you jumped from one site to another.

It goes like this –

Without any success, you decided to create a website to help others find what they were looking for on the classified advertising platform. Therefore, please purchase buy and sell scripts after evaluation to ensure user satisfaction.

PHP classified scripts are the modern method of advertising that you found in newspapers a few years ago. With the digitization of the world, entrepreneurs cannot leave this field because classified platforms are booming, helping people make more and more profits.

But, in order to earn profit in as short as 24 hours – it better be the best classified script from Originate Soft.

How can classified scripts be profit-making machines?

Today, without the help of the Internet, your life will not progress.

When you are ready to build an online platform for the public, the situation is similar. When users can easily navigate and find products or products that help meet their needs, they will be attracted to your website.

Therefore, creating such a marketplace is not easy!

There are many challenges that will prevent you from taking the next step. The designers and developers you hire to build a Classified clone website will list the essentials and deliver them to you. By enquiring about a quote from the service provider, you can understand the cost. Compared with other websites, our classified websites are far more budget-friendly.

Why invest in classified script PHP?

With the introduction of classified clone scripts, there is no need to follow complex and expensive methods like building websites from scratch.

Our ready-to-use scripts can be installed in a matter of hours, so you can launch your classified ads website within 24 hours. By choosing ready-made software to build your classified advertising website –

  • You can save time-consuming research work
  • Find the most enjoyable and satisfying design
  • Start your website tasks from scratch, and
  • Avoid risking unexpected outcomes

However, it is only if you utilize our best classified script only!

Originate Soft has sufficient experience in creating classified ads scripts and providing them to consumers for over half a decade. No matter how fierce the competition is, we will ensure that all our consumers succeed in their own niche.

We also go a step further into providing –

a. Free installation of PHP classified script
b. Free website customizations for the first year
c. On priority technical support
d. Excellent technical advice and backing

The following are some excellent qualities of our Craigslist clone script. These are convincing enough to make the right business decision…

What puts our classified clones ahead of the others?

The main concern is to ensure the guaranteed output of both the users and the site owner. The buy and sell platform has multiple users, all of whom have entered their private information on the website before starting to use it.

But, when you utilize a clone script from us, you don’t have to worry about it. It comes with end-to-end encryption to ensure comprehensive security for owners and users. Plus, it comes with monetizing options for business owners to make quick money. If you understand classified advertising CMS, you should know that advertising is the only way to generate revenue that affects your profit margins.

Therefore, our classified clone script allows you to monetize your website with the addition of the following –

  • Google Adsense program
  • Banner ads
  • Featured promotions
  • Highlighted ads and moving ads on top
  • Various membership plans
  • Affiliate marketing

There is more!

We are well aware of the users’ time. Therefore, you will find a dynamic search feature on your platform that will help people achieve their goals by using advanced filters. Other features that demand your attention are:

  • Real-time messaging system
  • Contact request
  • Raise disputes
  • Notification management
  • Multi-location support
  • Multi-currency support
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Search for nearby deals

The final deal

When you start looking for the quality of classified clone scripts, you will be spoilt for choice. But, we at Originate Soft do not just provide the best website clones to attract new consumers, but we even retain our patrons. So, you can reach out to us if you’re interested in purchasing our Classified clone script, and we will also start the installation task right away.

You can call us or write to us and we will get back to you shortly!

Why Is There A Growing Need For Classified Clone Scripts?

Classified clone script

As the online classified sector is booming in this digital era the need for a classified clone script has become all the more important.

To leverage the innumerable possibilities and tap the potential of the classified marketplace you would inevitably need a classified clone. We at Originate Soft can provide you with the exact classified clone solution to satisfy your global users!

  • The global classified industry is set to increase by 6.7 % from 2021 to 2027
  • The classified advertisement services are still one of the most growing sectors with record growth
  • The impact of covid-19 has laid to utilize the classified marketplace as a sustainable platform on both regional and global platform

This is all the more reason why you should invest in a PHP classified script right away!

Notable features of a classified clone

Simply buying a script won’t do…

It must possess some of the interesting inclusions that will amaze the users on your classified website. Among the notable functionalities, some are:

  • A. Advanced filtering option

Out of millions of products and services on a classified website buyers should be able to –

  • Filter the products by price range
  • Filter based on category
  • Filter on the general attributes

Only this can elevate the shopping experience of the users on your online classified platform.

  • B. Dynamic listing

Although buyers constitute the major backbone of your business, the sellers are equally important as well. This is the very reason your classified clone solution should allow the companies or individuals to make a dynamic product listing:

  • Offering multiple levels of categorization
  • Add/delete/edit any product or service listing easily
  • Displays to describe a particular listing
  • Create a comprehensive listing based on the products or services required

Our classified clone script can offer just the platform you need.

  • C. Real-time messaging channel

Originate Soft has always been at the forefront of creating the most dynamic clone solution for our users. Hence, it is of no surprise that we bring this exciting feature for facilitating communication on your online buy-sell platform.

  • Buyers and sellers can communicate on a real-time basis
  • Users can have the option to block in case of fraudulent or malicious activities
  • Share location and images (if required)

Don’t worry!

The messenger is end-to-end encrypted so snooping into your private chat isn’t a possibility.

  • D. Useful product insights

No matter how well your business performs you still need to check the insights of your products or services from time to time.

With the help of a business analytics tool, one can easily check the product reach likes and comments, and engagement to understand what your next approach should be! It is also helpful for the admin to check how the platform is performing on a global scale.

For that, the script needs –

  • Option to check product/service views
  • Product/service popularity feature
  • Check user engagement

If a PHP classified script has got all of these features, then it can be a powerful contender. But, simply taking a glance will not provide you with a deeper understanding of the working process.

This is why you need to try the DEMO as a user and as an admin to get a better perspective. If you need a rough estimate, we can provide that as well.

Keep in mind –

We always believe that everything we design will bring out the best functionalities that an online classified platform can deliver. Hence, we only employ the latest technologies like –

  • PHP
  • My SQL
  • Java Script
  • CSS

This makes our best classified script crafted to perfection (the way your business needs). Our classified clone solution comes with endless customizations to suit every business persona. You can make the best use of FREE website customization for the first year!!

How can our classified script benefit you?

We believe in providing you with an online classified platform that is quite capable of channeling multiple revenue avenues:

  • Google ads placement
  • Earn from transaction
  • Running featured promotions
  • Banner advertisement
  • Highlighted advertisements

Apart from these, our classified clone script will amaze you with all inspiring add-ons and plugins to impress millions of buyers on your online classified marketplace.

Expect features like:

  • Spam mail protection
  • Restricting ad posts
  • Multiple language support
  • Ads moderation

So, have you thought yet?

Are you ready to invest in the phenomenal classified website experience to dominate the buy and sell marketplace in 2021 and beyond?

We aren’t just your typical classified script provider. At Originate Soft, we make dreams a reality in less than 24 hours! So, you can give your life a second chance and fulfill your dreams with our fully integrated Gumtree clone solution.

What Makes Us The Best Contender For PHP Classified Script?

Free Classified Ads Script

As the market is flooding with poor quality software, we are among the only few to offer you a powerful PHP classified script. This is not the first time we have said so!

We have reasons to believe that our best classified script can bring significant change to your approach to the classified marketplace. But you shouldn’t just take our words blindly. Let us prove that our free classified ads script is worth your time and investment.

The modification and versatile nature of our script

We understand that the market is ever-changing. The volatility and shifting trends have led us to devise a script that is capable enough to scale higher and is future-ready. This is why we have derived it from open source code to put you out of legal harm’s way. We have also made our script 100% customizable to mold into any business persona.

Our script is –

  • Versatile enough to be used for other business purposes than classified
  • Supports a large variety of currencies, locations, and languages
  • Provides up to four levels of sub categorizations
  • Social media authentication via Facebook, Google and others
  • End to end encrypted messaging option between buyers and sellers
  • Easy ad post, payment management, and search options
  • Support for banner ads featured ads and highlighted section

Are you interested?

Call us today for a free demo of the PHP classified script. We also provide a no-obligation quotation at no extra cost!

The advantage of a robust PHP framework

Using the Codeigniter PHP framework, we have built a 360-degree solution for your every classified business needs. All you need is to contact us and take a look at how our clone script fair among the others. If you thought that functionality is the only best part of our classified software then you are wrong!

It is aesthetically appealing & extremely user navigable for both PC and smartphone compliance. The support for third-party plug-ins, add-ons, and themes makes even more sense in this competitive market where having an attractive website can lead to a higher retention rate.

The security system that is 100% full proof

Considering its classified portal millions of transactions occur on a daily basis. Having a secured architecture helps you to have peace of mind that every transaction is properly recorded and no signs of malicious intent are noticed.

With a free classified ads script, you no longer need to break a sweat and concentrate your efforts on more pressing matters. If you buy our best classified script you can benefit from the following:

  • Protection against malicious attacks
  • Immunity against SQL inject and hacking
  • Protection against phishing, ransomware attacks

All of this and combined with secured and hassle-free payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe – makes our clone script an instant hit!

The class-leading features we provide!

Every classified website has its set of advantages and USP that makes it different from the others. We have made launching a classified portal ever the more easily and swiftly. For that, we have inculcated the redeeming traits of popular portals and incorporating some unique traits of our own!

Some of the best features which keep our PHP classifieds script ahead of the competition include:

  • Routine website maintenance and support
  • 100% derived from open source code
  • Support for third party themes layouts and design
  • Easy to access admin panel and feature-rich user dashboard
  • Fully customizable script which can either be operated by us or any third party vendors
  • Supports Google AdSense for running advertisements on your web pages
  • Ready to be monetized website where you can earn handsome commission from every transaction made
  • Introduce premium membership plans for additional profits

These are only a handful of features that makes our classified software steal the Limelight. We also have a dedicated SEO team that makes sure your website can drive inbound traffic and generate more leads. The greater the engagement, the greater will be the profits!

Note that –

We have made our PHP classified script mobile responsive as well keeping in mind the increased potential of smartphone users.

Summarizing all up

Why now you are well aware of why we are the best contender for supplying our clients with a readymade classified script. Buying and selling has never been such a breeze once you experience the true potential of our best classified software.

If you are convinced enough and show interest in trying our script, get in touch with us over telephonic conversation or simply drop a mail. We will get back to you with a free estimate and a free tour of our best classified products.